2020 NEW Swiss Watches

Replica Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA CASINO watch AT160.40.AB.AB.B price

3 of the craziest wholesale replica watches of 2020 are so far away

As the development of the watch industry is intertwined with the powerful force of technology, the watch creations we admire are becoming more and more weird. Although the core of watchmaking is to focus on traditional industries, the ability of watchmakers to push boundaries is incredible. As brands continue to introduce new ones, bringing us the novelty we even dreamed of decades ago, the watchmaking industry is becoming more exciting. As independent brands challenge the power of existing brands, the competitive landscape is developing rapidly. These are the three watches released this year, a testament to how exciting this competition and the industry has become.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy Mount Everest

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Jacobs Company is different. They have almost completely redesigned the appearance of the watch, in addition to their own rules, they also follow other rules. Astronomers are such a collector. Astronomers made their debut in 2014 and became one of the most outrageous timepieces you can get. These rotating tourbillon cases, the miracle of gem setting from hundreds of thousands of retail to millions, are eye-catching, and just a few days ago, Jacob & Co. decided to expand the boundaries of the series again.

In collaboration with the Swedish explorer, environmentalist and mountaineer Johan Ernst Nilson, Jacob & Co. has created a limited edition of astronomers, which houses a part of Mount Everest. Although it may be a little weird, it is far from what Jacob & Co. can do. In addition to owning a legendary mountain, purchasing astronomy Mount Everest also allows you to take a helicopter ride with Nelson himself. This time the ride drove the buyer, as well as a tourist who came with Nilson. The Mount Everest in their watch was taken there. Astronomical Mount Everest also paid tribute to Nielsen’s Arctic and Antarctic Adventures twice in the form of two transparent capsules, representing the bucket used by Nielsen to collect water when exploring these two regions. The retail price is 884,800 US dollars, part of which is used for charity. The astronomical Mount Everest may not be the most expensive in the series, but that is not because of lack of personality.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo

MB&F is one of those brands that operate according to its own rules like Jacob&Co. MB&F was established by Max Büsser in 2005. It is an artistic concept laboratory that aims to gather a team of independent watchmaking professionals to jointly develop extreme watches, so it is named “&F”-MaxBüsser&Friends. This simple task can guarantee one thing-the watches made by MB&F will be “excellent”, and of course there are many Legacy Machines from MB&F. Based on the perpetual calendar designed by watchmaker Stephen McDonnel for MB&F, Perpetual Evo is the brand’s first sports watch.

To say the least, MB&F’s works always have extreme appearances, but they have never been able to handle extreme conditions. In Instagram Live, he revealed the truth. Max Büsser confessed his frustration because he could not wear his watch on the beach, in the water or even daily use. This is what motivated him to create Perpetual Evo. Perpetual Evo is made of high-performance zirconium, waterproof to 80m, and is equipped with a new “FlexRing” shock absorption system, and is mounted on an integrated rubber strap, which perfectly combines “the most comfortable wearing experience for MB&F machines” with design aesthetics Make MB&F as successful as it is today. Perpetual Evo is available in blue, black and orange, with a retail price of CHF 160,000. If you like, you can still choose the blue color.

Audemars Piguet code 11.59 automatic tourbillon chronograph

AP Code 11.59 was released a year ago, released in 2019, and may be one of the most popular collections in living memory. Code 11.59 has attracted widespread attention in the watch industry and is considered a much-hyped version, frankly an unpopular design, which makes many watch fans bitter. However, no one has ever succumbed to negative impressions, just like they did not join Royal Oak in 1972, Audemars Piguet has been relentlessly enhancing the Code 11.59 series with new complexity, dial design and material combinations. One of the newest members of the series is the self-winding tourbillon chronograph, which does not disappoint.

Although the flying tourbillon chronograph is not a novel feature for AP, it released Royal Oak together with Royal Oak in 2003, but today after these years, it is still impressive in watchmaking engineering Profound feat. On top of innovative calibration. Calibre 2952, this variant of 11.59 uses one of AP’s most famous design choices, the hollow dial. Since the beginning of watchmaking technology in the 1930s, the hollow dial has always been AP’s specialty. With this Code 11.59, you will get a very unique watch with a complicated self-winding tourbillon movement and a flyback timing function. This is the most complicated watch case designed by AP. In short, this watch is technically, aesthetically and functionally complex, so AP deserves praise. Although some brands may have succumbed to the tail, the Associated Press has shown strong perseverance to equip the Code 11.59 series with the clock technology they deem appropriate. This is definitely not an easy-to-buy watch, but at a glance you will know that this is definitely one of the craziest releases this year, just like the other two watches mentioned above.