Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms presents “Furious Sea Shark” – World Ocean Day 2020, with Blancpain “heartedly love the ocean”

Dancing with sharks-the boldest deep-sea fantasy of mankind! Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, as the father of modern diving replica watches for men, gave birth to the global public welfare cause of “Heart in the Ocean”; June 8, 2020 is the twelfth World Ocean Day, and Blancpain released the short film “The Angry Sea Shark” , Invite you to witness the fierce scene where humans have observed the largest shark hunting grouper so far. The short film was explained by Blancpain Culture Ambassador Mr. Liang Wendao. You can watch it on Tencent and Youku videos by searching for “Furious Sea Shark”. You can also scan the QR code on the phone and experience the naked eye 3D effect.

This is not only a stimulating spectacle of immersion, but also a serious scientific investigation of the global public welfare project of “Braper Heart of the Ocean”. Do you know that real sharks are flexible and clumsy, and once they flip their bodies, they will go into a state of stiffness and stillness? Do you know that sharks are self-interested and good at cooperating, and the success rate of hunting is much higher than that of wolves? Scientists have accidentally observed the unique habits of gray reef sharks and night hunting strategies during hundreds of hours of underwater scientific expeditions. Once confirmed, they will directly challenge the existing human knowledge of marine life!

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series, the father of modern diving watches, is not only influenced by watch fans, but more valuable, it has nurtured the global Blancpain charity project of Blancpain Heart Ocean, giving back to the ocean and nature.

The project works with countless organizations and individual partners to explore and protect the global ocean area of ​​more than 4.2 million square kilometers. This included Blancpain’s full support for the five-time “Spirulina Expedition Research” project led by the world’s top marine biologist and underwater photographer Laurent Ballesta (Laurent Ballesta).

From 2014 to the present, Blancpain has released three limited-edition watches with “Heart in the Ocean”. Each sold one will donate 1,000 Euros to fund the “Heart in the Ocean” charity, with a total donation of more than 750,000 Euros. The donations were all awarded to Lauren Ballesta and his team, which became the most solid and powerful source of power for the “Spirulina Expedition Research” project. As the most thrilling and exciting project in “Heart in the Ocean”, “Furious Sea Shark” comes from the fourth cavity spine fish expedition research trip. For more exciting sharing of the cavity spine fish scientific research project, please stay tuned Follow brand news or contact Blancpain to get it. Bold curiosity, rushing forward, devotion to the whole body-the spirit of the fifty fathoms is also reflected in every unprecedented project it supports.

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Blancpain fifty fathoms-the father of modern diving watches: who is the second behind me?

Blue Classic Tasting Blancpain’s new Villeret classic series ultra-thin limited edition watch

From the beginning to the present, Blancpain has been a classic creator. Blancpain, which never manufactures quartz watches, is endless on the path of mechanical power. This year, Blancpain launched a new classic watch for us-the limited edition of the Blancpain Villeret classic ultra-thin watch.

Blancpain, the creator of classic timepieces, has always been committed to presenting excellent watch works with professional watchmaking skills, creativity and aestheticism. Blancpain recently launched the new Villeret classic series of ultra-thin watches is another best example. On a platinum watch with a deep blue dial, the time element once again becomes the absolute protagonist in the dial, marking Blancpain’s return to the origin of timing.

The new Blancpain Villeret classic ultra-thin watch is equipped with an ultra-thin platinum case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of only 7.40 mm. The biggest highlight of the watch is the classic blue color. Blue is an eternal theme in high-level watchmaking, but Blancpain has made more attempts to give blue to classics.

First of all, on this classic Villeret watch in blue color, the two-pin design makes the whole more concise. The watch retains the signature aesthetic elements and pure qualities of the Villeret classic series-the classic double-layer bezel, the hollowed-out willow-shaped hands, the Roman numeral hour markers made of precious metals, and the delightful slim case, perfectly interpreting this series of permanent Timeless elegance.

Among the types of bezels, the double-layer bezel should be the most time-consuming and the most difficult to make. This is not only a test of watchmaking skills, but also a test of patience for watchmakers. On the Blancpain Villeret classic series, the double bezel has become one of its iconic designs.

The new watch is equipped with 11A4B manual winding movement, upgraded from the industry’s famous 1150 movement, equipped with two tandem barrels and high-performance hairspring, power reserve of up to four days. Blancpain, which pays particular attention to the user experience, has also equipped the new Villeret classic ultra-thin watch with a power reserve display function on the back of the watch. The elegant and simple case and the beautifully decorated movement through the back of the sapphire glass form a visual tension. The redesigned splint is decorated with a traditional Geneva wave pattern and has been finely chamfered and polished.

Each Blancpain high quality replica watches has been assembled and polished twice. In terms of quality, Blancpain has never let us down. This brand new Blancpain Villeret classic series ultra-thin limited watch, by then, friends who like it will seize the opportunity.