HYT H1 aluminum blue

ANGUS DAVIES gave an in-depth review of HYT H1 Aluminum Blue. Watch fans from ADDICT and WATCH fell in love with this avant-garde brand and vowed to one day buy one of its outstanding watches that dream WATCHES desires.

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No matter where I look, I see visual cues that remind me of a rumbling in my stomach. Take HYT’s latest product as an example. It does not use traditional hands to pass the hours, but instead pumps lime green liquid around the case to bring my eyes closer to their shape. However, the prospect of this watch is gratifying, not only because it reminds me of my favorite jam variety, but also because it is a magnificent mixture of ingenuity, mechanical exquisiteness and eye-catching.

Blue sky thinking

Fine clocks are my first hobby. When talking about my obsession, it even cannibalized food to a certain extent. I kept talking about my closest family and friends, about complexity, movement and beautification. Nevertheless, basically most watches have a lot in common. In fact, they used a lot of knowledge that has existed since the 18th century. Therefore, it is refreshing when the watchmaker offers something truly unique and ingenious.

HYT caused a storm when it launched its first model, HYT H1, which features a bright liquid surrounding the watch bezel to save time. It exemplifies a certain degree of “blue sky thinking”, which proves the rationality of many columns in professional watch publishing houses.

The brand has been constantly innovating and releasing more models, some of which are presented in different shades of liquid. This is a challenging feat and I will mention it again in the short term.

HYT H1 Aluminum Blue is one of several new models launched at the 2014 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show earlier this year, expanding the company’s product portfolio and continuing to achieve sustained commercial success. Recently, HYT moved to a new production plant in Neuchâtel to meet the growing demand for its breathtaking models.

Hour display description

A capillary tube surrounds the HYT H1 aluminum blue dial. It contains two liquids, one is an aqueous green liquid, and the other is a separated, almost invisible colorless oily liquid. A meniscus is formed where the two liquids meet. It is a crescent-shaped point near the scale and indicates the hour.

Two pumps are used to transport the liquid through the capillary tube. The left-hand pump drives clockwise from 0600 hours to 1800 hours, keeping the green fluid in the liquid storage tank below. The right-hand pump is increasingly receiving colorless liquid and sending it to a second container located below the pump. All in all, there are two pumps and two reservoirs.

When the crescent-shaped meniscus reaches 1800 hours, it slowly returns to 0600 hours, and then the process is repeated to make the time range from 1800 hours to 0600 hours. swiss HYT is equipped with a brake to slow down the speed of liquid returning to the left pump to prevent damage.

Introduction to other functions

The minutes are displayed on the central blue dial below noon. The dial has a baton, except for the “30” and “60” in Arabic numerals. The Minute Railway has nails and its birthplace is on its southern side. The two polished screws below the brand name gleamed and fastened the minute display to the motherboard.

A power reserve indicator is located between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock, showing the energy stored in the spring barrel. Between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock, there is a small seconds display, similar to a fan. The two proposed functions achieve a pleasant balance in the composition.

Technical challenges that must be overcome

It is only possible to indicate hours when the two fluids never mix and always remain distinctly separated. The comment sounds obvious, but it turns out that creating two liquids that meet this requirement is by no means a technical feat. For example, the color must be stable and not affected by ultraviolet light or temperature changes. The meniscus will never be damaged, and air bubbles will not enter the fluid.

Replica HYT H1 Diamond dome chrysoberyl 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS Watch


Titanium / PVD

Self Winding/Automatic
Swiss Made


10.00atm / 100.00m / 330.00ft

Retrograde Hours
Power Reserve

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