Richard Mille’s Bonbon

Richard Mille’s Bonbon collection is the same as you’ve never tasted before

Swiss watch magician Richard Mille is still the watch’s first choice Willy Wonka, so dazzling enough to illuminate your local playground

In terms of the rules for wearing ultra-luxury timepieces, stealth wealth used to be a superb height: whether your salary is cleared of seven consecutive numbers, your watch should remain silent and humble about such financial matters. However, in the summer of 2019, mavericks such as Drake, Pharrell and even Rafael Nadal decided to increase the fun of OTT wrist gear.

If money is talking, it’s time for your watch to start screaming. Who is everyone, everyone is pushing the fashion moth to the trend? Yes, the Swiss watch magician Richard Mille fake is still Willy Wonka’s watch of choice, and its brightness is so high that it can illuminate your local playground. The latest “Bangbang” series is like you have never tasted before.

To pay tribute to a bag of Haribo Starmix (ok, in our words), to the art of clockwork, “Fruit Line” has six delicious flavors: lemon or strawberry (RM 16-01), blueberry or lychee (RM 07) -03 ) And Kiwi orCerise (RM 37-01). Not only that, the use of powdered enamel powder and fine sand used in the hourglass can achieve the effect of “sugar coating”.

HANDS-ON: New Richard Mille RM07-03 MARSHMALLOW

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) opened the door for the IWS team, allowing them to watch the new Bonbon series shown on Watches & Wonders this year.

From the beginning, the theme and its colors were discussed, reminiscent of the “sweet” childhood world of lollipops, fruits and candies.

This series of products has won the hearts of people who have brand information, but also disappointed more conservative people who are accustomed to classic watchmaking.

We find it difficult to determine which series is our favorite because they are all surprising and brilliant

The watch that has attracted our greatest attention is the “Marshmallow.”

On a shelf full of colors, lights and candies, the undisputed key participant is this white watch with a colorful dial: the new RM07-03 with a CRMA2 movement.

In appearance, the dazzling white attracts our attention. This is because the ceramic used to make the bezel has a large pink crown on the side. On the contrary, the side of the case is made of shiny rose gold, so it forms a sharp contrast with white and other colors.

The dial is hand-glazed by professional craftsmen, representing the famous American candy, giving people a visual experience of its softness and sweetness.

The surprising size and balance make it very suitable even for smaller wrists (16 cm). For Richard Mille (Richard Mille), this may represent a new chapter. Richard Mille used to “reserve” watches primarily for people with larger wrists (especially on his best-selling watches).

This watch is really harmonious on the wrist, not too thick and really fun to wear (even if it’s not the perfect choice for shirt cuffs). Although the colors are bright, the watches replica is not very obvious when worn. It is also suitable for many different situations, even formal occasions. Obviously, it must be counteracted by a strong character and the talent of the person wearing it, so as not to be overtaken by the quirk of having candy on the wrist.

Of course, in this magical environment, it is easy to go back to childhood and explore the talents of Richard Mille. It is now up to future buyers and enthusiasts to explain the French thinking. In fact, just looking at your wrist will not often feel taken away in another universe, but Mr. Miller has already done it.

We look forward to meeting the lucky host and sharing with us the feeling of wearing the fabulous “cotton candy”. fake watches uk