Fantastic Jacobs astronomy clarity and where to find it

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Jacob & Co. has always been known for innovation. It is reminiscent of the appearance of Jacob & Co. EPIC SF24 at Baselworld in 2013, when the jeweler watchmaker launched a world chronograph best fake watch with huge changes. Now, ten and a half years later, EPIC SF24 seems to be a nostalgic look back for those who like old-fashioned boarding passes at airports or train stations (now replaced by modern flat panel displays).

In 2014, Jacob&Co. joined hands with the movement designer and watchmaker Studio 7h38 to realize the exquisite and technologically amazing technology of the clock in the form of Jacob&Co. Astronomia. Today, EPIC SF24 and astronomy have surpassed their pioneering mechanisms and developed into objects of absolute fantasy, and you can now grab them at Penang RendezVous 2019.

Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia series is home to the brand’s best works, including “Flawless”, which retails for $1 million and includes Jacob & Co.’s first all-sapphire case.

“For us, creativity is limitless. This is the basis of my success: doing things in different ways. I am really proud of my first multiple time zones, and so far they are truly original. “-Jacob Arabo, founder and chairman of Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co.’s ingenuity and ability to respect tradition is yet another example. It gets rid of the complexity of the world timer and solves one of the most popular complications in the world, such as the flying tourbillon, and combines it with mobile The dramatic combination of the solar system. Superb operating skills are injected into the flying tourbillon. Unfortunately, watch lovers have become more and more used to it.

Experience the solar system on your wrist
Jacob & Co.’s name is indeed the miniature solar system on the wrist, but its design does not mimic or represent the orbits of various planetary bodies like midnight planets. Instead, the studio’s iconic astronomical “gravitational three-axis tourbillon” movement is attracted by the all-weather clear sapphire case, amazed and awed by all those who witness it.

Other versions of Astronomical Solar include replacing the hour, minute and minute dial with a sapphire disc with the zodiac

In most tourbillons, the cage can complete a revolution in 60 seconds, but Jacob’s Jacob & Co. Astronomia has a “gravitational” three-axis tourbillon, and when fixed on one side, it does complete a complete revolution every 60 seconds. Spin. It rotates vertically every five minutes, or 12 times per hour.

Experience the astronomer Clarity’s JCAM12 movement at Penang RendezVous 2019. Its four arms are set on the central axis to complete a complete track every 20 minutes, while the multi-axis tourbillon system keeps the hour and minute hand dials upright. So as to maintain consistent readability. Of course, the real attraction of going to Straits Quay from October 11th to 13th is the refreshing 288-faceted “Jacob cut” spherical rotating diamond, opposite the enamel globe, which is a famous jewel Sign of business.

Jacob & Co. Astronomical Solar is the latest version of the Astronomical Tourbillon. The astronomical solar energy launched at the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show is different from the “Clarity”, it has three “arms” instead of four, a 288 faceted “Jacob Cut” 1.5 carat spherical Citrine (representing the sun) instead of diamonds and the planetary system of the eight suns: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are ground into gems by gems in the gem sky.

Mechanically, the solar energy of astronomy is also different from clarity. The vehicle system of the JCAM19 movement now completes a rotation every 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes, while the earth completes a rotation every 60 seconds.