Hublot Devoile Big Bang Eefa Euro 2020

UEFA EUROO 2020, football championship with new musical instruments, including its big bomb show, official observation UEFA Euro 2020 European Championships, and an unprecedented podcast gives the largest sports legend companion to the watch two hundred The primer NFT.

Hublot likes football!

J-30 in the UEFA euro 2020 kickns! Fans around the world are very happy to compete, delayed for one year due to great popularity. Hublot launched a large-state European euro 2020tm watch that it is connected. Once again, Hublot allows football fans to vibrate the rhythm of competition through the virtual stadium wearing a wrist. History in Russia’s 2018 International Football World Cup began in 2018. Hublot returns a more advanced model today, and its production will limit 1000 copies.

Due to the big popularity, the European EUR 2020 will be held in the history of 11 cities in 11 different countries. Big Bang E Bezel shows the color of the twelve flags of the original plan. In aesthetics, it requires the attribute of an idol of the house, which is a big explosion. For more ergonomics, it has 42 mm black magic diameters, spectacular black ceramic polishing, focusing on both footholes, waterproof, up to 30 meters. Its sapphire ice allows you to manipulate its high definition amoled touch screen screen, and in the image of the robot, it has a rotary crown with a pusher to operate its function.

It is equipped with a complex electronic module developed with other LVMH group homes. Use Google Software with Wasco, it is adapted and perfect here to meet porthole requirements, especially through specialized football applications. Follow competition in real time. In the possibility of it, of course, of course, of course, time, half time, additional game end timing, large explosion notification carton, player’s change, fine, and goals. You can also ask the team’s composition, player’s blood and its location on the ground. It is also possible to download the Google Play Store platform for free to specifically develop the color developed by Big Bang E, which is an incompatible offer with other connection watches on the market. In addition, in addition to the beautiful rubber band and automatic automatic folding ring titanium buckle, fans will have the opportunity to purchase other bracelets in their favorite team. These will be difficult to interchange, with the name of the Hublot development.

UEFA EUREO Technical Partner, Hublot will equip all referees in the Big Bomb E Reference Specific Watch Championship. This special release will assist arbitration agencies to manage matching times and additional time and will be used to connect to target line technology and famous VAR video control system. In addition, the change of the fourth referee panel will also be related to the color of the porthole.

I hope to promote innovation again, and Hublot continues to explore all technical aspects. Therefore, May 12, Hublot fake launched a series of competition and gave Hublot Fusion podcast. These episodes of sports reporters have an animation, these episodes will make the world’s football, ambassadors and Hublot’s legends of friends, and will focus on 12 universal value, inclusive, inclusive, and Equality, friendship, justice, respect, fair play, tolerance, and parking.

Another great novelty, the top 200 buyers joined in the Hublotista community, will become an NFT (non-entertainment tag) owner, exhibiting an excerpt from a concentrated episode of “Hublot Fusion Podcast”!

These loops have been developed by the main software publisher Etereum: Consensys, and respect the ERC 1155 standard, and their owners will be able to discuss them on the platform of the NFT world, including Opensea. best swiss replica watches