Richard Mille RM 21-01 Aerudyne Tourbillon

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Aerudyne Tourbillon

Calibre RM21-01: Manual entanglement of the power reserve indicator using hours, minutes, function selectors, and power reserves.

Size housing: 42.68 x 50, 12 x 14.30 mm

Walk reserves: 70 hours (± 10%), indicated on the 11 o’clock value.

HAYNES® 214® COHOMBICHAYNES® 214® Carbon Cells TPT® Heart

Haynes® 214® is a nickel-chromium-ferrous-ferrite designed to provide austenite metal with optimal anti-high temperature oxidation while allowing traditional molding and assembly. It is destined to use at temperatures exceeding 955 ° C, and 214® alloys exhibit oxidation of oxidation, far exceeding almost all of the traditional wearing alloys at this temperature.

Have Carbon Nuclear TPT®, Haynes® 214® has alveolar geometric patterns, providing unparalleled rigid, low thermal expansion coefficients and excellent torsional resistance. replica automatic watches

The orthosis is benefited from the blue PVD treatment, highlighting its original structure.

Titania 5: Bridge is made of titanium grade, a biocompatible alloy, can provide very high corrosive and significant rigidity, thus allowing a very good operation of the gear train. The alloy consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. This combination adds the mechanical properties of the material, which is why it is often used in aerospace industry, aerospace and cars. Bridge benefits from 5n gold PVD treatment.

Platinum and Skeleton Bridge have been fully and intensive verification tests to optimize their resistance.

Function selector
The promoter located in the official center makes it possible to reassemble, time, or neutral location on the speed switch selector of the car. 4 hour needs to display the selected function.

Through 12 hours to 1 hour, the indicator allows the internal voltage of the visible cartridge to optimize the performance of the movement. The following is 5.3 N / mm, the spring is too loose; on the other hand, its excessive tension may adversely affect the operation of the movement, and can even cause damage.

Balance can be inertable
This pendulum can improve reliability during vibration and assembly and dismantling. Long-term improvement of precision.

Quick rotating bucket (6 hours tour rather than 7.5 hours)

This type of bucket has the following advantages:
The internal adhesion of the hunar spring is significantly reduced, which improves performance.

Excellent Dada of the bucket spring curve, with ideal walk / performance / regularity.

Ratchet ratchet
The equipment has brought valuable gain (about 20%) for the reorganization, especially when spring is very small. It also contributes to the correct distribution of the internal voltage of the motor spring.

Modular setting mechanism at the bottom of the housing
It has the following benefits in life and maintenance:

The module is mounted in the mobile externally, which can be replaced without touching platinum during intervention or maintenance operation. replica Richard Mille

The module does not need to remove the needle or dial from the assembly and disassembly of the bottom.

Enhanced settling system (motion returning)
More fluid stop mechanisms are replaced due to removal engagement friction.

The average outline of the central development and the fascination of the gest wheel
The contour of the center development of the centers and small gear is applied at an optimal angle of 20 °, which improves the efficiency of the gear train and compensates for possible engagement changes, thereby ensuring the excellent transmission and clear improvement of the couple. .

Titanium 5-level spline screws for LS bridges and housings
The spline screw can better control the torque during the assembly process. They are completely resistant to assembly or disassembly operation and are less likely to age. RICHARD MILLE RM 11-04 ROBERTO MANCINI

Other features

Sports Size: 30.20 x 29.20 mm
Thickness: 7,14 mm
Touri wheel diameter: 12.30 mm
Pendulum diameter: 10.00 mm
Ruby quantity: 27, set in white gold kitten
Balancier: In Glucydur®, there are 2 weapons and 4 adjustment weight, inertial moments 10 mg • Cm2, lifting angle 53 °
Frequency: 21’600 per hour (3 Hz)
Antichoc device: KIF Elastor Ke 160 B28
Barrel axis: in Chronifer® without nickel (DIN X 46 CR 13 + S), with the following properties:
Stainless steel – anti-magnetic exercise

TPT® and red gold / cartridge 5N
From the case to the dial, through the movement of each small room, the design and implementation of the entire watch will follow the overall method. Therefore, everything is manufactured by following extremely stringent specifications. Therefore, the drum is removed and the movement is connected to the chassis by level 5 level 5 titanium screw and SilentBloc (ISO SW).

TPT® carbon is a high-tech material consisting of nearly 600-storey filaments arranged in parallel, obtained by separating carbon fibers. The layer having a maximum thickness of 30 microns is assembled by a dedicated machine, which is superimposed by impregnating them by impregnating them by impregnating them with a black matrix by impregnating them by impregnating them with a black matrix by impregnating them with a black matrix. After heating in a autoclave used to make the aviation component, TPT® carbon is prepared in Richard Mille at 120 ° C and 6 bar. During this stage, different TPT® carbon layers have been revealed, which produces a random damask pattern and makes each piece unique.

This is three nitrile rings, and the tripartite is 50 meters in 50 meters. It is equipped with 20 space screws in the 20-stage titanium and 316L stainless steel gaskets.

In sapphire (0.40 mm thick), there is an anti-reflection treatment (both sides), which is protected from eight silica gel flanges in the upper and lower grooves inserted into the rehabilitation. RICHARD MILLE RM 016 DIAMOND

ice cream
Bezel Side: Everre sapphire (1,800 Vickers), anti-reflection treatment (both sides)
Thickness: 1.50 mm
Housing background: sapphire glass with anti-reflection treatment (both sides)
Thickness: The center edge is 1.20 mm, the outer boundary is 2.04 mm


Handmade demon
Shollow with hand
Sapphire microbial milling machine
Bar and polishing contact point
Rolling pivot (brown)
Steel piece
Sapphire microbial surface
Handmade demon
Diamond style
Round soft face
Rhodes (before cutting the teeth)
The correction to the wheel is the smallest to maintain its geometric shape and its performance