Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Watch hands-on

At the 2019 Baselworld (Baselworld), Hublot (Hublot) launched a new member of Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT copy watch. This is the second watch designed in direct cooperation with Ferrari’s design department. It is worth noting that most car/watch cooperation projects are more or less completely designed by the watch brand itself.

The classic fusion Ferrari GT follows the 2017 Hublot Techframe Ferrari. The case and dial are largely directly designed by the Ferrari design team. I think this fact is very important in positioning the collectability of this watch, because it actually comes from Ferrari, not the prancing carriage logo borrowed from the popular Italian supercar manufacturer.

In my opinion, the launch of the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT was bothered by two things, at least to a small extent, eclipsing this is a very good timepiece. First of all, despite the name of the watch, this is by no means a “Hublot Classic Fusion” case.

The decision to name the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT series “Classic Fusion” even confused some people at Hublot. The good news is that the first round of watches consists of all limited editions, so moving forward, Hublot has the opportunity to give the series a more unique and appropriate name without mistakenly mixing these new Ferraris GT The watch is used with Hublot’s other Classic Fusion timepiece series.

Secondly, although there is a beautiful Ferrari GT car (which is common at the show) in front of the Hublot booth at the Baselworld, the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT watch is in Hublot. It doesn’t look as good in the news pictures as I have seen.

This happens from time to time (at least several times a year). Despite the best efforts of detailed product photographers, the impression of the watch in the exquisite pictures is not as moving as in real life. I think the picture of this new Classic Fusion Ferrari GT case looks a bit overwhelming, while the dial looks a bit ordinary. I do agree that compared with other Hublot watches, the classic Fusion Ferrari GT lacks many of Hublot’s features. In this sense, this is a very non-compliant Hublot.

In other words, on the wrist, the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT, 45 mm wide and 13.15 mm thick (water resistant to 100 meters) is very comfortable and well constructed. It lacks the originality of the overall design, but is made up for in the handsome appearance, which combines a more elegant spirit and the sports personality of Hublot and Ferrari each with a unique style.

If anything, the Classic Fusion name has been added to the product line because the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is more beautiful than most other Hublot Ferrari products. Perhaps this is why Hublot and Ferrari want to combine it with the Gran Turismo (GT) lifestyle, which is more about long, comfortable (albeit fast and well-controlled) rides.

The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT case has three materials to choose from. It is an interesting fusion of elements. The first is a larger monolithic case structure with a screwed bezel. The latter element is more in the rough industrial aspect, which can be said to help break the smooth curve of the rest of the case. There are some rotatable Arabic numerals on the dial with great visual depth.

Replica Hublot 526.NX.0124.VR Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium watch

Hublot uses its popular and well-made UNICO automatic chronograph movement for collection. The UNICO HUB 1280 movement has a working frequency of 4Hz, a 72-hour power reserve, and is composed of 354 parts. On the dial, it provides a 30-minute timer, and time and date indicator windows. Although the dial has a hollow/hollow-out nature, the surface of the dial is easy to read in terms of time. Some new design languages ​​are used to create sub-dial. best watch

In addition to 18k King gold (Hublot version of red gold) and titanium, the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT also uses a new 3D carbon fiber case material. It looks a lot like carbon fiber, but with a different carbon formula, it may be the most interesting appearance of the three debut classic Fusion Ferrari GT models. Hublot relies on the most popular titanium watch because it produces twice as many parts as 3D carbon or king gold. A Schedoni leather strap with comfortable rubber lining is attached to the watch. The Hublot folding and unfolding clasp material matches the case.

I do feel that the hands-on pictures of our Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT are more flattering than the brand’s own news pictures, but for these people, these watches are really eye-catching. I think they have also done a good job opening Hublot’s timepieces, establishing Ferrari relationships with those who have not been attracted by other Hublot Ferrari watches.

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT ref. Limited edition of titanium alloy 526.NX.0124.VR. 526.QB.0124.VR in 3D Carbon limited edition; and reference. 526.OX.0124.VR 18k gold limited edition.