Best BRM series

The Golf series provides fashionable and bright colors and high-contrast watches for golf lovers. This watch is not only colorful, but also the most comfortable watch to wear during sports!

BRM and Corvette have teamed up to create this luxury series, which has a symbolic meaning of racing throughout the watch. You can see the Corvette logo with a large dial and brand buttons inside the watch, and Corvette fans will notice other details, such as the Jake logo, etc. Pick up the BRM frigate and see what you will notice!

This series provides Corvette fans with a variety of colors and shades. The feature of this series is the use of stainless steel and sapphire crystal in the structure of the Great watch.

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The Gulf series is the product of cooperation between BRM and the Gulf region. This unique watch has a small oil chamber in which you can see the actual oil filled in the dial. This carefully crafted watch will pop up in “unique blue” and “orange” colors. The series aims to pay tribute to motorsports, in addition to the Gulf region, who else is suitable for the use of oil in the dial.

BRM V-12, V-14 and V-16 series
The V-12 series has light needles, white universal joints, and decorated with competition numbers. This series is one of BRM’s trademark series, because it clearly shows the love of racing.

The series contains watches in several colors, straps and buttons. Similarly, the racing characters in the V-14 and V-16 series are beautifully embedded, and there is a sub-series called the V-12 logo, which has multinational flags embedded in the case.

BRM MK-44 Micronaire series
Makrolon is one of the extraordinary collections of two things. The first is their dial design, with a large number of micro-elements spider webs on the dial surface. You can view the detailed collection series. Makrolon used in the windshield of the F-1 car. Nevertheless, due to the use of carbon fiber and stainless steel, the watch is very lightweight.

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The V8 series represents the V8 engine, with a thick outer wall and a button similar to a fat piston on the rear of the watch. The dial of the watch is deeply embedded in the watch with a brushed titanium coating. In this fully automatic series, you will also get a two-tone contrasting leather strap.

BRM Art Car Series
There are many brands in the Art Car series called Art Car. This series is known for its multi-color dials with stainless steel chassis. The design of buttons and straps uniformly represent the logo of the racing car, such as the “start/stop” button in a real racing car.

BRM: Brand packaging
BRM has correctly maintained its French artistry and love of motorsport DNA. The exquisite watch brand stems from the passion for excellence and exquisite craftsmanship. Each watch is a limited edition timepiece, and since these watches are not mass-produced in any way, owners will feel special.

For racing enthusiasts, BRM is one of the most unique choices in the luxury watch market!