swiss Chopard Alpine Eagle watches

Design – combined with some of the alpine animal groups and some era people in the 1970s

With the enthusiasm and form of the Swiss Alps, follow the function – Louis Sullivan is often considered to be modern and skyscraper’s father – Karl Friedrich Scheufele is a fake watch The type adds a new member and integrates bracelets and cases.

Taking into account the inherent limitations of this genre, the genre was originally established in the early 1970s. I am very happy to see how Chopard’s designer combines contemporary design with subtle reference to the Alps and its biological communities. And behind the core principle. From the rocky textured dial (a dial made of brass carved with brass carved, the eagle’s iris) to the weight of the second hand, and its shape makes people think of the feathers of majestic raptors, and It is perfectly integrated with a one-piece bracelet and the housing. Don’t forget the third significant feature of Lucent A223 case: it has the ability to reflect light, which is different from any of the other types of steel used in the watch industry.

Alpine Eagle‘s bracelet slightly tapered and a satin brushed wide chain and side. It also has a single spindle chain ring, which has a polished and gently raised central link, so a unique design is created with its own identity. The case has alternating satin polished and polished surfaces with eight polishing screws – in groups of four main points into packets – fixing the laps, the intermediate and back surfaces. Thus, screws are not only used in technical purposes, but also for aesthetics, because the lines of the screw head are completely aligned with the periphery of the dial, and the comparison is formed with the satin polishing surface of the lap. Speaking of the case, its character is also the protruding portion of the crown, which is engraved with a compass rose. Since ancient times, I have been helping the adventurers to find the road. Once you are familiar with its origin, then this subtle detail further emphasizes the adventure of the series.

Thanks to the vertical integrated production process of Chopard; the movement, all components of the chain and housing are produced and assembled internally.

The ALPINE EAGLE battles and divisions are very eye-catching, and under most conditions (including under dark and weak light conditions) have excellent readability because they are coated with Super-Luminova┬«GRADE X1. This is also the same as the Rome number and time standard, which are ruthenium and coated with the same Super-Luminova as the pointer. So if you have any chances to be curious about this in the local cinema show, you can read the time, so you can enjoy the highly praised movie “Clown” together.

I really like another detail on the reference of the date complex function (between 4 or 5 points), the color of the date wheel matches the dial of a single dial, such as the situation of Patek Philippe, is not this Happening. Reference 5711 and Reference 5167. In other words, if you choose Aletsch-Blue (Name is ensended by Aletsch Glacier), then you will get a matching blue date. If you choose Bernina-Grey (Bernie – Gray) (inspiration from the Bernina Mountains in the East Alps), you will get a matching gray date. This seems to be very simple, but if the date round does not match, it does make some watch lovers feel bored.

At the beginning of the release, the Alpine Eagle series contains 10 steels, gold or inlaid, plus golden / steel gold reference. The last is my favorite model because 18 carat warmth. The coldness of gold and steel forms a distinct contrast. The diameter of three is 41 mm, the thickness is 9.7 mm, and the lamination of the remainder is 36 mm, the thickness is 8.4 mm. I tend to think that the latter is facing women, and the former seems to face the male audience. Chopard classifies 10 references to neutral.

These cases cannot be considered completely as ultra-thin cases, but they can do comfortably wear on their wrists without fragile, and this case and increased wear resistance make it very suitable for daily wearing. However, smaller Alpine Eagle is more comfortable on the wrist due to its slender shape and slim bracelet, while larger Alpine Eagle may feel more – depending on the size of the wrist. Two eagles can easily put on the cuffs or sweaters, but you may have to try it before pulling the trigger, because the extended lugs actually need 41 mm and 36 mm larger wrist space than the paper, otherwise Leave you deep impression.

Unlike previous products, Alpine Eagle is equipped with seamless buckles that can be perfectly fused with the rest of the table. Let people think about the bracelets on the Rolex Day-Date. However, Chopard has ensured that the wearer can locate it by discrete but do well.

Chopard’s movement 01.01-C – Healthy heart of raptor

The larger Alpine Eagle is powered by the internal development of the movement 01.01-C, which can provide 60 hours of autonomous time. Smaller Alpine Eagle provides power by the internal development of the 09.01-C movement, once it is completely tight, can provide 42 hours of autonomous time. The latter was tickage in 25,200 Vph (3.5 Hz), and the former was tickage in 28,800 VPH (4 Hz). These two auto-upper chain cores passed COSC certification, and the movement 09.01-c is one of the minimal movements of COSC certification, and can be viewed through a transparent anti-glare sapphire crystal bottom cover.good cheap watches

At first glance, these two movements look very industrialized. After further examination, you will find that the overall finish of the two movements belongs to the high end of the scale. The bridge has a matte finish and the glossy part of each edge proven this, but the polished screw head in the chamfering tank can also partially prove this. The outer edge of the rotor is decorated with a beautiful coin edge pattern and writes in bold black.

Surface treatment may not be able to compare with Patek Philippe’s 324 SC movement or Ai Tia’s 2121 movement, but there is no doubt that we are dealing with excellent caliber movements. If you want to change any of their content, I will do some rich Geneva bars on the bridge of the 01-01-C machine to bring more visual depths and more exclusive exclusive – especially considering High bracelet and the smoothness of the case.

Alpine eagle can occupy a place near the top of the food chain

Overall, Chopard’s “Alpine” has a lot of development space. It retains the attraction of stainless steel sports watches with integrated tablets and hoses types – may even expand it by using its new alloy. My Impression is that the Alpine Eagle series does not compete for the lower position of the food chain, but attempts to find gaps near the top of the top, and fill the existing blank by providing a watch filled with all elements. The unique quality of the high-end watches does not pay for money (relatively).

Now, I am very curious, whether Alpine EAGLE produces some chicks by using the caliber 03.05-M and / or LUC 96.13-L, so we will see some of the Alpine Eagles within the fake Chopard. Develop and manufacture built-in chronograph tables and / or long calendar. I am also very curious that we will see 18 carat a large Alpine eagle. Gold color with gray or blue dials because it will add 18 carat smaller Alpine Eagle. Gold – is currently the only way to treat themselves in gold tables – a good way.