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Whether you are a fighter pilot, a civilian pilot, or a pure tool watch enthusiast, it is very likely that your first contact with Breitling’s professional watch is one of its professional watches-a wide range of fashionable quartz series since 1985 as Aerospace informal Since its debut, it has been one of the brand’s core series. In the past three and a half years, the Professional umbrella has undergone tremendous changes, from entry-level Aerospace to more feature-rich products like the rugged Chronospace, the most advanced Exospace and the powerful Emergency-a legendary adventure watch that can Summon a helicopter (ie: the most expensive Uber ride in the world) for emergencies. In view of its cool, modern aesthetics and a long tradition of high-precision, multi-functional and practical watches, the Professional series is the natural home of Breitling’s new Endurance Pro-this is another specific category of tool watches, this time exclusively for athletes design.

As far as its professional series of stabilizers are concerned, the new Endurance Pro may be the most similar to Chronospace Evo in terms of proportions and functions-it is a fully analog derivative of the ana-digi hybrid Aerospace Evo. Although sold to pilots, Hyundai Aerospace is already an excellent multi-sport and adventure watch (I will add a perfect bicycle watch), thanks to its light weight, ease of wear and versatility. According to reports, the new Endurance carries the torch. According to reports, its design was inspired by Breitling Ambassador and three-time triathlon world champion Jan Frodeno, and produced a reference that incorporates some new elements, including a 30% lighter than titanium The Breitlight carbon fiber composite case, the two-way rotating compass bezel (probably from Chronospace Military) and the subtle updated aesthetics seem to reflect the new artistic direction of the entire Professional series.

Now, whether you are a professional athlete like Frodino, or a fitness enthusiast who records your mileage between nine to five, if you run, swim, or ride a bicycle and admire your watch, you already know that you’ve found the “right “The watch allows you to stay on time and take care of your wrist dutifully during the training season, which can be a tricky thing. Oversized dive watches or pilot watches may have the shock-absorbing measures needed to keep the automatic movement running accurately, but these larger designs often trade legibility for weight-and distracting, top-heavy watches are hardly correct Choose, especially in longer or more strenuous work. On the contrary, although in this case, a cheap battery-powered watch may be the safest concession (especially in the event of a collision or fall), but it There is no doubt that there is no certain “je ne sais quoi” that many athletes seek when encountering this situation. It is time to personalize their gear or riding equipment. Breitling fake watches

Obviously, most professional athletes tend to use GPS-enabled digital devices for training or competitions. These devices can measure effort and comprehensively track exercise data, but just as professional divemasters may wear digital dive computers every time they go out, Endurance does not It is not meant to replace one of these devices, it is used to supplement it. For the same reason, I am riding a Wahoo Roam, which displays power, heart rate, VAM (when climbing), distance and altitude indicators, but I leave the time of the day to my wrist, because I prefer to wear a watch. , I was already dead on me when I went for a drive, at least it’s never a bad thing to be able to go home in time for brunch. Two is one, one is not, right?

In the final analysis, what impressed me is that Breitling actually touched not only the elements that make sports watches cool, but also the elements that are really useful in practice-you know, as a sports watch. In keeping with my expectations of Breitling, it is rich in details, very masculine in design, and well made. According to the same tradition, it is also large and clear at a glance, but it is almost impossible to wear-thanks to the lightness of its 44mm x 12.5mm Breitlight case, which weighs only 35 grams without the rubber strap (interestingly , The weight of the strap is about the same, adding 30 grams to the total package). It is powered by a quartz movement-although this may not be the first choice for many popular swiss watch lovers, it is actually a safer and more accurate exercise option.

Equipped with Chronospace Evo, the problematic movement deployed for Endurance is 1/10 of the quartz chronograph movement manufactured in-house, although unlike the above, Endurance uses Breitling Calibre 82, which is the same as Evo’s 24-hour movement. The hour is registered as a 30-minute counter at 9:00. This is a thermally compensated, COSC-certified chronometer movement. It is great to see that some brands still cater to HAQ (high precision quartz) watch fans-except for the athlete community.

Like other products in the Aerospace Evo series, the new Endurance is water-resistant to 100 meters, allowing you to sweat and swim adequately during any exercise. The lug width is 22 mm, and the size from lug to lug is 52 mm. Its footprint is almost the same as that of the existing Aerospace, although the carved lines on the case are more refined, with a deep and twisted lyre style. The lugs create a cool bevel on the 9:00 side of the case. Due to the subtle patterns of the Breitlight material, the entire case has a very warm and organic look and feel on the wrist-this effect contrasts sharply with the bright pops of blue, yellow, orange, red or white.

Other decorations, such as the rubber surface of the crown grip, the steeply inclined pulsimeter chapter ring (an interesting touch, although I can’t imagine any serious athlete discarding their Whoop for this), and the golden 3-6-9 and All these elements of Breitling wings give people a very cohesive and high-quality feeling, I can only describe it as “obvious Breitling”. Speaking of this, the only design criticism I might make on the new Endurance is the application of the 3-6-9 mark. These have always been one of my favorite professional styles, and cutting out each of them to make room for other dial elements feels a bit like a design heresy.

With a variety of colorful straps and dials to choose from, and built around an ultra-light composite case, Endurance’s design brief feels a bit like a tribute to the original fiberglass case TAG Heuer F1 watch that was also on the market in the late 80s for sports. In many ways, this particular watch is the first Swiss watch of a whole generation of cyclists, who may remember the watches worn by the stars of the American 7-11 cycling team, such as Bob Roll, Davis Phinney and Andy Hampsten. Unlike the rather crude F1 watches (though they may be nostalgic), Endurance is a stylish, high-quality and more modern watch that strikes the right balance between style and practicality.

Brand: Breitling
Model: Endurance Pro
Dimensions: 44mm x 12.5mm
Water Resistance: 100 meters
Case Material: Breitlight
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire (double-sided AR coating)
Movement: Breitling Cal. 82 (thermo-compensated, COSC-certified SuperQuartz) with hour, minute, second, date, 1/10th second and 30-minute counters
Power Reserve: 3 – 4 year battery life
Strap/Bracelet: Rubber or recycled nylon (Econyl) NATO strap