Drawn from this world de Bethune – DB28XP

The meteorite dial is not completely new; since the end of the 1980s, the brand has been using them. Rolex owns them, Omega has them, Pipi has them, Zenith has them … I think you understand. So what makes this new de BethUne DB28XP meteorite so special? Let us find it.

On the full display – in the 43mm zirconium housing – is a falling plate. However, this is not your mill meteorite dial, and De Bethune uses a new meteorite called Munionalusta. You may also notice that the dial is blue. As Munionalusta consists of iron and nickel, DE Bethune has done the best things: hot coloring – this is a process, making it a rich blue.

But that is not all. replica De Bethune does not think that all this is challenging, so it adds a starry sky to the already complex dial. It achieves this effect by a separate hand-buckled gold needle, used to imitate the stars in the sky. If for some reason, meteorite dialing – this is naturally unique – it is not enough for you, then Bethene will even choose a gesture and uniqueness of gradually selecting the constellation.

Along with this fascinating dial is a gold Arabic number,skull arrow hand and a gourmet. Tetaway can be seen in 6 in six holes, and is suspended from the skeleton bridge in the dial, which makes the complications a slight planetary appearance.

Keep away from the dial, we see zirconium cases – this is a Derney team that floats with its staple food. This situation is actually very similar to the DB species of two gyro – you can read it here – but I am afraid, and use this watch, you are afraid, you will have to manually turn around to show the back of the best quality replica watches.

What is your eye? Well, this is something, this watch has a rugged back back – but below is Calible DB2115V7. Running time is 28,800 VPH, you can enjoy a hand-wrapped caliber for 6 days, without users who can enjoy your constellation / gym super combination.

You choose the constellation, combined with space design and planetary gourmet; this Des must be in this world – I can say, thank Blouge Munionalusta meteorite dial.

De Bethune DB28XP Meteorite

Case | Zirconium

Dimensions | 43mm Diameter x 7.2mm Height

Dial | Blued Muonionalusta Meteorite

Crystal | Sapphire Crystal

Water Resistance | 30m

Movement | Calibre DB2115V7, Manual, Tourbillon

Frequency | 28,800vph

Power Reserve | 6 Days

Strap | Leather Alligator Strap

Functions | Tourbillon