As far as the tourbillon is concerned, it is already unbeatable

He took out the most elegant and thin Breguet copy watch. what! It’s only 11 o’clock! Get up early today. ——Balzac “Eugenie Grandet”

After more than two hundred years, it has created countless “miracle” inventions that have shaken the watchmaking world, and shaped a set of aesthetics that affect the watchmaking world. In the eyes of many people, Breguet is an aristocratic existence. What does it interpret? Yes: elegant and timeless. In Breguet’s archives, the meticulously kept company records records countless celebrities who have purchased Breguet timepieces, from Queen Marie Antoinette, Duke of Wellington, Napoleon Bonaparte to The Russian Tsar Alexander I, many celebrities and writers are loyal “fans” of Breguet.

What is it that attracts us to be crazy about Breguet?

In 1775, with Louis XVI ascending to the throne, a new wave was set off. Louis XVI admired art and craftsmanship, which made the entire environment at that time conducive to the development of watches. It was also in this year that Abraham-Louis Breguet, who was only 28 years old, opened a workshop at 39 Embankment in Paris, thus opening the history of Breguet’s legendary watchmaking.

At this time, the Baroque style prevailed in Europe. This style was characterized by complex and gorgeous, but Mr. Breguet had his own unique ideas and opinions on the aesthetics of watches. In addition to the Baroque and Rococo styles, the 18th century was also the period of the rise of neoclassicism. Mr. Breguet combined pragmatism and neoclassicism. Compared with the classicism of the 17th century, neoclassicism emphasized rationality and essence. Under the unique aesthetic of Mr. Breguet, Breguet’s watches show a kind of ultimate pure beauty, simple, simple and practical.

In Breguet’s aesthetics, it has always emphasized the combination of science and art (which is exactly what neoclassicism advocates), both of which are very important to Breguet.

Tourbillon: a combination of practicality and art

The most important invention in the history of Breguet watchmaking, the tourbillon, is a representative of the combination of practicality and art.

Nowadays, we often sigh at the mechanical beauty presented by the tourbillon device. In fact, the tourbillon device was originally born for practical use. In the pocket watch era of the 18th and 19th centuries, Mr. Breguet, after a lot of observation and research, discovered that when the pocket watch is in different positions, gravity may cause the clock’s balance wheel to vibrate too fast or too slowly.

So he solved this problem by allowing the entire balance wheel and escapement to rotate on a common axis once per minute. This continuous rotation design allows the negative effects of gravity on the clock in different positions to cancel each other out.

On June 26, 1801, the tourbillon device was granted a patent by an official institution, with a validity period of ten years. In 1806, the tourbillon device was officially unveiled at the National Industrial Products Exhibition in Paris, which shocked the public. The invention of the tourbillon device has shaken the entire watchmaking world and has a far-reaching impact. Today’s tourbillon watches on the market are all due to the outstanding talent of Mr. Breguet.

In all, from 1801 to 2021, the time has changed. 220 years did not make this mechanical device gloomy, but in the hands of the watchmaker it has become more shining-a combination of classics and innovations, The shapes are more diverse and the complexity is even higher.

Tradition handed down series 7047 sesame chain tourbillon watch

The tourbillon of the Tradition Series 7047 Sesame Chain Tourbillon is based on the tourbillon in 1801, and retains the primitive temperament of the tourbillon in 1801, especially the design of the splint on the cantilever, making this tourbillon full of history Heaviness.

Classique 5367 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch

The Classique Classic Series 5367 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch is a model of elegance, without too much complicated decoration, leaving the visual space to the tourbillon device at 5 o’clock. Another highlight of this watch is its ultra-thinness. Even with the tourbillon device, the thickness of the movement is only 3 mm.

Classique Classic Series 5345 Double Rotating Tourbillon Clock Embankment Watch

Classique Classic Series 5345 Double Rotating Tourbillon Clock Embankment Watch. This watch has always been highly discussed. The most wonderful thing is that the watchmaker installed two tourbillon devices on the watch at the same time, and passed the hollowing process. Expose the tourbillon movement. In order to present a better visual effect, in addition to polishing the details of the movement, Breguet also adopted a symmetrical layout, with double tourbillons and two barrels facing each other. The cold machinery seems to be full of aesthetic warmth.

Tourbillon watch and decorative aesthetics

Decorative arts are very common in Breguet’s tourbillon watches, such as Grand Feu enamel, guilloché engraving, hand engraving, hollowing art, etc. Even if a single craft is taken out, there are many things worth talking about. Breguet is comfortable between rationality and exquisiteness, combining the tourbillon and decorative arts just right.

Tourbillon and guilloche engraving: After Mr. Breguet accidentally discovered the craft of guilloche engraving in London, he was inspired and began to try to engrave the dial. In our impression, we often think that guilloche engraving is born for beauty. In fact, Mr. Breguet has always implemented the principles of both practical and aesthetics. Guilloche engraving is not only beautiful, but also makes the pointer more obvious. Improve legibility to a large extent.

Marine nautical series 5887 tourbillon time equation watch
To this day, guilloché engraving is still an indispensable craft for Breguet. Craftsmen continue to use manual push and control, and continue to develop new patterns, such as the Marine nautical series 5887 tourbillon time equation watch, the central wave The decorative pattern is the newly developed guilloche engraved pattern by Breguet, which is like the surging waves of the sea, which reflects the origin of Breguet and navigation.

Tourbillon and hollow art: If you choose a model among the hollow watches on the market, then the Classique 5395 ultra-thin tourbillon hollow watch is definitely on the list. The movement equipped with a tourbillon can achieve such a thorough hollowing, one can imagine the strength and profound aesthetics of Breguet in watchmaking.

Classique Classic Series 5395 Ultra-thin Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

The skeletonized tourbillon watch is the product of the combination of artist and watchmaker’s skills. The beauty it shows is not only on the surface of the watch, but also has strict requirements on the structure of the movement.

Classique Classic Series 5395 Ultra-thin Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

Many hollow watches on the market simply leave “small holes” on the plywood, but Breguet directly carved the tourbillon movement drastically, and achieved a reduction of nearly 50% of the movement material without affecting the structure. The ultra-lightweight tourbillon frame carried by the core, with a total weight of no more than 0.290 grams, is thin, delicate and mechanically beautiful. When you see this watch, you will always be so surprised.

What we are crazy about is Breguet’s tourbillon. Breguet still maintains the watchmaking spirit of continuous innovation after the passing of years. In 220 years, the tourbillon has developed from its original appearance to the present. Only by understanding the past can you know how valuable it is today. If there is no innovation, such a great invention will become bleak and colorless. It is Breguet’s watchmakers who pushed the tourbillon from the glory of one era to the glory of another era. We need to calm down and carefully. taste.