Rado Cheap watches

Rado is a Swiss company that produces luxury watches. What makes the company unique is its modern design and its commitment to the use of high-tech materials such as tungsten, ceramics and sapphire crystal.

What are buyers talking about?
Like most fashionable watches, these watches are mechanical watches and work by manual winding or quartz movement to drive small gears and motors.

When looking for fashion watches, experts suggest that you do some research on the style of classic watches and why they are so highly valued.

This will affect the type of watch you end up buying. It is also recommended that you buy a watch to wear. Buy expensive watches and put them down, because you don’t like the style, it’s a waste of money.


Here, we looked at 5 Rado men’s watches and compared their functions.

The integral black dial ceramic watch has a ceramic case and bracelet, both of which are very durable. The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant and the watch can be up to 99 feet long. It is said that it can withstand splashes, but it cannot be showered or completely submerged. The gold and black tones of this watch are elegant and ideal for those who want the best look.

The men’s CERAMICA watch has a modern square face, seamlessly integrated into the bracelet. Like the previous model, the watch has a ceramic case and ceramic bracelet. The watch has a black surface with a silver bracelet, and has time, date window and chronograph functions. Overall, stunning modern design.

Next is the Rado Men’s Original Gold Dial dial. Like the watch we have seen before, it also has a durable sapphire crystal. As the name suggests, this is a gold-plated stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. It also has diamond hour markers. Buyers of this watch say that its size is large, only 42 mm, but overall, this is an amazing timepiece.

The men’s Cerix watch is a two-tone stainless steel silver and gold watch with a round case. What makes this watch unique is the simple classic design of the silver dial with gold hands. This simple watch provides you with basic information: date, hour, minute and second, and like previous watches, this will make your high-end dress more perfect.

Finally, Rado Centrix Jubile watches. This watch, like Cerix, is a very eye-catching minimal design, black and gold stainless steel case and bracelet. The black dial is sparse, displaying the date and diamond marks only in the quarter hour position. As with previous models, it also has scratch-resistant sapphire quartz. Quartz movement can maintain accurate time, and it is waterproof, but not waterproof, it is not recommended for shower or swimming. Of all the watches we have watched, this is perhaps the most striking, but the taste will always change.