6 things about ZENITH College Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II

In January, Christmas came to Geneva, at the time, a series of watch brands showed their new version in the city and jumped on the Spring Exhibition in Basel. One of the first appearance of this year is the Hurricane II of Christophe, from a new, decorated from a Christophe Colomb model a few years ago. The watch has many unique features, so we will take you with the latest features of Zenith through what you need.

That is not a gourn you are watching.

The dial-up dialing of 6 o’clock may look like a blow blowing water: the balance wheel is visible, and there is a bridge through the center of the hole. But again, you will find Zenith’s patent “gravity control” system. This gyro mechanism helps consistent timing: No matter how you turn your watch, it maintains the balance of horizontal position. Just like offset the universal joints affected by the gravity of the classic ship, the gravity control system ensures that the balance is always upright, no matter how you distorted or turn your watch. It also allows the heavenly to adjust the rate at a horizontal position, so there is no need to compromise between different locations. The lower side of the balance mechanism: lift the watch and look at the micro-painted hemisphere under the balance, showing the southern hemisphere. In 2011, the gravity control system was used in all Christophe Colomb models.

It has a Fusée chain transmission.

The Fusée system is popular in antique clocks and pockets, but rare in the watch. But it may be very valuable, but it helps to ensure the uniform wind of the mainstream. With the watch, the 18 cm long chain is started from Fusée, relaxing around 2 o’clock, and wrap around 10 barrels around 10 o’clock. Thanks to the sapphire crystal dial, all of these machines can be seen, you can see blue steel hands on 12 o’clock, watch the chain while moving. In addition, grand voyage II has a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock, so you can chart 50 hours of span lesson. Then, when you turn your watch again through the Crown, you can see the chain transfer, rotate from the barrel and bypass Fusée. best luxury watches

This movement has up to 939 components.

The separate Fusée chain has 585 parts, so when the components are involved, large navigation IIs have been in the flat layer. Separate with Fusée, the action is called El Primero 8805 – with 354 components, 173 components gravity control modules. 8805 runs in 53 jewels; this is a high shot and turns to 36,000 VPH. Its own movement is 5.85 mm thick and has a diameter of 37 mm.

The frame on the back of the watch is completely made by handmade.

Turn over, you find a manual image world. By non-off sapphire crystal case, you can see a picture of a reputation suitable for a watch. On the right, Christopher Columbus carries the flag of Spain. On the other side of the gravity control hole, two earth Americans face Columbus, by palm trees and big orange parrots. In the view, the three ships in Columbus sailed in the Atlantic Ocean. All elements are gold, hand-engraved; some people are painted, while others (such as human numbers) retain silver copper green. The back of the watch is not always a huge artistic ideal place, but Columbus has excellent ingredients: Just look at the tail feathers of the parrot mirror and the feathers in the United States, and the way two elements are merged by palm leaves. One.

The decorations are completed with extreme precision to adapt to motion.

Manual wind caliber 8805 is used for previous Christophe Colomb models, also 45 mm rose gold boxes. However, in order to make them can work with the highly decorated back of the grand Voyage II, this movement must be cut. (From the front of the watch, the substrate can only be seen on the edge, where Zenith and the brand’s signature stars engraved.) Decorations are also very close to exercise: In some places, there are less than 0.10 mm engraving charts and calibers. Given the sparseness of the movement, the heaven manufacturing anchoring anchor anchor, which is also a challenge, so that the entire screen is in place.

If you want one, it may easily find a new continent.

For that price, you will get a real original, a watch, will definitely discover it on your wrist.