Aquaracer Chrono-Calibre S Regatta by TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer luxury watches are some of the most innovative timepieces on the market today. The brand has been looking for ways to improve the accuracy of its instruments and focused on the needs of sports enthusiasts, and this demanding consumer group has made a clear choice. TAG Heuer is one of every 9 watches purchased in the world, and TAG Heuer is one of every 9 luxury watches in the world.

Among all TAG Heuer watches, one of the most popular watches is the Aquaracer Chrono-Calibre S Regatta. This revolutionary timepiece was designed with imagination and style and was created in the heart of sailors. The waterproof depth is 300 meters, accurate to 1/10 second. It even has an aluminum frame countdown scale for sailing regattas.

The steel case wraps the TAG Heuer Calibre S chronograph movement, and the dial can display the time and chronograph mode and Regatta Countdown mode. In addition, there is a semicircular counter inside the dial surface, which can count to tenths of a second when the watch is in the “timekeeping” mode.

This highly complex TAG Heuer cheap watch consists of five bidirectional motors and 230 components, all of which are designed to maintain optimal performance. Other features include the Swiss quartz mixer motor core, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and three-strand stainless steel bracelet.

After rigorously honed in accuracy, this model has been tested for 12,000 hours without any loss, so you can be sure that it performs well under almost all pressures. Exquisite and strong, this is a durable luxury watch. All in all, the Aquaracer Chrono Calibre S Regatta is one of the best chronographs available to athletes today.

TAG HEUER: fashion icon, time legend

For more than a century, TAG Heuer has been regarded as a typical embodiment of excellent watchmaking and perfect timekeeping. Tag Heuer has not only established a brand in the watch industry. It represents the evolving art of progressive design, as well as eternal class and characteristics. The brand’s heritage is unique in that it is always at the forefront of fashion, and always integrates superb timekeeping technology and blends it into beauty.

In addition to becoming a fashion icon, the brand’s success is also due to the quality of its watches. The accuracy of the marker watch is as high as 1/1,000 second, and the accuracy of its timing instrument is as high as 1/10,000 second. The various components that make the watch movement so precise are the result of more than a century of watchmaking research conducted by experts.

In addition to precision and attractive brilliance, Tag Heuer timepieces are popular because of their modernity. These luxurious designer timepieces are different from replica traditional watch designs that represent the past. Tourbillon watches are the embodiment of all timekeeping functions of today and the future.

The alluring charm of TAG Heuer has attracted many outstanding actors and athletes in the 20th and 21st centuries. Uma Thurman, Steve McQueen, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Jeff Gordon Other brands are firm representatives of the brand.

The brand’s passion for racing has always been considered one of the greatest collaborations in sports endorsements and watch design. TAG Heuer recognized some of the greatest racers in history, such as Le Mans, NASCAR, Formula One, IndyCar, GP2 and WRC. Recently, Tag Heuer has established a jury composed of racing experts and former drivers to announce the world’s best racing talents every week.

Whether you are a fashion connoisseur, a racing fan or an admirer of perfection, Tag watches are part of your wrist timepiece.

TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) Carrera Nismo Calibre 16 Special Edition Watch For Le Mans 2015

TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) Carrera Nismo Calibre 16 is the brand’s latest watch, dedicated to the legendary (probably the most important in the world) endurance race: the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The successful relationship between TAG and Le Mans began in the 1970s. It was started by the cooperation between the watch manufacturer and Ferrari. What’s more unforgettable is that Monaco entered the famous movie “Le Mans”, which was created by Monaco Starring Steve McQueen. at the scene. Times have changed, which is really surprising. Today, Le Mans represents the pinnacle of motorsports (especially in recent years, with the fall of Formula One racing, which makes me sad.) Therefore, TAG launched the improved Carrera Calibre 16, dedicated to the occasion. Modern design.

Given the history of TAG’s participation in Le Mans, it is no wonder that they participated in the competition this year, because they will be represented in many ways throughout the competition. Patrick Dempsey (and his team), the brand ambassador participating in the GTE-Am competition, will wear TAG Heuer fake watches throughout the competition, and two other “brand fans” will also participate in the competition. However, the major event of Le Mans TAG in 2015 is the cooperation with the official Nissan Nismo Team, which will participate in the top LMP1 event.

Nissan entered the 2015 race car with a completely unique car, unlike any “proper” race car at the top of the food chain today, it uses front-wheel drive and front-engine – a very unusual design choice. The fact that Nissan is betting is that this gives them a higher aerodynamic chassis because the rear of the car can be thinner, so it has “less drag” compared to a mid-engined car. It is nothing new that Nissan has to think outside the box when making racing cars. Racing fans will definitely remember the delta wing three years ago.

As mentioned above, this watch is an improved TAG Heuer Carrera movement 16 movement. The Caliber16 movement has a long history. Today, it uses the ETA 7750 or its clone Sellita SW-500 as its basis. Three-compass layout, cam-actuated (read: no column wheel) 12-hour chronograph, date and date display, 4 Hz frequency and 42-hour power reserve, supplemented by an automatic winding machine – this is a classic.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Nismo Calibre 16 case is more modern: the case is 43 mm wide and made of titanium, and is treated with titanium carbide micro-sandblasting. The case is of course lighter than steel and is also scratch-resistant Extra protection for rubbing, ceramic bezel. Both the bezel and the “charcoal gray” dial display the Nismo Nismo logo, which brings us back to the green discussion of co-branded wholesale watches: if you are a fan of Nissan’s internally adjusted skunk work, and/or your own, Street car, then this TAG Heuer Carrera Nismo Calibre 16 may be your ideal choice-but if not, then it is obviously better to choose one of Carrera’s many non-co-branded brands.

The cooperation between TAG Heuer and Nismo Le Mans racing team is very meaningful because it helps TAG maintain a part of Le Mans culture-this is absolutely crucial given all its history in the race. And because Nissan is back in the game with a novel, novel and distinctive idea, Carrera is also a good choice. The TAG Heuer Carrera Nismo CALIBRE 16 movement is equipped with a more restrained and more affordable calibre 16, which is in line with the special configuration of the TAG Heuer Carrera Nismo calibre 16 (but not restrictive as far as we know). The intention to significantly reduce prices and increase availability. The affordability of the entire collection.