New Richard MILLES TOURBILLON AERODYNE watches combine luxury with reliability

Haute Horology meets the latest Richard Mille series of aviation. With a transparent dial and white rubber strap bind to the red gold box, the manual winding gynthetic air is a wattock worth having.

As you want to expect from the timepiece inspired by the aircraft, the RM 21-01 is made of high quality materials to make it a good impact resistance. When exposed to high temperatures, the bottom plate has an increased antioxidant level by Haynes 214 alloy. Together with the carbon TPT core, it provides impressive oxidation and torsion resistance.

RM 21-01 case combines red gold and carbon TPT, another technical material, which is a way similar to the production of aeronautical components. Results not only have high resistance to impact, but also have a unique observation, with different modes, which are different for each Online cheap watch.

The alloy used for bridges, also coated with 5N gold PVD treatment, is a combination of 5 titanium, aluminum and vanadium, which is used for aviation and automotive applications.

Dial and back shells are transparent, which allows complex gymetles to be completely visible.

With the complexity of the gourn, it is easy to select the function, simply press the button. This is placed in the center of the crown, in the setting of the automotive gearbox.

RM 21-01 replica has a 70-hour power reserve, and the power reserve indicator allows you to know the remaining hours until you need to rewind the watch. Therefore, you can also monitor the tension of the main rotation and adjust its movement accordingly, and thank the torque indicator accordingly.

Another innovation is where the time setting mechanism is placed outside of the movement, which makes the bottom plate protected during normal maintenance. Also, because you can remove the mechanism from the back, there is no need to remove the dial and hand.

Due to its 50-meter waterproof level, 21-01 rm 21-01 can be safely safely. In addition, housings and bridges assembled with a 5-stage titanium screw to make them durable, allowing them to remain intact.