Purnell Escape II Absolute Sapphire

Luxury Purnell ESCAPE II ABSOLUTE SAPPHIRE Replica watch

After years of producing the same complication, you would think that the haute horologist luxury Purnell must have no idea when it comes to the less humble tourbillon. They have built the most powerful three-axis tourbillon in the world; where else can they go? Why, of course, is doubled!

Escape II Absolute Sapphire has happened a lot, and even in the incredibly high complexity that Watches & Wonders appeared this year, it caused a sensation. Although I would not compare it with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185, it is on par with the big boys.

In the center of the watch is the world’s first dual three-axis tourbillon. The double tourbillon has been made several times-it is the mainstay of the Goppelfort series-and their idea is that they work together to improve accuracy, rather than used alone. This makes sense, and the results are very impressive. However, doing the same thing with a tourbillon rotating on three axes is another matter altogether.

The three-axis tourbillon is actually called “Spherion” (I think it sounds a bit like a Marvel villain), it is the fastest in the world, and the three-axis tourbillon rotates once in 8, 16, and 30 seconds. Each frame is also inlaid with 152 brilliant-cut diamonds. So yes, these two are linked together. crazy. wholesale watches

Powering the movement is an array of six barrels. Although it seems to be very powerful, its reserve is only 32 hours, which depends entirely on the speed of the mechanical device. Well, anyway, this is not a casual everyday wear.

Finally, in order to let you enjoy the crazyness of this mechanism, the entire case is made of transparent sapphire. This can be said to be the same feat of originality as the movement. Although there are some complete sapphire watches these days (I am watching Hublot), this three-part structure requires 150 hours of processing and polishing to make it. .

Obviously, this is not a commercial work; this is a showcase of copy Purnell who claims to be the master of everything about the tourbillon, after which I am not sure if anyone will doubt them. However, this does mean that this is a unique work. I dare say that a small part of Purnell’s watchmakers are very satisfied with this.