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“You have never actually owned a replica Patek Philippe. You only need to take care of it for the next generation.” These two sentences are both the famous advertising slogan of Geneva watchmakers and the de facto guide behind its long history in the field of watchmaking in principle. Patek Philippe has been an outstanding watch manufacturer in the world in the first half of the last century. If today’s market is enough to show the brand’s impression in the future, then the complex watch of the 20th century Patek may be what you can do The safest investment, more than art, cars, real estate and securities.

Before Jean-Adrian Philippe joined, Polish officer Antoine Norbert de Patek shared the company with Polish Czapek , And these two companies initially conspired to make Patek & Czapek the Polish “national manufacturer”. They intend to relocate the company to Warsaw as soon as the political climate in their home country has stabilized, but in the first five years after the company was established, the company only caters to Polish nobles despite its footprint in Switzerland. By 1845, due to many differences, Czapek left the company and occupied most Polish customers.

In 1845, Antoine Norber de Patek met Jean-Adrien Philippe in Paris at the French Industry Fair. Philippe (Philippe) showed a new patent for a keyless stalk winding and setting system. This technology is a huge improvement on the existing two-part system and quickly attracted the attention of many watchmakers. Seeing this, Patek Philippe asked Philip to join the company. The two had been partners until fifty years after Philip’s death. Philippe (Philippe) as the helm of the company’s technological development, placed Patek Philippe (Patek), Philip (Philippe & Cie) (originally established) at the highest position of the replica watches review system. By the turn of the century, global media often referred to Patek Philippe as the manufacturer of “the best watch in the world.”

Complicated arms race

In the early 20th century, many watchmakers were demoted to make military watches. However, thanks to personal competition between two particularly wealthy American collectors, namely New York Banker John Henry Graves Jr. and James Ward of Packard Automobiles · Packard (James Ward Packard), Patek Philippe was able to continue to develop its complex function table. Two clumsy watches are obsessed with complex watches, and in the most difficult years of its history, Patek Philippe operated alone with huge all-cash orders. Packard alone ordered fourteen fully customized Patek Philippe, while Graves owns more than fifty.

The most famous of these orders comes from Henry Graves, which is a challenge, and that is to build the most complex watches on earth. In seven years, Patek Philippe has created the Graves “super-complex” watch, which includes more than 900 parts and 24 complex functions.

Patek Philippe fake watches

Although Graves and Packard strive to have the best watches in the world, most watch buyers are interested in new watches-watches. By the mid-1920s, Patek Philippe began to see the possibility of this new smaller watch, and was the first high-end watch manufacturer to try to reduce its most exquisite work to the size of the watch. They made the world’s first perpetual calendar watch in 1925, and were the first to install a second hand chronograph in a smaller case. Patek Philippe’s early foray into the complex watch field further replaced the company’s status as a leading manufacturer and will define the brand for the next 80 years.

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Vital watch

The perpetual calendar chronograph is the most iconic of Patek Philippe watches. 35mm 1518 watch, then 2499 watch with 38mm larger case, replaced by 3970 watch in 1986, then 5970 watch, and finally replaced by 5270 watch in 2011, representing the most powerful of all timepiece series on earth Lineage. For example, the average price of gold 2499 at the auction was more than $300,000 – the same in the 1518s. 3970 and 5970, although the younger generation, can also be sold to six figures, which makes them the strongest investment and resale value in the world.

In fact, Patek Philippe alone holds the top ten records of the most valuable watches sold in public auctions, and Henry Graves’ super complication firmly holds the first place. However, even outside the top ten most valuable watches in the world, Patek Philippe watches are rare today, and each auction season sells for more than one million dollars. In fact, in November last year, Christie’s Geneva Auction House alone had five Patek Philippe breaking 7-digit numbers-including platinum 2499 for $3.65 million and observatory replica watches best for over $4 million.

In 1989, Antiquorum’s “Patek Philippe Art” auction created countless records and changed the price changes of Patek Philippe (but only Patek Philippe). Suddenly, it has become the norm for the complex and rare Patek Philippe to be sold at several times the original retail price. In some cases, the Patek Philippe Museum itself is also bidding on these works, which makes the auction performance strong. However, this sale proves that no one can manage the brand image better than Patek Philippe. The proof of the true value of the complicated Patek Philippe has been passed down from generation to generation.

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