Hublot BIG BANG Points

Hublot 451.CX.1140.CX Big Bang Unico Integral All Black 42mm Replica watch

The mystery of timepieces must be-why no bracelet in Hublot’s Big Bang Collection is so common. Of course, this does not seem to be a Big Bang that has not offered a bracelet before, but it is usually more likely to findwatches in this series on a rubber strap.

I understand, this is the whole “fusion art” thing, this is the brand’s original fame missile concept-mixing materials that are usually not seen in a watch. The reason for the brand’s initial fame was that it was fitted with a gold case on the rubber strap. Therefore, in order to keep pace with the times, this is a sacrificial practice in the watch industry. Hublot usually stays away from bracelets and likes to play. Increase the preference for rubber.

For a bracelet man like me, it’s a pity. Until 2020 is this year, that is, 15 years after Big Bang was launched, we finally got Big Bang on the one-piece bracelet. Of course, this should have happened long ago, because the “big bang” shell design actually requires it to be one piece.

How did you know? With many brands launching new series of integrated bracelets during 2019, what Hublot has to do is to slightly redesign Big Bang and create a new series. The best thing is that, unlike other brands that have to introduce a new case design and go through various controversies, no one complains about the new Big Bang Integral because it feels so natural that it must be accepted.

Perhaps many brands have jumped into the competition to convince them that they must do so, and thank God for that.

The name of the collection-Big Bang Integral is sufficiently descriptive with five new references. The materials used are Hublot’s iconic materials-ceramics, titanium and gold, with a small amount of stainless steel.

In addition, King Gold and Titanium models also come with diamond-encrusted options, while the above ceramic models are limited editions in black, or part of the All Black series. This is the concept of “invisible visibility” in 2006. Hublot successfully transformed it into a series of limited editions, which won widespread popularity, because nothing is cooler than black, and when you can’t read the time correctly Time, because everything is the same color.

I would certainly like all Black replica watches in the Big Bang Integral series – the reflective hands and graduations, and the contrasting white of the date do make this watch relatively easy to read.

A word on the bracelet design. It is a typical three-ring bracelet with a center and two side chains. However, the surface treatment draws inspiration from the case, and the polished and brushed surface extends down to the bracelet. Not only that, it also has the same sharp edges, chamfers and chamfers, and it also flows downward, making the whole watch feel like an integrated (!) unit.

There are other changes. The Arabic numerals on the standard 42mm Big Bang model have been replaced with indexes in Big Bang points. In addition, the iconic “sandwich” structure of the Big Bang watch case has been retained, but in the new series, the watch is made of only one material with a composite resin lining. The only exceptions are the black composite resin lugs on the bezel and the rubber-coated crown on the crown.

This movement is the same as the internal HUB1280-UNICO proprietary manufacturing movement. The column wheel can be seen on the dial, so there is no surprise here.

Finally, on the bracelet, you can’t change it to a rubber band at will, just as the uncommon older models do allow this possibility. Solution-Wear it as it is, and then buy another rubber explosion.

This is Big Bang Integral, and the series will definitely be expanded with more innovations and more references. Actually, there is nothing to complain about, it must be done, now it is.

Specifications: Hublot Big Bang Integral
Movement HUB1280 – UNICO proprietary manufacture movement
Functions Hours, minutes, running seconds, chronograph, date.
Case Titanium, 18K King Gold, Ceramic (All-black), Titanium with diamonds, 18K King Gold with diamonds
Case Dimensions Diameter 42 mm Thickness 14.5mm
Strap Matching integrated bracelet
Power Reserve 3 days
Water Resistance 100m

Hublot BIG BANG Points

Fully integrated look: the new fusion of the big bang

New product reminder – HUBLOT BIG BANG INTEGRAL: The first Big Bang with integrated bracelet! 15 years after its birth, Big Bang launched the FIRST one-piece metal bracelet, and merged the first link with the case. One-piece bracelet means a redesigned case with Hublot’s signature code: UNIQUE & DIFFERENT. A single unique work with integrated architecture; a fusion of wrist technology and style. This watch is represented by black ceramic, gold king or titanium, which embodies the Hublot spirit. The new product includes three models, including a 500-piece limited-edition all-black version, specifically for the “invisible visibility” concept launched in 2006.

“Big Bang was born 15 years ago and it has made another glorious achievement. Unique, fully integrated bracelet and redesigned case for different customers. Big Bang points and its integrated architecture push this model to a whole new world.”- Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot
2005-2020-15 years of the Big Bang

The fusion of steel, ceramics and rubber launched at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair in 2005 introduced the art of fusion and its iconic design, which was a huge success for Hublot. 2020 – the year of integrated bracelets

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Big Bang launched a tailor-made one-piece bracelet for the first time in its history, which perfectly fits the skin. So perfect, in fact, if you look at “Big Bang Points” with the visual harmony produced by absolute proportions, you would think it has always existed.

A unique bracelet with a difference. Its aesthetic features are strong enough to be instantly integrated with Big Bang. Three links: one center, two horizontal; in this respect, at least a standard bracelet. However, its distinctive style adopts the coding of the case, and its edges not only echo the beauty of the buttons, but also echo the middle structure with cutouts. The polished and polished surface, as well as the chamfering and chamfering of the links, produces the same depth and contrast effect as between the case and lugs.

Of course, the integrated bracelet means that the case needs to be redesigned. Although the dial and bezel are the same as the existing Big Bang 42 mm model (except for the index instead of Arabic numerals), the buttons have restored the original model code of 2005. It is these buttons that inspired the angles and chamfers between the bracelets from the middle to the bracelets, and alternate polishing and satin decorations.

Big Bang Integral retains its iconic “sandwich” structure, this time there is no composite resin liner, and the shopping fake watch is made entirely of titanium, gold or ceramic. The only exceptions are the black composite resin lugs on the bezel and the rubber-coated crown on the crown.

It is released using three materials that are inseparable from Hublot’s history: lightweight titanium, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant ceramics and unique alloys of gold, gold, copper and platinum, resulting in a deep red 18-carat gold that is Yu Ship watch unique.

Big Bang Unico 42 mm

HUB1280 – UNICO proprietary manufacture movement – V2
horizontal double clutch chronograph mechanism
column wheel visible from the dial
30 mm in diameter
3-day power reserve
flat automatic winding system
6.75 mm thick movement
14.5 mm thick case
architecture designed to facilitate assembly and reveal more of its working parts
technical innovations (4 patents): oscillating seconds clutch, chronograph friction system with ball bearing adjustment, ratchet retaining system with unidirectional gears, index-assembly fine adjustment system
double ball bearing reverser
354 components and 43 jewels