What brand of watch Rado is?


Rado is the English name of the Swiss Rado watch. Rado is a watch brand under the Swiss watch group Swatch Group, born in 1917. Rado produced the world’s first non-wearable watches-the oval “Diamond Star” watch, which laid the foundation for the rapid development of Rado in the future. Nowadays, when talking about Rado, people naturally associate the name of Swiss Rado with watches with personalized designs made of materials that are not easily worn. The workmanship of the Rado watch is exquisite and delicate, the seams are tight and flexible, the corners are round and cornerless, the plating is uniform and bright, and the text on the surface and back is clear. It has become one of the most important watch manufacturers in Switzerland.

Swiss Rado was born in 1917. At that time, it mainly produced watch movements. Since the research and development of the world’s first non-wearable watch, laying the foundation for the rapid development of Swiss Rado in the future. While other brands still use common materials such as gold, copper or steel to make watches, high-tech materials such as tungsten-titanium alloy, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, copper metal and polycrystalline diamonds make watches.

Speaking of the Swiss Rado high quality replica watches, people will naturally think of unique design and materials that are not easy to wear. Rado, headquartered in Switzerland, is a major manufacturer of non-wearable watches. It has a well-known brand image and a successful marketing network around the world. Since the launch of the world’s first non-wearable watch in 1962, Rado has achieved amazing results in less than forty years.


Model Number: R27086162 / 01.734.6086.3.016
Case Material: ceramic
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter:38 mm
Brand Name: Rado
Gender: men
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Thickness: —
Dial: black
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: ceramic strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds

RADO D-Star Quartz Chronograph watch

Time is always passing, and with this quartz chronograph introduced to you today, you can accurately measure how time passes. Inspired from the classic RADO DiaStar series watches, 50 years later, Rado created a new generation of Rado D-Star series watches once again completed a gorgeous transformation, product model: 541.0937. 3.011.

The modern Rado “D-Star” series watches, like their outstanding predecessors, this watch combines inspirational design and innovative materials: the two generations of the series are unique The oval-shaped case is integrated with the common point of innovative materials.

The diameter of this Rado watch is 42 mm. As we all know, Rado has made significant investments in material and design innovation. In the end, three different types of watches were used in the creation of the Rado D-Star series. Material: high-tech ceramics, Ceramos™ titanium carbide cermet and carbon-permeable stainless steel. And today’s one is titanium carbide cermet.

Since the hard metal used in the Swiss Rado DiaStar series of watches is relatively heavy, the newly developed titanium carbide cermet represents the close combination of intrinsic modernity and wearer comfort. This watch shines with platinum-gold-like light on its material and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

The material of the crown is also made of titanium carbide cermet. What attracts me the most is that a watch that is not easy to wear and adapts to human body temperature becomes possible, all of which further enhance the comfort of the wearer.

The silver-gray dial decorated with bright gold scales and hands make the overall feel of the watch very elegant and durable.

The chronograph function is clearly presented on the dial, which are the 12-hour chronograph and 10-minute chronograph, as well as a 60-second small second dial. The date display window is set at four o’clock.

The watch band is made of titanium carbide cermet and stainless steel, which realizes the comfortable wearing that adapts to human body temperature changes just mentioned above. Such a watch will not be uncomfortable even if it is worn in winter.

The replica watches for sale is equipped with a quartz movement, three-fold titanium buckle with Ceramos™ titanium carbide cermet buttons, elegant and generous. Rado’s proud history and innovative spirit continue to inspire the brand to break the limits of innovation in technology and materials. Through the Swiss Rado D-Star series watches, we can see that the materials and technological developments have released unparalleled design potential. I believe that friends who like Changxin or materials will love this watch.