Greubel Forsey Double Balancier sapphire watches

Greubel Forsey replica releases the second exclusive watches of Sapphire

Double Balancier sapphire will attract ultra-high-end collectors this summer.

Greubel Forsey has just announced the upcoming release of its fourth exclusive model in North America. This model is a version of the Double Balancier model, which is enclosed in a complete artificial sapphire case. “These unique editions represent some of the most desirable work done by the brand,” said Steven Rostovsky, President of Timeu Distribution and North American publisher of Greubel Forsey. These versions represent the unique development process of ultra-high-end brands.

“These watches are a unique collaboration,” Rostovsky continued. “We provide some advice on the needs of collectors. They develop drawings and perfect products in Switzerland. These products are specifically designed for North American tastes. We are already developing products for 2019, which is completely different from what we did before.” TimeArt’s special edition plan started in 2015 with the stainless steel version of the brand’s Signature model, which was the most affordable watch in the Greubel Forsey series at the time. Since then, the two parties have jointly produced a sapphire case version of the Double Tourbillon 30°Technique model and a cheaper Balancier Asymmetrique deduction. The reason for the Double Balancier sapphire is that its relatively reasonable price is because its movement is relatively simple, and because of the use of 11 versions (different from the “Technology”), the brand can get a more favorable price from its sapphire. Case supplier. high quality fake watch

Collectors seem to react to these editions, which are usually sold before they are sold. Although the brand’s highly restricted annual production volume is not very different from the production volume of other watches, the fine-tuned aesthetics, geographic exclusivity and word of mouth seem to enhance the appeal of these watches. Double Balancier sapphires are scheduled to arrive in July, and 6 of the 11 works are expected to be delivered this year.

Like the original Double Balancier, the sapphire model averages the speed of two tilted balance wheels with a differential system without the use of a tourbillon. Special holes have been cut in the bottom plate to allow a greater degree of light to enter the movement, thereby maximizing the visibility of the sapphire case. The black polished gold partial dial is treated with blue luster, which also brings out the parts. Rostovsky said: “We fell in love with the blue dial with mirror.” “We think the dial is one of the most gorgeous performances they have ever done.”