Breitling fake watches

Breitling NavitiMer

Birth year: 1952

Navitimer is the most iconic style of a hundred years. If it is the most representable Breitling, that is it. When the aviation meter, the Navitimer is spliced ​​by the two words of Navigation (Navigation) and Timer. Both players know that the characteristics of Breitling aerial timing is that the disk has a flying teeth, and can be converted to the outer ring digital and disk numbers to perform some flight data. Because of this, the air timing is initially a watch that is specially designed to the US aircraft owners and pilot associations. Until 1956, it was only started for the public. In contrast, the super tyrant was born in 1957, Di Tong took birth in 1963. In 1952, even the ghost has not been launched. Breitling Airbus is very leading.

Breitling Aviation meter, using Valjoux 72, Venus 178 manual timing movement or Breitling Titiji, the Caliber11 / 12, ETA7750 automatic timing core in history for a long time. At present, the Breitling Aviation Meter is the main model. It has been replaced with the Breitling Self-produced B01 series automatic timing core (including the development model of B01), and there is an observatory certification and 5 years of quality assurance. Breitling air timings in sale include 48 mm, 46 mm, 43 mm. And also contain a large three-needle model for men’s 41 female models 35 (large three-needle is universal movement), all-round coverage, how to buy it. Because there is a flying teeth, there are many digital scales in the inner circles of the aviation timing, adding the identity of the watch, and it is very conspicuous.

Breitling Aviation Time B01 is relatively high in the same level. Like 43 mm. Relatively, Omega, Omega, which is like 9300/9900 movement, Tangeral raliness (new self-production machine version), and EL Primero and other publications are higher than it.