Urwerk shines through UR-110 TTH and UR-110 ST

Urwerk’s UR-110 series fake has been a mechanical masterpiece from the beginning. But now, the unique charm of UR-110 TTH and UR-110 ST will make watch fans drool!

Urwerk UR-110 is a fascinating timepiece. The way to indicate time is to use the rotating satellite complex function on planetary gears, which has three parallel hour modules that look like arrow shaped torpedoes. The actual time display appears on the right side of the watch, and the minutes are displayed in an arc from 0 to 60. The rotation module follows this line to continuously display the time. This is a sophisticated complication that allows the wearer to glimpse time simply by pulling up the cuffs or long sleeves.

The complexity of UR-110 presents Urwerk replica with some interesting challenges. The watch does not support ball bearings. Instead, the fixed shaft runs through the entire height of the timepiece, so that the complexity is perfectly balanced on the shaft. This is a major mechanical achievement.

The UR-110’s dial also has a “control panel” on the left, which shows the day and night indicators and whether the watch should be changed. The oil change is similar to the maintenance interval display, similar to the vehicle. The small second hand is also displayed on the sub dial. Flip the case and you will find an automatic winding system enclosed and controlled by the twin turbine.

UR-110 TTH takes the masterpiece one step further. The bezel is made of tantalum, which is a hard and dense metal known for its corrosion resistance. TTH stands for “Tantalum Shell”. This metal provides a pleasant blue-gray shade to the bezel, while sandblasting and satin finishes help enhance its final appearance. Urwerk also enhances the strength of the panoramic sapphire crystal.

The UR-110 ST is a brother of the swiss UR-110 TTH. Its shape and mechanical design are similar, but the bezel is another matter. The satin finish of the frame has been replaced by the channelized steel surface treated by ALTiN. Urwerk described this watch with a famous quote from the poet Paul Claudel: “Sculpture is the need for touch.” With the UR-110 ST, Urwerk hopes that the shipowner can experience the sensory experience.

The Urwerk UR-110 series is indeed a masterpiece of engineering. UR-110 TTH and UR-110 ST only confirm what we already know – Urwerk has the creativity, skill and world-renowned reputation and will continue to keep them at the forefront of the field of high-end best replica watches uk.