Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren Speedtail

RM 40-01: Countless working hours

This brings us back to the numbers, which is as impressive for Hyper-Watch and Speedtail supercars. It took 2800 hours to design the case alone. After 18 months and five prototypes, this case really met all the requirements of Julien Boillat, the technical director of Richard Mille. As he said: “We not only drew inspiration from Speedtail’s drop shape, but also faced the challenge of seamlessly fusing Richard Mille’s existing features with McLaren’s.”

The notch in the bezel is reminiscent of the opening in the hood. At the same time, the pusher is reminiscent of the air outlet behind the front wheel. The orange stripe at six o’clock extends to the rubber strap (there are also crocodile leather, crocodile leather Velcro and ballistic Velcro straps), which is a typical McLaren. However, this watch is undoubtedly Richard Mille (Richard Mille).

A particular challenge in the manufacturing process is the unique shape of the case, which consists of 69 components and measures 41.80 x 48.25 x 14.15 mm. Due to the drop-shaped design, the case at 12 o’clock is much wider than the width at 6 o’clock. Titanium meets carbon TPT, and the smooth surface meets the satin-finished surface. According to Richard Mille, the production of only the upper sapphire crystal (with a hardness of 1,800 Vickers) is 15 to 20 more complicated than the production of “ordinary” sapphire crystals (even the highest quality sapphire crystals). Times. This is due to the unusual shape and the reduction in thickness of the casing. All in all, the manufacturer sees the new tourbillon clock as “the most extreme watch made by Richard Mille.”

CRMT4: Sports
The combination of this perfect Fake Watches and a super sports car is undoubtedly beautiful and meaningful. However, watchmaking is still a watchmaking industry. The developers around Salvador Arbona, who is in charge of the movement, are proud to introduce this new watch and the CRMT4 movement. The internally developed power reserve display device has a large date and function selector in the manufacture of the tourbillon movement. The function selector allows the wearer to switch between neutral, winding and adjustment settings-similar to a car’s gear shifting.

It is also worth mentioning that a rotor with a platinum pendulum and a variable geometry, with the help of the winding function of the rotor, can adjust the activity of the wearer. To do this, place a heavy hammer made of red gold in the correct position and fix it with two screws. The balance swings freely and has a variable moment of inertia, which reduces its sensitivity to shocks and improves accuracy.

In total, it took 8,600 hours to develop this new movement. The movement has a completely new architecture. In addition, it is also equipped with polished rims, hand-polished chamfers and bevels and other luxurious decorations.

Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren Speedtail: Expectations
Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 40-01 McLaren Speedtail self-winding tourbillon is the watch of everyone who already owns all watches-possibly including the McLaren Speedtail in the garage. Of the 106 watches, only a handful will be allocated to the rest of Richard Mille’s customers. There is almost no competition for this class of watches. No other manufacturer offers a product very similar to this timepiece at this price level.

You may find similar customer watches in the most exquisite Hublot watches, and among the buyers may be the owners of Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet’s tourbillon. Some customers will also have orders for Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Aventador S or Urwerk. Just like the owners of McLaren have other sports cars in the garage. Ferrari in Maranello.

Among all the people, the Italians who recently announced a partnership with Richard Mille (Richard Mille). This announcement is the cause of huge speculation in collectors and the second-hand market. After all, Ferrari is a big name in the auto industry. Therefore, the decision to support the Italians is also against the decision of the British, which will once again increase the value of a few McLaren-Richard-Mille watches (RM 50-03, RM 11-03 and now RM 40-01). But Richard Mille relaxed. It just said that it reached a ten-year partnership with McLaren in 2016, and this time it is far from over. Therefore, they cannot and do not want to speculate that this is its last McLaren watch.

In essence, almost everything Richard Mille does is different from other parts of the industry. Therefore, at least for now, it is very typical to develop and profit on two tracks here. Either way, the demand for RM 40-01 will hardly be higher. Precisely because this is not just a model for establishing partnerships in the automotive sector. On the contrary, the clock itself also represents something very special. This is a typical super watch, usually Richard Mille: a highly exclusive, dynamic, and polarized timepiece that can move everyone.