MB & F LMX replica watches

MB & F LMX – Celebrate 10 Years Heritage Machine

MB & F LMX is the latest creation of companies based on Geneva. It marks the 10th anniversary of the brand legacy machine, and adheres to the company’s honor to hug innovation, including fine tabular standards.

In 2005, Maxbüsser watched the industry for many years and chose to build its own brand. He is keen to get rid of the restrictive factors of cooperation between a large organization. He found his novice company from his friends, there was a little help, so it was a luxurious Mark Max, MB & F. Two years later, MB & F released its inauguration model, or hired MB & F Partance, first “watch machine”, HM1.

HM1 is designed by respected designers, ERIC GIROUD. MB & F attracts the professional knowledge of the sports engineer Laurent Besse and the co-founder of the watchmaker, the cute Peter Speake, the bare watchmaker.

No one can blame MB & F, HM1 has almost other secular appearances, as if it is created by alien aliens in space. The results of the model aesthetics will inevitably polarize their views, but in some of Monsieurbüsser exhibited a sighful courage. The AfICIDOS unveiled under the Büsser’s spell cannot get enough brand creation. In fact, the following year (2008), Maison released HM2. Since then, HM3, HM4 , etc. Büsser’s creative strategy has proven to encourage the ability to attract each consisting of original fans.

However, found a refiner’s recipe book, created a series of popular models, which is obviously a risk recipient, decided to put a lot of chips on red when launched the old machine No. 1 in 2011. It may have leaders to leave a lot of fans for the brand, but it doesn’t.

LM1 looks no other watch, classical, but there is an MB & F distortion. The highlighted Chinese-style bridge shows the dial center, almost kissed a dome of blue gem crystal interior. The above arc bridge supports balance, and two independent dials are displayed in two different locations. Finally, the watch is the power reserve indicator that is given, similar to the air-inspiring control of the passenger. It may have been crazy, and the watch is simply brilliant. In fact, it won two famous GPHG awards in 2012.

LM1 has become a pet, collecting communities, and attracts many good coverage of Fake Cheap watches pressure. Through this success, MB & F released further models, including LM2, LM101, LM permanent, LM Flyingt, LM Thunderdome, collaboration with H.Moser & Cie, not last year LM Perpetual EVO.

Since the emergence of LM1 in 2011, Büsser has worked with many “friends” and many people who explored, well, and other talented people. Swiss Marke continues to release further clock machines while investing in HM change self, LMS.

Now, MB & F is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the traditional machine and marks this milestone for the new version. In this case, Maison has used “X”, Roman Numbers, 10th birthday of the reference model.

These two chastity dials, similar to the LM1, showing the same angle, seemed to be away from each other, let people think of a married couple with a name. The balance is still the center stage, but now Masselottes sets the inside of the boiling, alleviating air turbulence, and assist accuracy. Dome blue gem crystals are repeated, while the power reserve indicator returns, although this is a very unusual super sexy “hemispheric 7 days” design. The gear is located on the dial side, recess in the surface of the dial surface, and imparts the cleaner. Finally, with all MB & F watches, the exercise is beautiful, it is worth “haute horlogerie”.

In my professional role, I witnessed the birth of LM1 and followed its evolution in the past 10 years. It is often an eternal love for a model, and then I am inherited. LMX is my favorite model, but according to past experiences, I suspect that I will always have too many SLO.