All Sina piano Longines Spirit 42mm pilot watch

Replica Longines Spirit L3.820.4.93.0 watch price

Like most of you, I like a good, well-executed year reissue. Longines replica watches has been a master in this area in recent years (just look at the National Marine Corps Museum released this summer), and it makes perfect sense: if you have an incredible catalog of historical works, just waiting for the modern Made for collectors. , It is improper not to follow it. That is to say, the real challenge comes from designing a brand new series, in this case, it is a design inspired only by old-fashioned aviation, while being modern in completion and execution. Of course, what I want to talk about is the Longines Spirit series, which was delisted in June this year.

Although the Spirit series launched a 40mm or 42mm three-hand watch and a chronograph, I still spent a 42mm three-hand watch with a beautiful classic (and contrarian 2020) daylight blue dial. Once again, the combination of excellent design and excellent decoration provides a very eye-catching COSC-certified watches cheap for those who taste mainly modern/conservative but with retro DNA.

I know many people have questions about how these metals will wear out. Although I can’t say the 40mm or chronograph version, I can say that the 42mm three-handed grip feels balanced and strong on the wrist. The width is 42 mm, the thickness is 13 mm, and the height of the lug is 52 mm, which is a good size for people who usually choose the larger side of 42-43 mm. Although I can only stare at it, I estimate that the lug-to-lug height of the 40mm case is about 50mm, and the case thickness is also the same because they share the same movement. Another difference between the two sizes is that the 42mm lug width is 22mm, while the 40mm lug width is 21mm.

Replica Longines Spirit L3.820.4.53.0 watch price

Having a closed back cover instead of an exhibition is one of the smartest ways to control costs, and Longines does just that. Frankly speaking, at this price point, any movement will not be universal. Even routine operations (such as custom rotors or some debris) will increase costs and cause frustrating packaging design. I admit that some people will disagree with me, like most things, it depends on taste and preference.

It is worth mentioning that the movement L.884 is a COSC-certified chronometer movement specially produced by ETA for Longines under the umbrella of the large Swatch Group. This movement has a 64-hour power reserve, with an accuracy of at least -4 to +6 seconds per day. The silicon balance spring helps with resistance to temperature, magnetic fields and shocks, and runs at 25,200 vph.

The dial of the Longines spirit makes me very happy because it is as classic and legible as an aviation swiss luxury watches, but all individual parts have some characteristics. The baton-shaped pointer is integrated with the applied Arabic numeral hour index. You will notice that there is a diamond theme on the dial, the specific shape of its hands and small streamer diamonds corresponding to each hour mark. At first, I was skeptical about the red pointed diamond design of the second hand, but later found that it was aligned with the above-mentioned hollow tassel diamond, which was a nice feeling.

I know people have opinions about the five stars above the “Astronomical Clock” at 6 o’clock, but they have some history. I know that some of the top vintage Longines Admiral watches of the 1960s and 1970s are called “five-star admirals”, so wearing this watch on the dial of Spirit is a clever move, which implies the long history of the brand.

The bracelet is both comfortable and comfortable. The three-chain setting alternates between polishing and brushing. The sturdy release button also makes the folding clasp feel firm. In an unusual but interesting move, Longines also launched the “Prestige” version of Spirit, which is the same model you see here, but with one main difference: a quick release system for changing the strap and bracelet. The Prestige Edition comes with a bracelet, leather strap and NATO-style leather strap for $500. If the Longines Spirit will be your only watch or everyday watch, this is a very eye-catching choice that can be easily dressed up or dressed up.

Longines Spirit replica is the solid foundation of the brand’s already extensive product lineup. What I want to say is “safe new terms”, but the word “safe” can imply lack of ambition or experimentation, which is definitely not the case here. The Longines Spirit nail nails are classic designs, well-thought-out personalized modifications, excellent modification effects and COSC-certified movements, and the price is only more than 2,000 US dollars. It is “safe” because there is nothing to criticize about it, and Longines knows this. By entering the Swatch Group, Longines can produce such works at a cost that most people simply cannot achieve. If you are looking for a versatile everyday watch with a strict Swiss certificate, the Longines spirit is definitely worth trying on metal.