Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver (15703ST)

Audemars Piguet Replica Watch Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01

This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver (15703ST.OO.A002CA.01) has been reviewed according to 10 different standards. This review is for this particular watch, other models may be different. The evaluation is based on my wrist size, personal opinions, experience and preferences.

Unfortunately, this watch is sealed at the factory and has some quality issues. Throughout the review process, I will detail each of these issues. On the bright side, the Audemars Piguet Service Center (APSC) in Florida performed well and was responsible for all issues during the warranty period. Nevertheless, the initial lack of quality control on this table has undeniably affected the overall score of this review. Without these quality issues, the total score may be 5 points higher.

In my humble opinion, this stainless steel Audemars Piguet Diver is the most beautiful Royal Oak Offshore currently available (maybe except for a few limited editions). Ironically, it is also the most affordable ROO. No wonder this watch is currently one of the most popular Audemars Piguet watches. To be honest, what does this beauty do not like? In short, this is the ultimate luxury diving watch.

If one thing that Audemas Piguet did is incredible, it would be the end of their case. The appearance of the brushed surface on the metal (especially on the bezel) is amazing … combining it with the carefully polished chamfered edges brings pure sensuality.

Audemars Piguet Replica Watch Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01

Although the advertising number of the case is 42mm, Diver’s feeling is significantly larger due to the convex design of the strap and the overall thickness of the watch (13.90mm). It feels more like 44mm. The all-steel bezel on the watch is beautiful, but it is also a scratch-resistant magnet. Even with my extreme watch OCD, I managed to add some subtle scratches on the bezel. Quite weak, but they are there … The rubber pad on the screw-in crown matches the black dial, black rubber strap and black rubber pad under the bezel perfectly.

Not sure how much rubber inserts will age over time, but they do look good now. The reference is attached to a sturdy case. However, the new reference. The 15710ST comes with an open bottom cover that allows the movement to be clearly seen without sacrificing waterproof depth. The top is sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating inside. Thank you Audemars Piguet for not adding anti-reflective coating on the outside.

The black dial has a striking “large pastry” pattern … This pastry pattern has become synonymous with replica Audemars Piguet. Unlike most ROOs, this dial has a very smooth appearance (wet appearance) and is closely related to the “diver” theme. The polished white gold application hour hand perfectly matches the polished white gold hand, in addition to making the watch more elegant.

The design of the hour hand is simple, novel and attractive. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock and it is magnified ingeniously. Personally, I am not a loyal supporter of the font they chose for that date … I will choose a more modern font that matches the font on the black rotating inner circle. In addition, the black shading used on the date display background seems to be slightly different from the black on the dial … which distracts. The dive scale and range of the inner circle is 60 to 15 minutes.

Audemars Piguet Replica Watch Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01

Unfortunately, the inner ring of my watch is defective. The printing on the inner ring is turned off (the area from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock does not match the mark on the dial), and there is a dent on the dent on the inverted triangle at 12 o’clock. When I brought these two items to APSC, they agreed that it was not within the specifications, and they replaced both the dial and the inner ring during the warranty period. It looks perfect now … it should be. Two points were deducted due to lack of quality control.

This timepiece features a black frosted rubber strap on a spring bar stainless steel spoon buckle. Like most tang buckles in the Offshore series, the buckles are very basic, with the letters “AP” engraved on the top. The surface of the buckle has been brushed, but one side has been polished. Unfortunately, the bottom edge of my buckle (near my skin) reached from the sharp place of the factory razor. I can only think that this is the supervision of quality control, because the other belt buckles of the APs I have processed do not have this sharpness (for this problem, please see the “Comfort” section below). Just like the strap on my AP ROO 26400S, the standard length strap is too long for a 6.5-inch wristband. I must also order a short-length strap to make it the most suitable. The textured rubber strap is comfortable and soft, although other color straps from the ROO series are softer.

The 3120 movement is equipped with 40 jewels, 280 parts, and has a 60-hour power reserve. From the beginning, the watch has been running too fast. I decided to wait until the watch sent my third-year warranty extension to resolve all quality issues together. After returning from warranty service, time keeping has improved significantly. However, considering the original condition of the fake watch I received, I lost two points due to poor timing.

The hour hand and the hour hand are suitable for them, and are easy to read on the black dial during the day or night. Since this is a three-hand watch, the dial will not be distracting and will not affect its clarity.

Two screw-in crowns with rubber inserts are easy to unscrew, pull out and operate. Quickly set the date can work normally, the rotating internal baffle runs smoothly in 1 minute increments.

300 meters water resistance, “giant tourbillon” pattern on the dial, enlarged date display, rotating inner ring, hands (pointers, hands and inner ring) hands, screw-down crown, sapphire crystal on the top and manufacturing movement With a 60-hour power reserve … many functions of a real diver’s watch.

After replacing the standard-length rubber strap with a short-length strap, since the buckle is now closer to the center of my wrist, the watch becomes more comfortable. Unfortunately, the underside of the handle buckle that comes with the watch is very sharp. In fact, it is so sharp that it will penetrate into my skin and actually make me feel uncomfortable. After comparing the locks of my other APs, it is clear that the clarity is not normal. I was able to send the entanglement button to APSC and have them correct the problem. Although he did conduct two visits, APSC was able to solve the problem for me for free. Since this should be the case, it has greatly improved comfort. Points are deducted for this quality control issue. Nonetheless, I still admire the AP because it uses a bend over buckle instead of an unfolding buckle (and does the same for the updated ROO chronograph).

Whenever I think about the prices of these replica Audemars Piguet stainless steel watches, I still feel very sad … The money we are willing to pay for stainless steel watches today is simply ridiculous. On the bright side, if you consider that AP may be one of the most popular brands at present, and its resale value is usually high, then it seems not so silly to spend so much money on a single watch. If you plan to buy the most beautiful and affordable Offshore currently available on the market, there is nothing to ask for. This is for you.