Check out the Hublot Big Bang e smartwatch

Hublot launched the Big Bang e smart watch running on Wear OS, priced at $5,800. Novel products include a ceramic case, sapphire crystal, 42 mm OLED touch screen, Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage. The battery capacity of Hublot Big Bang e is 300 mAh.

This watch uses a proprietary Hublot dial, but has some typical additional functions of a smart watch: for example, it can change colors every three hours in automatic mode, and it also has an advanced lunar calendar.

In addition to the version with ceramic case, titanium metal options will also be sold. The straps in both cases are rubber, just like the classic models from the 1980s.

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Introduction of Hublot BIG BANG E Watch

Designed to make watches more capable of meeting the active lifestyle needs of today’s increasingly connected people, smart watches can easily be regarded as one of the most successful products released in the past decade or so. The popularity is so high that more traditional brands have gradually but steadily felt the need to accept this digital transformation. This led to the creation of watches such as Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch, Tag Heuer Connected Watch and Hublot Big Bang e.

First of all, Hublot is not a newcomer in the field of smart watches. The brand launched its first connected luxury watch brands model, Big Bang Referee, to commemorate the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup in Russia. So, what is the new Big Bang e? First, like many of its competitors, Big Bang e is a touch-based digital device that can be connected to a smartphone and provides a large number of functions to make life easier, simpler, and more efficient. It is powered by a powerful quad-core Qualcomm snapdragon wear 3100 processor, with 1 GB of onboard memory, and can remain active throughout the day after being fully charged. On the software side, Big Bang e runs on the latest version of Google’s Wear OS, giving wearers access to compatible applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. In addition,

But let’s face it, the combination of cutting-edge hardware and software is not enough to make people pay the high fees associated with Big Bang e with satisfaction. So, what makes this smart Hublot a compelling purchase? I think the answer is around the more traditional watch experience provided by Hublot. Bang Bang e is the core of smart watches, but its appearance is very consistent with Hublot’s mechanical products, thus providing a more authentic and luxurious watch experience.

For example, the case immediately reflected the DNA of the “Big Bang” design. It has a diameter of 42 mm, a familiar sandwich structure, and high-end materials such as black ceramic or titanium. It contains 42 components, 27 of which are only for the K module, and the “cage” houses the digital heart of the watch. The hour number has been metalized under the sapphire crystal and covered by a bright AMOLED touch screen. There is a rotating bezel on the top of the case, which can control the electronic module along the three regular crowns. Another aspect of Hublot’s recognition of brand watch expertise is the digital realization of traditional complex functions, such as a perpetual calendar with precise moon phases or a second GMT area that truly presents the earth. and also,

Hublot Big Bang e will be attached to a lined black rubber strap, which can be purchased in two versions.

Hublot releases Big Bang E smart watch with enhanced functions

News Hublot’s Big Bang E continues the path set by the 2018 interconnected version and is built on technology, design and function, including Marc Ferrero’s art works are constantly changing

Hublot, a subsidiary of LVMH, celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, displaying its new Big Bang E (officially known as BIG BANG e) watch, which was the first Big Bang in 2005 and the first networking in 2018 After the release.

Swiss luxury The brand’s latest product is a black ceramic or titanium case with a “sandwich” structure, including 42 components, 27 of which are used for K-module cases. The time scale numbers are metalized under the sapphire crystal glass and cover the AMOLED high-definition touch screen. Pushing the crown down will activate the control. In addition to the analog watch function, there is a perpetual calendar with moon phases or a second time zone. The watch is water resistant to 30 m.

With the support of the Google Wear operating system, users can download other applications on Google Play. It is also connected to Google Assistant and Google Pay.

As part of the release, and as part of the #HublotLovesArt movement, the first edition will showcase the eight dials created by artist Marc Ferrero. The dial changes color every three hours. Every hour, a five-second animation is played.

‘The electronic fake watches uk was made of quartz in the 1970s. Fifty years later, we continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and produce the second smart watch, which has a very high technical level and at the same time reflects all the aesthetic values, technical characteristics and excellent quality that ensure the reputation of the Big Bang series. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, said: “We are more loyal to the motto of integrating art, and we hope Big Bang E will combine Hublot’s advanced technological materials with the latest innovations in today’s digital world. “