The 2017 World Athletics Championships will witness great sports achievements from August 5th to 13th. The London Olympic Stadium is preparing to welcome the stars on the track, they will wear Richard Mille’s works. Wayde Van Niekerk and Mutaz Essa Barshim will compete with the two sports version RM 67-01, RM 67-02 Sprint and RM 67-02 High Jump.

The company once again broke through the limits of high-tech watchmaking by manufacturing watches suitable for athletes (such as a second skin), so that a symbiosis occurred between them. Athlete Wayde van Niekerk is an Olympic gold medalist and won world records of 400 and 300 meters respectively. He is the only person to descend from 100 meters in 10 seconds and 200 meters in 20 seconds, 31 within 300 meters and 400 seconds respectively. Up to 300 seconds

Richard Mille (cheap Richard Mille) as the high jump expert Mutaz Essa Barshim (Mutaz Essa Barshim) as the new collaborator. The Qataris are double medalists at the Olympics and have won four of the world’s best results in the past five years. He is the favorite to win the world record for the subject. RM 67-01 is famous for its lightness, exquisiteness and ergonomic design. Rolex’s senior watchmakers worked tirelessly to demonstrate its sporty characteristics. The model reinforces its structure with the four characteristic scallops of Richard Mille sports watches.

Its shell is made of TPT carbon fiber and TPT quartz, which is Richard Mille’s proprietary composite material, which has stronger shock resistance. The thickness of the baffle/edge/back cover is 7.80 mm, which will not change its physical characteristics or the ability to withstand all advanced physical exercise situations. The manufacture of TPT quartz consists of an intermediate layer of silica fibers with a maximum thickness of 40 microns. The layers are placed with the help of a special machine, which changes the orientation of the fibers in each layer by 45° and impregnates them with three new resins: the purple one is used for Mutaz RM 67-02 High Jump, The other is, green and yellow, representing the RM 67-02 Sprint of Wayde, South Africa. Use the same steps to create the TPT carbon used in the edges, but use carbon beams.

The taut lines of TPT carbon fiber and platinum rotor (seemingly under tension), bridges and the brand’s new ultra-fine diameter CRMA7 DLC-treated grade 5 titanium metal plate highlight the sporty characteristics of this perfect Fake Watches. It takes at least two hours of processing time to obtain the ultimate skeleton of the platen, which shuts down hundreds of hours of machine programming and adjustment time.

The gear set is optimized by adopting specific contoured teeth with a pressure angle of 20°, which can transfer power from the barrel to the variable inertia flywheel excellently, thus ensuring a constant gear for 50 hours. The satin, beveled hands and sharp lines of the CRMA7 movement exude a powerful sense of strength. The lines of the dial are in harmony with the lines of the movement and are processed from a titanium plate with a thickness of only 0.4 mm. It received black DLC processing, and then hand-painted in the colors of the flags of the two athletes.

The watch is equipped with a new bracelet to provide extra comfort. It is a single-piece and non-slip watch band with enhanced elasticity, allowing it to be perfectly attached to the wrist and adapt to every form. This is the lightest strap created by the company and reduces the weight of the RM 67-02 to only 32 grams. The RM 67-02 is among the lightest automatic watches in the Richard Mille series.