And hands-on-the incredible new Bovet Recital 22 Grand Recital

Bovet Dimier Recital 22 Grand Recital R22N002 Replica watch

The independent Swiss watch brand Bovet 1822 once again brings us one of the most spectacular watches of the year in the brand new Recital 22 Grand Recital. The watch is a masterpiece of innovation and craftsmanship, displaying the sun, moon and earth in the tellurium alloy Orrery, which is a mechanical reproduction of the astronomical movement on the wrist.

Orrery is essentially a working planetarium, showing planetary orbits and their relative rotation or revolution. The tellurium metal mine only shows the earth, moon and sun (while nar gold stone only includes the earth and moon). Pascal Raffy, the founder and owner of Bovet 1822, envisioned the perfect shape, necessary functions and visionary technology, fine decorative arts and impeccable classical craftsmanship in this timepiece. They worked with his team to bring Raffy’s concept into reality-providing discerning collectors with a truly unique expression of time and space.

The Sun on Bovet 1822 Recital 22 Grand Recital

As tellurium, the table shows three basic celestial bodies-represented in different ways. The flying tourbillon cage represents the rising of the sun at 6:00, higher than the rest of the movement, the earth globe rotates on its own axis and displays the hours in a 24-hour period, and the moon rotates around the earth in its precise orbit. Is 29.53 days. The patented structure of a double-sided tourbillon with a central attachment enables the watch to advance in chronological order and rotate once every 60 seconds, which is also due to the display of the second hand.


The fascinating movement and exquisite craftsmanship make the “sun” extremely fascinating, and the earth engraved with a hand-drawn map is equally fascinating, which shows the oceans, forests, mountains and deserts on the hemispherical earth. The hand-painted painting completed on this map uses a technique specially developed by Bovet. The artist mixes the luminescence together to make the miniature painting radiantly attractive in the dark.

In addition, with the increase of the paint layer on the carving, the craftsman also inserted fine air and clouds. When the paint layer was added, it appeared to be floating above the earth. Thanks to the black and white system of the ring around the earth, people can distinguish between day and night. The earth indicates the hours through polished titanium hands, which point to the number of earth hours.


In the end, the moon orbiting the earth rotates every 29.53 days, and its moon phases are also visible on the concentric rings of the earth. The accuracy of the moon phase is 122 years and requires one day of adjustment. The sphere is divided into black parts, coated with the surface of the moon, and white parts are engraved with luminous materials to indicate the part of the moon illuminated by the sun. The indication combination also holds a patent.

Retrograde indications

The seconds are displayed on the tourbillon escapement, and the hours (24-hour clock) are indicated by the hands below the earth, while the minutes are displayed in retrograde format on the circular dial ring on the left under the earth. On the opposite side of the ring, on the right side below the earth, a sub-ring under another dial provides a nine-day countermeasure reserve indication. There is a sapphire magnifying glass in the center of each chapter ring to help you focus on the mechanism below.

a big surprise

On the left side of the tourbillon cage is a small round hole with a magnifying glass, through which the date below it can be read. In addition, there are many other holes through which you can read the day, month and leap year, and you can also see the exquisitely carved parts with Geneva waves.

Wait a minute, did you miss it? Yes, in addition to this perfect cheap watch being Tellurium Orrery, Bovet Recital 22 Grand Recital is also a perpetual calendar timepiece, which includes a patented double-sided date dial. The date disc is driven by a retrograde mechanism with a patented micrometer frame to reduce space requirements and optimize operation.

The patented mechanical device with a perpetual calendar has been simplified and adjusted with a traditional corrector, but there are specially developed buttons on the upper lugs to adjust all the functions of the watch. For example, a single push of the button can simultaneously adjust the functions of the perpetual calendar and tellurium within a day.

Undoubtedly, the movement of this watch is extremely complex, composed of 472 parts and used in conjunction with a single barrel that provides a power reserve of at least 9 days. The variable inertia balance wheel and the built-in balance spring ensure the accuracy of movement and oscillate at a speed of 18,000 vibrations per hour.

Architecture and version

The case design is inspired by old-fashioned writing boxes with different angles (usually used on desks to help people write at a perfect angle to master the brushwork). Pascal Raffy was inspired to create this case shape because the writing box reminded him of his grandfather, who would tell him to always use one when writing letters and writing paper. In addition, the architectural style of this 46mm case provides a fascinating view of 3D artwork.

If it is 18-carat 5N rose gold or platinum, only 60 pieces can be made. Each one is unique, thanks to the hand-carved and painted in each spherical globe. In addition, despite this, the owner of each of these 60 works can order the exact direction of the drawn world map-choosing the position to be positioned on the earth-sun axis at noon. Due to the ability to choose a location, each Online fake watch can only be manufactured after the collector makes a special request.