The Hubbert Spirit of the Big Bang: Tradition and Innovation

Hublot 601.OM.0183.LR Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Ceramic replica watch

Hublot stands out in the watch industry with its vision. According to the Swiss brand, their watches are “a true fusion between tradition and cutting edge.” This concept enables them to surpass their competitors and become the industry’s pioneers. The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang fake men watch we bought at the Bank of Lyon embodies the best of the brand and demonstrates Hublot’s attention to detail for each timepiece, as well as its superb use of materials and revolutionary technology.

A brief history of Hubble
Hublot was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. It is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. It is currently a subsidiary of the LVMH Group and was acquired in April 2008.

Crocco intends to design something unique and different. After three years of research, he finally created his own masterpiece. This watch features the first natural rubber strap in the history of watchmaking. He called it “Hublot”, which means “porthole” in French. This watch did not attract much attention at the first Basel Watch Fair in 1980, but it was a success in the first year, with sales exceeding 2 million US dollars.

This success was mainly attributed to the original concept of mixing metal and rubber, which soon became popular among royals and celebrities. By the 1990s, other watchmakers also began to provide rubber straps, further consolidating the brand’s position as a pioneer in the industry​​.

Jean-Claude Biver became the CEO of Hublot in 2004 after becoming famous for Omega, Audemars Piguet and Blancpain. Under his leadership, Hublot is committed to combining unusual materials such as ceramics, carbon and tungsten with more traditional materials found in the watchmaking industry (such as gold, silver and diamonds).

Driven by the enthusiasm for innovation, Hublot continues to develop and is deeply loved and collected by watch enthusiasts.

The HUBLOT spirit of the Big Bang series
Luxury watchmaker Hublot is committed to combining unconventional innovation with traditional watchmaking to create a series that breaks boundaries and leads the trend. “The Spirit of the Big Bang” is one of them. With unparalleled identity and precision, each watch in the series provides excellent timing functions while remaining stylish.

The Spirit of Big Bang series is reliable, stylish and iconic, and can easily take you from the board to the bar, providing a unique approach to watchmaking with its unique barrel case and bold design. This series combines the best products of all Hublot series with amazing tailor-made internal functions. It is a series for those who are passionate about the luxury watch industry.

The Big Bang series was launched in 2005 and is popular for its bold, masculine design and superb internal movement. The Big Bang Spirit series retains some of the characteristics of its predecessors, but adds a barrel-shaped watch case made of materials such as titanium and ceramics.

The “Big Bang Spirit” also retains some design features, such as H-shaped screws, which are unique to Hublot. Each timepiece in the series is stylish, modern, and has the spirit of Hublot.

The spirit of the Bank of Lyon Big Bang watch
Hublot is constantly looking for unforgettable impressions and challenging the status quo. The iconic Big Bang Spirit series achieves this perfectly. It represents Hublot’s willingness to innovate the fine watchmaking industry and provides fans of the brand with the high performance and breakthrough designs that Swiss watchmakers expect.

Each watch in this series takes into account elegance, sophistication and practicality, and fully considers the needs of the wearer when designing it. Here are some great examples from the series:

Hublot Big Bang Spirit Moonphase Titanium 42mm Watch

The Moonphase 42mm titanium watch comes with a 42mm satin-finished titanium case, and the bezel is made of scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The skull face allows the wearer to observe the excellent HUB1770 self-winding movement, and the date and moon phases are complicated.

This watch has a black structured rubber strap and a stainless steel unfolding clasp, which is very suitable for daily wear and can be used for life. Ideal for ladies or ladies, they love advanced timing functions, are gifted with fashion, and love adventure.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Ceramic 47.70mm watch

The bold titanium ceramic 47.70mm watch will help you make a strong statement; it is also ideal for men who want to wear a sophisticated wardrobe every day. This copy swiss watch has a hollow dial, satin-finished rhodium-plated appliqués, and hands with a white luminous coating. It is a wonderful companion for life on the go and can be used perfectly on any occasion.

This “Spirit of Big Bang” model is hand-assembled and is uniquely crafted by Hublot. It is powered by the HUB4700 self-winding chronograph movement and has a power reserve of 50 hours.