MB&F’s crystal box

Not for the faint-hearted or purse.

MB&F fake fully appreciates its mechanical fireworks by encasing the case in a sapphire crystal, thus putting all its energy into the watch factory N°9.

The Swiss watchmaker launched the HM9 in 2018 as a tribute to the aerodynamic design of medieval cars and airplanes. Although the watches made are different from other watches in the watch market, the founder Maximilian Büsser wisely insisted that the internal movement is the true representative. To make this possible, the design team took a risky approach, which was to make the HM9-SV with a case made almost entirely of transparent sapphire crystal.

The hull is delicately assembled from three parts and has a metal frame that is forged from red gold or platinum to help fix it, and uses a technical composite process that combines the two materials. The specially designed three-dimensional rubber gasket that has been used in the original HM9 helps to enhance the overall waterproof performance of the timepiece, allowing it to easily handle depths of up to 30 meters. It’s not that you want to spend some time exploring, but provide features to prevent you from crossing the edge of rationality.

Sapphire crystal also has excellent hardness and can be made into highly scratch-resistant and drop-resistant parts. This material is very hard, in fact, it takes 350 hours of precision machining and polishing to use a tool with a diamond tip to form the well-defined elements of each component. Such an engine must not only be displayed, but also be protected most seriously.

The improvement of the MB&F LM2 engine, this version is more sturdy in appearance and has two balances (each balance is in its own side compartment), but it does not produce resonance effects. As a result, it obtains a set of timing data, which can be differentially converted to produce an average reading. This is a delicate balance, and it will take years to fine-tune the earliest iteration of the mechanism. The back is also complicated, with coaxial gears under each balance and free-rotating propellers to bring pure visual interest.

Available in four different variants-two with 18K rose gold frames, combined with NAC coated black or PVD coated blue engine; two with 18K white gold frames, and equipped with PVD coated purple or Red gold-plated engine-the core engine of the design is a manual winding internal movement with a 45-hour power reserve and 52 jewels. Only five examples are prepared for each version. This timepiece is not designed for the timid or weak in pockets, and certainly not designed for the lightness of the wrist, but there is no doubt that each of the 20 wearers in the world will have something different.Cheap men watch