Patek Philippe Ref. 5236P in-line perpetual calendar

It seems that the four Nautilus replica watches launched last week have yet to make your pulse soar and weaken impulse control. Now, the temptation to remortgage the house and sell one or two organs is real, because Patek Philippe has just dropped some of the most amazingly beautiful watches of 2021.

Refer to 5236P in-line perpetual calendar
The first is Reference 5236. Before making technological innovation, please pay attention to its design. The wonderful thing about Patek Philippe is that the more you know about the history of Patek Philippe, the more you appreciate modern replica watches for sale.

Looking at the smooth round UFO case shape, thin bezels and short-horned lugs, it is obvious that the legendary Patek Philippe Reference 3448 is the inspiration for the 5236 design. Simply put, 3448 is one of the most iconic timepieces of all watches. This is the world’s first self-winding perpetual calendar. It also has a large round and ultra-thin UFO or “Disco Volante” shaped case, which is characterized by a dynamic attenuation line designed by Geneva case maker Antoine Gerlach. This is a timepiece that captures the design spirit of the era. It is also the choice of watches. Pop culture icons such as Andy Warhol and Ringo Starr.

Surprisingly, these complicated Swiss watches were worn on the wrists of these lighting devices during Studio 54’s night carnival. But the display of 3448 is as follows, the small hole at 12 o’clock provides you with information. The date and date are told on an orbit around the moon phase indicator at 6 o’ replica watches

Okay, this is the important part. From a technical point of view, the 5236 is a completely different animal. Its first single hole contains three displays: date, date and month. This display is inspired by a very special pocket watch numbered 725/4 in the Patek Philippe Museum, dated 1972. In this table, the information read is the month, date and date, which is called the American perpetual calendar, because this information is mainly used by this market. The information has been reordered for European reading in the new form. What is the motivation for its creation?

Every time Thierry Stern saw a pocket watch, he would tell his team: “There is a strong demand for a perpetual calendar with an innovative display. We have to make a watch of this kind of watch.” But Patek Philippe Technical Director Philippe Barat explained: ” The challenge to overcome is huge.”

He said: “In a 46mm pocket watch, a single disc is used to display the date. However, using a single disc with a diameter of 41.3mm in a watch means that the date display will be too small. Therefore, we used two discs as the date, one Used for units and one for ten cards to overcome this problem.”replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches

As a result, a total of four discs are required for the aperture. In order to make the motion as thin as possible, we decided to keep it coplanar, that is, all planes are on the same plane. To ensure that they rotate smoothly, they are mounted on double ball bearings, which also ensure that they never touch each other.

The result is one of the most innovative but also the most intuitive ways to read calendar information, making the dial incredibly logical and extremely clean. You almost want to search other sub-categories until you realize that no more information is needed. Everything you need is in front of your eyes in a very easy-to-read way.

The moon phase indicator is integrated in the sub-tide seconds. On each side of the second, the year on the right and the day/night on the left have a small aperture. Thierry Stern once said to me that his dissatisfaction with perpetual calendars is their legibility, but he has a good view of this watch. 5236 not only has excellent technical charm, but also has a fascinating charm. It adopts a stunning modern blue dial with blue, black gradient effect and vertical drawing processing. It updates the retro code of the 3448 case. . The baton markings reflect the style of the application index used in 3448, although I hope they will add facets 5 and 7, although I think it might be a bit on the nose.

The platinum case is 41.3 mm, which is only 11.07 mm. fake Patek Philippe pointed out: “The 31-260 PS QL [is a brand new movement] with embedded micro-rotor and custom modules has applied for three patents. The embedded display system relies on four disks (two of them are used for On the date), they are arranged on a level. It contains 118 additional parts. It is equipped with two circular apertures that can display the year cycle and the day/night indicator. The other window displays the moon phase. “All of these are highlighted. The essence of this magnificent watch.

Technical specifications
Movement: 31-260 PS QL movement; automatic winding; built-in perpetual calendar; date, date, month, leap year and day/night indication in the aperture; moon phase; small seconds; diameter: 34mm; height: 5.8mm; parts Number: 503; wound rotor: eccentric platinum micro-rotor; frequency: 28,800 half oscillations/hour (4 Hz); power reserve: minimum and maximum 38 hours and 48 hours

Case: white gold; diameter: 41.3mm; height: 11.07mm; water resistance 30m; interchangeable solid and sapphire crystal back cover; blue, black gradient, vertical satin coating, gold-plated hour markers; platinum multi-sided baton pointer

Strap: Alligator leather with square scales, hand-stitched, shiny navy blue; folding clasp. 1:1 replica watches