Porsche Design Sports Chrono Series

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Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection includes a chronograph and a time watch, a display time, minute, small seconds, and a date. Each of these new models is certified timer (COSC). The launch of these watches coincides with Porsche Panamera’s release, including dashboards from Porsche design.

At a stage in life, most men and many women are eager to Porsche 911. In fact, the slogan Six-six engine Dult sound inevitably evoked the thoughts of driving a rural lane in summer day. Although each Porsche 911 has a large amount of potential performance, it is eager to be released and responsible drivers restrained on the public road.

However, when the chance presents itself to surround Newbergrin, all six cylinders can sing all rolls. The spots of the heels and the toes are passed through the corner, while cutting the vertex, providing stimulation for stimulation. Just don’t forget the basic rules “slow, fast speed.”

Inevitably, each budding-f1 driver is eager to faster. Porsche realized that the potential owners provided a “sports chrono package”. This option includes the dashboard stopwatch, coupled coupling motion mode. Today, the latest 911 (keel is small as 992), there is a very complex “sports timer package”. This option includes starting the control function and allows the adrenaline fuel driver to use the Porsche Track Precision Application to view the opportunity of its circle time and drive data on your mobile phone.

Now, Porsche Panamera customers, those who are eager for 911 performances, they also need to deliver a few children and golden retrieves, or use the same “sports chrono package” to specify their Swabian pure branch. Recently, Stuttgart’s automotive brand and Porsche design cooperation, and the latter company made a special production of new instrument panels specifically for Panamera. In addition, Porsche design released a new series so that they choose Porsche in life.

Porsche Design Sport Chrono Collection includes a chronograph and a time watch, a display time, minute, small seconds, and a date. Each of these new models is certified timer (COSC).

Brand Press Release (August 2020)

Porsche design best adds new Porsche Panamera: First, the sports Chrono package that must be owned includes exclusive Chronometer from Porsche design. This will enable performance enthusiasts to pay attention to their personal recording time at every second. Exclusive clock uses high quality metal dial, ceramic index and manufactured hand. Special development technology allows perfect readability under poor light conditions, even in the dark. In addition to the sports timer Porsche design clock designed for the automotive interior, the company introduces the Sport Chrono Wristwatch Collection.

The new product line includes a timing code table and three models, including a small second, a typical performance characteristic of a classic design function, material and sports car construction. The automatic timeline table is powered by C.O.S.C. Porsche design calibration, WERK 01.100, and three variants of Sport Chrono Sea are equipped with new internal development of Porsche design caliber WERK 03.200, which also obtained a timer certificate for C.S.c. Calculatory accuracy. Like instrument panel instruments, automatic movement will show a small second of small seconds, enter the spotlight, and highlight the preparation expertise of Porsche design, and provide Porsche brand customers and friends who wear sports cars and friends in them. The wrist.

Back to the root

First, there is a sports car. This ring is true, the evolution of the chronographic table for Porsche I. Inspired from the instrument of the Porsche 911 dashboard, after the first appearance in 1972, the iconic aging became global success. Reduced matte black dials to a necessity is the legendary example of the legend. Due to its pure white index and hand, it is easy to read any time in one day. The central red stops the second hand, imitating the speedometer, and is also inspired by the cockpit of the sports car. The reduction design is not considered a head, but the logic consequence of the highest design creed – harmonious design comes from the potential function. This is the philosoprice of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

Porsche Sports Chrono Package: Easy to read per second

When the legendary Porsche 911 is launched for the first time, the dashboard instrument includes an electric shot as part of a 5-tube instrument. In the early 2000s, Porsche added an additional central instrument and protected its area. The initial display circle time, continuously refined to the engine and chassis components, and the exhaust system to provide more control functions. As part of a so-called “sports chrono package”, it is not a classic three-hand clock, but a instrument with a digital display and a single hand.

With the new sports Chrono package and Porsche design, the vision of the form of sports cars and Premium Wronation Chronometer and the perfect readable instrument has become a reality. Used in the new Porsche Panamera model, it is an electric clock. It is provided in the manufacturing assembly, which has a high-end metal dial, has a radial cut, a ceramic index, a super protein Wo coating and a metal hand. Combined with specially developed incident light technology, the effect of Porsche design is transferred to the interior of the car. Easy to read, from every second.

Porsche Design Sports Chrono Secon: Large time

The launch of the extended Sport Chrono Package is accompanied by the new sports Chrono series watches, including the chronograph table and three “three-hand models”, at 6 am. The Sport Chrono sub-second model is powered by the newly developed internal Porsche design caliber WERK 03.200. Certification. It can be used for titanium and black, titanium and blue or titanium and brown color combinations, not only with fashion, reduced design, but also attracts their titanium case. The symbol of Porsche design, titanium is 100 meters waterproof because it is lightweight, very comfortable.

This also applies to automatic timeline tables with Porsche Design Call WERK 01.100. Compared with the bottom second timer model, the timer is equipped with a closed box, and the chronograph has a sapphire crystal case. High quality design and winding rotors with p-shaped icons can be seen by sapphire crystal case. Other classic Porsche design functions include seven times anti-reflective sapphire crystals, hard coatings, high quality belts made of genuine Porsche internal leather, titanium folding and safety buttons.