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Chopard launches the latest news for 2020: including L.U.C, Mille Miglia and Happy Sport Chopard’s 2020 novelty aims to resonate with collectors.

Even before we enter this unprecedented era, watchmakers are changing their course. The ever-changing global economic market means that the brand has been working hard to expand its stake in North America and with female watch collectors.

The young market has also been wearing watches. A sporty and fashionable timepiece made this audience feel completely acceptable. You can even see celebrities wearing stainless steel chronographs on the red carpet (in the era when the red carpet still existed). Of course, collectors are increasingly paying attention to environmentally and ethically responsible practices when manufacturing luxury goods.

Although we cannot predict what will happen in the future, the global pandemic seems to only strengthen these aspirations. Although Chopard plans to plan this year’s release before the pandemic breaks out, the 2020 updates of L.U.C, Mille Miglia and Happy Sport attract the emotional energy that the world needs today.

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It’s no secret that watch lovers are often racing fans. The complexity of clock machines and car motors determines the heartbeat.

We can’t wait to wait for the return of motorsports, especially the Mille Miglia race in Italy. Since this fall, Chopard will replay the role of the main sponsor and official timekeeper of the classic car rally.

Fun fact: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, has participated in the 1,000-mile round-trip race from Brescia to Rome since 1988, showing his passion for cars .

We still need to maintain consistency in life, so we are happy to report to you that the brand has maintained the tradition of launching a new Mille Miglia watch series every year. The new models for 2020 are the 43mm Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro Power Control and the 44mm Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro Chrono.

Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro power control is a stainless steel automatic time and date watch, limited to 500 pieces, and has an 18 carat rose gold crown and power reserve indicator, which is inspired by the fuel gauge of a racing car. Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro Chrono stainless steel limited edition 750 pieces, with sub-dial layout, to pay tribute to the classic car dashboard display.

Both models have a steel blue “Azzurro” dial. Similarly, contrast is the key to Chopard’s 2020 novelty. The rich tones set off the bright “Mille Miglia Red” and the “1000 Miglia” arrow that forms the date window.

Chopard described Mille Miglia’s new series as “the car in the watch”, which is an appropriate description. Both the Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro power control and the Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro Chrono have details, such as grooved sides to recall engine pistons, while smooth lugs evoke the aerodynamic lines of the body. The thick winding crown is inspired by the fuel filler cap, and the buttons of the chronograph share the non-slip pattern used on the control pedals of racing cars. Even the strap combines the classic perforated leather preferred by drivers in the 1950s and 1960s, and its rubber lining mimics the tread pattern of Dunlop racing tires.

Both timepieces use internal COSC-certified movements. The Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro power control device has a Chopard 01.08-C movement with a 60-hour power reserve, while the chronometer-level mechanical device of the Mille Miglia GTS Azzurro Chrono can provide 48 hours of power for the tank.

Perpetual motion machine
For the more contemplative collector, the perpetual calendar watch is the ultimate expression of practicality and poetry. Chopard will launch its chronometer-certified L.U.C Perpetual Twin watch in 2020. These are two new products.

These two new versions are made of rose gold and stainless steel, which seem to illustrate the duality of time. In other words, time not only marks the present, but is always moving forward.

The L.U.C Perpetual Twin was launched in 2016 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Chopard watch factory, and in many ways is a dual agency. For example, its complexity makes it a prime example of haute horology, but it also provides practicality for everyday wearers. After all, it is still the only chronograph-certified stainless steel perpetual calendar on the market.

This year, Chopard once again launched the L.U.C Perpetual Twin made of stainless steel, but its dial uses a delicate blue. For the first time in the series, it will offer 18-carat rose gold and a subtle gray dial.

Both dials are daylight satin-finished to emphasize contrast and improve the clarity of the display. The big date also provides this clarity, the big date provides the focus of the layout, and the small dial display of the calendar, day, month and leap year balances the facial expressions. Clever application of hour markers can also prevent things from looking too busy.

Both versions are common. You can dress them with hand-stitched blue or brown alligator leather and brandy alligator leather lining straps. Or, you can choose a sporty stainless steel bracelet that is polished and satin-brushed.

The L.U.C Perpetual Twin L.U.C 96.22-self-winding movement is played under the two beautiful surfaces. This movement showcases Chopard’s best hand-made and watchmaking traditions, and has been certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) expert as an astronomical timepiece-this is a rare aspect of perpetual calendars.

This mechanism is both elegant and powerful, and is built into the watch from the movement. A 22-carat gold miniature gyroscope is installed on the plane of the movement, and its mechanism depth is only 6mm. Finally, Chopard’s energy-saving dual technology uses dual barrels to provide a 65-hour power reserve.

Ode to Joy
The origins of the Happy Sport timepiece can be traced back to 1993, when Chopard’s co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele designed a sporty and fashionable ladies watch that combines steel and diamonds. There is no such thing as it on the market, but it was immediately accepted by women of that era. Since then, it has become a favorite of watches.

This year, Chopard added two new jewelry versions, called Happy Sport Joaillerie. One version offers ethical platinum, the other version offers rose gold. Both versions playfully reinterpret Happy Sport’s iconic diamonds by showing prong-set diamonds instead of using traditional gold capsules with spinning top-shaped bases. The new prong setting only uses five prongs to fix the gems in place, so that the gems are more fully exposed to light. The radiance of a diamond is further magnified as the number of faces increases. When they slide between two sapphire crystals, the result will be even more dizzying effect.

This extraordinary feat of new technology is not the only thing that excites you. The guilloché pattern is also engraved on the textured mother-of-pearl dial, which fully demonstrates Chopard’s exquisite craftsmanship in all aspects of his timepieces.

Happy Sport series also has Chopard (Chopard) internal automatic 96.17-C caliber movement, with excellent mechanical and gem setting performance. This ultra-thin mechanical device is composed of 167 components and can provide a worry-free power reserve of 65 hours, even in the case of more than two and a half days without moving, it can maintain a good time. Both versions use a soft alligator leather strap and are equipped with a secure 18-carat 18-carat white gold or rose gold pin buckle set with diamonds.

Finally, the modern size of 36 mm in diameter attracts contemporary buyers and a new generation of female enthusiasts who love Happy Sport.

In the previous generations of “Happy Sports”, the fluidity of gemstones has always provided a personal connection between the online men watches and the wearer. But with this brilliant new environment, these two new versions also reflect who she is and what she values.