Urban explorer tasting Bell & Ross’ new BR 05 GMT watch

The first watch of Bell & Ross BR 05 series was launched in 2019, and the BR 05 chronograph will be launched in 2020. In 2021, this series will add the first GMT dual time watch. What are the highlights of the new BR 05 GMT? Compared with other models in the BR 05 series, what changes does the new model have? Today’s article, let’s take a look at it through real shots. (Watch model: BR 05 GMT)

At first glance, the new BR 05 GMT watch has a continuation of its shape. The new work adopts the design of this series of the most classic square case and round dial. The stainless steel case is frosted and polished, and the four corners of the case are fixed by screws. But if you look closely, you will find that the curvature of the case of the BR 05 watch has been slightly changed, and the outline is softer.

The diameter of this GMT watch is reset to 41 mm (the first BR 05 is 40 mm in diameter and the chronograph is 42 mm in diameter), which is more suitable for Asian wrists to a certain extent.

The watch uses a black dial. In order to achieve the effect of quickly reading the time, the numerals and hour markers follow the “big” design principle, and the hands and hands are all covered with white Super-LumiNova® luminous material. The black and white dial looks The layout is clear, and the time is clear at a glance. Review cheap watch

Against the background of black and white, the red arrow is particularly obvious. The white hour and minute hands indicate the local time, and the red arrow pointer matches the 24-hour scale on the inner bezel to display the time of the original residence. The 3 o’clock position is the calendar display.

The inner bezel of the bevel is composed of two semicircles, black and gray. The gray part is the day time, and the black is the night time.

In fact, the color and design concept of the dial comes from the aircraft cockpit. Friends who are interested in aviation may know that the aircraft cockpit dashboard is mostly black to avoid reflections. Bell & Ross learns from this and uses this kind of driving instructions. The facility is designed to be used on the dial to enhance the practicality of the watch.

The new BR 05 GMT watch is equipped with BR-CAL.325 self-winding mechanical movement. Through the transparent design of the sapphire glass case back, we can see the movement of the movement. The rotating pendulum drives the two time functions. The movement has 42 hours of power. store.

In addition, the watch is also equipped with a black rubber strap. If the stainless steel bracelet is urban fashion, then the rubber strap is more sporty and heroic.

If you only look at the appearance of Bell & Ross, you might not think that it originally came from the field of military watches. In the 1990s, Bell & Ross started a watchmaking journey and incorporated elements of the aircraft cockpit instrument panel into the watch design. In the middle, the arc and the straight line are cleverly combined to form a contrasting beauty. Just like this new BR 05 GMT cheap watch, the 41 mm case makes the BR 05 series more complete; the stainless steel material gives a sense of industrialization; the just right chain link structure can comfortably fit the wrist; 42 Hour power reserve, 100 meters waterproof performance, you can rest assured in daily wear. Some people say that Bell & Ross has a tough military style, but in my opinion, it has the vitality of urban life, or it is a rather fashionable “urban explorer”.