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Independent watchmakers are fashionable, avant-garde, and generally not available on morality alone.

F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu is a rare exception to this rule.

F.P. Journe’s stunning Chronometre Bleu is rare at every level. There are hardly any luxury watches at any price that can rival the beauty, uniqueness and value of Journe’s Chronometre.

In absolute terms, regardless of the model choice, Journe’s annual output ensures excellent exclusivity; the 800-900 watch output in the workshop is equivalent to working for several hours in the neighboring Rolex. In this production process, only a few devices are Chronometre Blue. But scarcity is only the beginning of the F.P. story, Jon’s most elementary masterpiece.

Chronometre Bleu combines all the characteristic styles of F.P. Journe, innovative and bizarre visual effects, can be worn daily, handmade, and can be bought by ordinary people.

Consider the last advantage in context. Independent watches have always been a real high-paying traditional field, starting from the low six-digit range of custom commissioned works and waiting lists that span the leap year cycle.

This F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu allows access to an owner’s club with an independent trademark and ensures exclusiveness, and does not require its next owner to sell kidneys or endure a transplant waiting list.

F.P. is not like many brands with well-known watchmakers. Journe is a brand driven by the man himself.

Journe personally designed each watch in the catalog in his Geneva studio. Since mechanical watches became cool, Journe was not only a master of aesthetics, but also a master of watchmaking and technological innovator. Chronometre Bleu embodies Journe’s core values ​​as a watchmaker: respect for tradition and innovative engineering.

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The traditional elements of a chronograph are divided into two levels-the one you see and the one you don’t see. The metallic blue dial provides modern colors and has a deep relationship with high-end watches.

Historically speaking, blue is the symbol and accent of high-end timepieces, and blue is the symbol of high-end watchmaking.

Journe’s dynamic dial seems to convey the essence of blue hairspring, screws, hands and enamel. These luxury replica watches are loved by historical and watchmakers such as A.L. Breguet, Pierre Jaquet-Droz and Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec.

Its complex structure creates an ever-changing color impression, transforming from iridescent to flat navy, and changing in an instant.

Like his unconventional blue tone, Journe’s handling of the pocket watch-style auxiliary second hand is also reflected in the original material. The concentric rounded guilloche ornaments and the miniature “railway” second track recall François-Paul’s origins as a retro restoration expert, but the calculated asymmetry of the off-center sub-dial is correct The capricious and ironic compliments of the postmodern era.

Around the periphery of the dial, the complete Arabic numerals in the ornate traditional fonts are combined with the complete “fan-shaped” minute track to highlight the tradition, but Journe presents printed marks on the cream in a light white tone. The unique tapered pointer completes the retroism fusion with matching tones.

The diameter of the Chronometre Bleu case is 39 mm, which matches the traditional style. However, the choice of materials is a fundamental deviation.

Tantalum is rare in the watchmaking industry, but this rare metal was chosen by Journe for his “chronograph”. Close your eyes tightly, the weight of tantalum is almost the same as that of platinum. But the processing and processing of tantalum is more challenging, so the scarcity of tantalum watch options makes platinum seem relatively common.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer-perhaps the smallest manufacturer in the world-F.P. Journe has the technical resources to bypass taciturn third-party suppliers and make tantalum cases at will. Even in the rare effort to cast a tantalum case, Journe’s Chronometre Bleu stands out by using polished rather than matte surfaces. The result is an amazing sheen, best described as “black chrome”.

F.P. made the first tourbillon in his 20s. Journe will not be satisfied with a pretty face.

The horological virtues of Chronometre Bleu can be made fun of by the name, but they can only be revealed through the sapphire case back. Journe’s internal movement 1304 is made entirely of 18-carat rose gold. Make no mistake; this is not a gold-plated coating, but a pure gold nugget composed of 18k plates and bridges. Each bridge has linear Geneva waves, and each screw is polished, grooved and chamfered on its circumference.

Journe was determined to create an extremely precise chronometer movement, so the forward train connecting the balance wheel and the spring barrel runs under the dial instead of following the traditional route along the case. Therefore, calibration. The contrasting color barley grains of 1304 and the firm perlage appearance reveal the admiration of the owner.

The lack of visible wheels means that the balance wheel and fluttering escapement seem to be churning in the isolated perpetual motion machine.

The critical balance wheel assembly bounces freely, which can resist changes caused by impact to the greatest extent.

The large balance wheel has an excellent moment of inertia of 10.10 mg/cm2; its powerful sweeping knocks almost loudly, and everything else laughs. Journe laser welds the balance spring to the chuck to avoid accidental displacement. In the pursuit of accuracy, no details are overlooked.

The double barrel barrels run in parallel to promote the stable release of force instead of a huge power reserve. It also enjoys 56 hours of autonomy. 1304 firmly exceeded the industry average by 42-45 hours, with the goal of absolute consistency; Journe opposed COSC’s self-proclaimed monopoly on the term “chronograph” and declared that the “chronograph” was superior in performance Arrogant timekeeping standards.

Top Rolex is common in major brands such as Rolex, Omega and Breitling, but there is a historical aversion to seeking this distinction.

Although the official language of the upper public relations department ranges from “trust us” to self-evident unwillingness to share the bill with low-priced products, the reality is that many high-quality, ultra-thin and ultra-expensive sports may not be able to cope with COSC batteries well. .

Journe has no such worries, and Chronometre Bleu, named Chronometre Bleu, is a prince with a certificate. best quality replica watches

Compared with the very few buildings built every year, the Langes, Pateks and Vacherons in the world are very ordinary. Chronometre Bleu is a unique combination of modern technology and retro feel, representing one of the most feasible entrances to the world of independent haute horology.