Luxury Hublot Cheap watch

Given the depth and breadth of its existing products, one of the most attractive things about Hublot cheap is that no matter how interested you are in the watch industry, they can bring tangible gains for everyone. Leaving aside the grandiose statement, it goes without saying that over the years, the brand has spent a lot of money on research and development, and has cultivated impressive internal manufacturing capabilities that can compete with some of the biggest competitors on the market.

The best fact is that the brand’s more creative products are not all overpriced six-figure sculptures made of un gold, but belong to a series of prices scattered throughout its entire collection.

Unique Hublot movement and movement
Usually, their limited editions in the Big Bang and Classic Fusion series (which are interesting in themselves) overshadow them, and you may be surprised to find many unique movements lurking in the Hublot archive. After careful consideration, we decided to study some of these gems carefully, which will impress even the most awkward watch snobbery.

BIG BANG MECA-10 full magic gold
The original Big Bang Meca-10 was first made with all black and titanium coatings in 2016 and immediately became a favorite of Hublot enthusiasts and general watch enthusiasts. Its movement design draws inspiration from the highly respected Meccano erecting machine since 1901. Although fascinated from a design point of view, the appearance of the movement far exceeds the appearance, because the movement designed by Hublot movement engineers has an impressive power reserve provided by a pair of large stacked barrels.

Strangely, instructions are provided at two different locations on the dial: a digital display dial is located at six o’clock (countdown from 10), and the second low power indicator is displayed in red, which is connected to the barrel itself Part of the gear mechanism.

MP-07 40 days power reserve
On the other end, also (probably) released in 2016, MP-07 is a real exercise in “why not” watchmaking. MP-07 is not a method to solve complex problems, but one of the brand’s attempts, it answers the question of how much mechanical power reserve can be obtained while maintaining accuracy. Technically, this movement is an improved version of the MP-05 LaFerrari, which was introduced in 2013 and has a power reserve of 50 days, although the MP-07 cut off the Ferrari connection and slightly modified the movement (the most obvious Is to reduce the number of series couplings) main barrel (from 11 to 9).

Although hidden in direct line of sight, the 60-second flying tourbillon is visible on the right side of the case, and it also provides a rotating drive indicated by the digital second hand in the upper right corner of its unique box-shaped case. Although you wouldn’t expect it to be based on the remarkable dimensions of 51 mm wide, 42.95 mm high and 24 mm thick, the huge timepiece is quite comfortable on the wrist. This is partly due to its carefully designed rubber strap-greatly reducing the weight of this unique watch.

Obtaining this Hublot watch jewelry is not cheap, despite its technical complexity and internal parts consisting of 487 parts.

Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm Red Gold 542.PX.1180.RX.1104 watch

Surprisingly, since the vague King Power Unico GMT came and went in 2012, Big Bang Unico GMT has become the first dual time zone watch to return to the brand’s time zone. This watch released in 2017 appeared in a more practical form, using the traditional second time zone hour hand, the hour hand is 12 hours, and has a day/night indicator ring, which is very practical for people who travel frequently.

Now, we know that almost all watch brands in the world are manufacturing GMT watches, but one of the reasons why this model is different is its very practical button quick setting function. You will notice a pair of buttons, which are usually located at the button positions of the chronograph start/stop and reset functions. In the case of Big Bang Unico GMT, these buttons will advance and rewind the local hour hand in one-hour increments, so that the wearer does not have to fuss about the multi-time crown setting, so that the watch can be adjusted to the new time.

Of course, this new movement is also an innovation within Hublot. Like most modern tracks, it has a healthy power reserve of 72 hours. The price of the titanium variant is matched with Meca-10 titanium.

Classic fusion tourbillon cathedral minute repeater carbon fiber
Finally, we have the most mechanically complex, most expensive and oldest Hublot, which will undoubtedly attract those powerful movements in the room. Hublot’s unique hollow minute repeater tourbillon tourbillon is particularly unique until recently (Bulgari entered the ring). It is one of the only carbon-fiber case minute repeaters on the market.

You may soon think of putting a repeater in the carbon a bit, but you will make a mistake. In general, the softer the metal/material, the more resonance will come from the repeater gong, being absorbed rather than transmitted outside the case. Considering the high rigidity of carbon, it is actually one of those materials. Its sound is very impressive, and it must be combined with a gold or platinum repeater to truly appreciate it.

Hublot also produced the titanium and gold classic fusion tourbillon cathedral minute repeater. The carbon fiber version is the champion in our eyes.

Million dollar watch

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Advanced replica luxury watches was released in 2013. We took this shot at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show and recently found it in an old memory card that was supposedly lost.

The rhodium-plated 18K gold head is 45mm in diameter and contains 322 baguette diamonds, weighing 17.39 carats. To decompose you, the case itself has 122 diamonds (7.24 carats), the bezel is equipped with 120 diamonds (5.77), the end chain contains 66 diamonds (3.77), and even the crown has at least 24 diamonds ( .061). ). The skeleton dial has 62 rectangles (2.31). These diamonds come from Yakutsk in eastern Siberia.

If you want to buy an optional bracelet (reference number: 505.WX.9000.WX.9904), the total number of bracelets will reach 1,185, because there are only 791 bracelets.

All these glitters take time. For each piece of work produced, it took 15 professional stone installers 4100 hours of cutting time, 500 hours of quality control, 300 hours of stone fixed time and a total of 15 months of replica high quality