HYT H1 – Fluid Mechanical Table Concept

Hydraulic watch HYT H1 Baselworld 2012 is a ruthless race for another round of watches. Each has a ambition, with the best rays. The winners of the watch have their legitimacy, and in the professional knowledge of marketing and manufacturers, as they shake with them. The evaluation gloves entered the battle to observe the HYT – Hydropic Machinery clockwork in the ground, and the director was released during translation into Slovakia.

The CEO of Hyt Vincent Parriord served as a CEO function in Super Futuristic Company Concord, reflected in the demo of modernist characteristics and observation concept. Any link here is no longer end. Therefore, H1 is shown by Harry Winston Opus Xi, or MB & F Traditional Machine NO.1 with flight flywheels. However, the principle of watching the watch is absolutely different, and it is definitely the only one. Hyt H1 proves that the inverse principle of liquid load – usually the goal is to leave the water inside the watch. HYT replica otherwise the dangerous liquid is tampered with and rotates it is conducive to things – watch innovation.

Some experts and consultants in the Swiss winter engineer elite PRECIFLEX and ChronoDA work on mechanisms. According to HYT claim, seven patent applications for the production fluid mechanics watches must be applied. The constructor is divided into two groups this time. A piston that is responsible for mechanical grass and shaft movement is filled with liquid instead of a hand. The management of the machinery game entrusted the award-win expert Jeana-Francois Mojon, and the father has mentioned the No. 1 MB & F Traditional Machine. Mojon is a guarantee that the concept sometimes becomes a sales reality. The result is a hand-painted diameter (35 stone, sports reserves 65 hours, 4 Hz frequency). Despite the complexity and technical performance of exercise, it looks very good. An important aesthetic role plays Geneva stripes and rose pistons.

Hyt H1 titanium hydraulic mechanics Watch HYT H1 titanium hydraulic watch (expansion) is a second group consisting of spiral techniques of Switzerland. He has a role that can be connected to the substrate with a piston and then filled with a fluid. Although the photo only reveals the presence of alcoholic yellow-green luminescent liquid, it is individually verified that a large amount of water is not performed. It is a transparent oily fluid that can be used to reliably indicate time. Different alcohol and oil density do not allow them to be mixed, and the boundary of the exact time is completely sharp. To describe the function of H1 Replica luxury watches price, I think I will wear wood in the forest and have no comments.

The clock face is worth it. With the number of “normal” watches, I guess only round. The region occupies half of the piston, and the remaining filled in twelve hours, the correct indicator of the turbine cycle and load reserves are discussed. The clock and narrative fluid catheter cover Kipoly sapphire slide.

The problem of resistance to this solution has been responsible for the manufacturer. HYT lists the seamless operation of normal wear. There is no confidential concern. Otherwise, the safety of the entire system supervises the 48.8 mm housing is 17.9 mm. H1 will be available in Titanian, black DLC (diamond) titanium and gold, 18 carat 5n format. In particular, the titanium type causes a black cloth to sewing belt.

Similar scientific scones know that their creators will appreciate properly. My expectation is determined by each titanium HY H1. Compared with OPUS XI, this is an unapproved cheap watch that can be privileged through the 2012 technical gadget.