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The future Urwerk.

Watch brand Urwerk is one of the youngest and most creative watch brands. It was only born in 1995, but it has won the attention of many fans around the world.

The company was founded by two brothers, Thomas and Felix Bomgartner, who, together with successful designer Martin Frey, began producing non-standard and completely unique Urwerk watches.

Now the company’s production facilities are located in Geneva. There, new luxury and expensive watch series are basically produced every year, including 110 series, 103 series, 103T series, 200 series and LAB. Each of these collections is unique and unique, and each has its own style and history.

So, for example, the first Urwerk 102 watch was created due to the legendary “Star Wars”, but the watch 101 released in 1997 was dedicated to the first artificial satellite on earth launched 40 years ago.

The 103 series appeared in 2003. It has become the most vivid embodiment of the brand concept used in today’s era. The URWERK UR-103 Hexagone’s case looks like a racing hood, and the next collection 103T looks like a tarantula.

For Urwerk’s modern achievements, they are very satisfied with the design and design functions. For example, the designer watch UR-110 is like a planetary satellite, equipped with three interconnected modules.

In general, there are still many interesting trends in the brand ’s armory that will find supporters among futuristic or avant-garde advocates.

Found: one of two Urwerk UR-103 prototype stainless steels

Imagine seeing this Discount watches at the 2003 Basel International Watch Fair. This watch is simply unrecognizable. Urwerk was founded in 1996, but its UR-101 and UR-102 watches are still relatively small round cases. For those who are not trained, they can still serve as “traditional” watches. FP Journe’s “Chronomètreà Résonance” and Vianney Halter’s “Antiqua” were only a few years old. Richard Mille, De Bethune and Harry Winston Opus projects have just started; MB & F is still a few years away. The watch world is a more conservative place, UR-103 clearly shows the arrival of a new generation-they are here to play.

However, the UR-103 we have here is not one of many production watches made with a variety of precious metals and a variety of gorgeous cases in the following seven years. No, this is more special than this. This is UR-103 prototype # 1, a very beautiful watch displayed to potential retailers at the 2003 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, with the purpose of persuading them to create flyers for Urwerk’s wild innovation. There are three prototypes in total, two of which were exhibited at Baselworld 2003 (Baselworld 2003), and one was produced before mass production. The former is made of stainless steel, because the brand did not have the capital to manufacture gold watches before the order was deposited, and the latter was made of gold, which basically performed quality control checks before the final case was manufactured. The second copy watches is located in the Urwerk file, you can see his personal contemplation on the watch. No, this watch is not for sale. Not even asking.