GRAND SEIKO SOKO special edition

Grand Seiko Soko U.S. Special Edition Men copy watch SBGA429

Since its first establishment 60 years ago, Grand Seiko has been fascinated by watch connoisseurs. Its timepieces have extremely high accuracy, the highest readability and a unique Japanese aesthetic. The brand has revolutionized the watchmaking industry through many innovations, including the Spring Drive movement, which provides seamless seconds movement and accuracy, unlike other mechanical watches, and has been in use to this day. Each Grand Seiko watch reflects the spirituality of Japanese time inspired by nature. Whether it is elegant, traditional or sports, I hope Grand Seiko has a new understanding of “the essence of time”.

As a continuation of Japan’s twenty-four limited editions that represent the changing seasons of nature, Grand Seiko has launched two new special edition Soko timepieces in its Heritage series. Respect and express the natural and continuous passage of time.

When the first frost covered the forest, a new timepiece celebrated sōkō, the end of autumn. The green on the second hand and power reserve indicator represents the Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto. Green leaves pay tribute to the forest in the peak season of late autumn. The vertical texture of the dial reflects the majestic stems of bamboo. The 39.0 mm Soko timepieces are together to pay tribute to this moment in nature, when its green hue is significantly active in contrast with the “light” (SBGA427 silver dial and SBGA429 “shadowed” gray dial). These excellent timepieces show the deep satisfaction beauty created by the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship unique to Seiko.

The Spring Drive 9R65 movement is hand-designed, adjusted and assembled by a famous craftsman from Shinjuku Watch Studio in Japan. Spring Drive is recognized as one of the major innovations in the modern watchmaking industry. It is a spring-driven movement with the most advanced electromagnetic regulator that can work without an external power supply. Its only source of power is the mainspring, which drives a series of gears like a traditional mechanical watch and provides an accuracy of one second per day, which is unmatched by the watch driven by the mainspring. The spring drive movement celebrates the passage of time with every revolution of the dial on the dial, which is a poetic journey.

New Eternal Classic Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition

Timeless luxury watches are very proud to announce the first limited cooperation with Seiko, one of our earliest partners and one of our most popular brands. It has always been our dream to make watches with GS, and it is really good to see the results of the dream in real life in the end.

SBGE249 is a love letter to some of the best Grand Seikos in modern times, and our own love for blue hands. We have combined elements of classic watches such as SBGA125 and SBGA211, as well as other design changes to make our own watches.

We like the contrast between the blue pointer and the silver dial, so we really want to put it in front. On our new LE, all hands except the main hand are blue. This looks great, but it also increases the clarity of the watch, because your eyes can easily separate the two most important hands from the rest.

You may have noticed that one of those bluish hands is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which makes this watch very suitable for travelers. As with all Grand Seikos GMT, this is a “real” GMT complication, so you can also get an independent hour hand, allowing you to easily adjust the new time zone or daylight saving time.

But this does not mean that there is no change in the hour and minute hands. These are the classic polished dauphine hands known to Grand Seiko. These may be my favorite watch hands in the entire world, so although they are not unique to our limited edition, it is a pleasure to be able to use them in this project.

The time scale is also my favorite among all Seiko watches, and some of my favorite. The time scales found in legendary replica watches review like SBGA211 Snowflake are actually the perfect companions for the two to eight hour hands due to their similar shape and polished effect.

The GMT number is placed on the chapter ring to keep the dial clean and clear. The complexity of GMT is not subtle here, but it does not interfere with time, which is more important for most wearers.

Complications from the pointer to the marked power reserve are also completely blue. The power reserve is one of my favorite complex functions, but it is well separated from the color between the hour and minute hands, allowing the wearer to focus on time or one of the second functions of the watch.

However, the part we are most proud of is the dial. No watch brand is better connected to snow and ice than Grand Seiko, and we want to focus on this unique connection. We created a dial, inspired by a snowstorm, but with our own characteristics.

The dial is actually silver rather than pure white, although in some cases it looks white. This makes it more dynamic and flashes at certain angles.

Like the Timeless design, the date ring matches the dial, although considering that the dial is silver, this is much easier than a watch like Timeless Club II.

The 41mm case is a versatile modern size watch that we hope can be worn anywhere. Due to its complexity, it is neither a wearable watch nor a pure sports watch, thanks to its low-key design. We hope that SBGE249 will become a daily wearable watch suitable for almost all occasions.

Unlike some watches that inspired it, namely SBGA211 Snowflake and SBGA125 “Blizzard”, we chose to use a steel case instead of titanium.

Overall, we prefer to use the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials, which means that we usually use steel on titanium. We also don’t really care about the quality of the quality watches sale, which helps to maintain a strong sense of quality.

Of course, the new SBGE249 is powered by the spring-driven GMT movement 9R66. 9R66 has excellent consistency, accurate to one second per day, thanks to its unique combination of quartz accuracy and mechanical ingenuity. Almost impressive is its 72-hour power reserve. As I mentioned earlier, its complexity includes independent hour hand, date and power reserve.

But 9R66, like all spring drives, is more than just a collection of impressive statistics and performance data. This is an extremely beautiful movement, more worthy than its sapphire case. This is perhaps the most important aspect of the spring drive. This is the only movement that unites our rational desire for extremely precise and reliable movements (such as quartz) and our emotional desire for exquisite mechanical artwork.

SBGE249 is a dream project for us, in this project, we can choose from many favorite aspects of Grand Seiko. From the connection of the GS to snow and ice, we created our snowstorm dial version, we used their most beautiful hands and hour markers, a medium-sized case and an incredible spring-driven movement.