Richard Mille Young Talent Academy 2019

The real bridge between karts and cars

The second luxury Richard Mille Youth Talent Academy, held in bad weather conditions, highlighted the Raphael Villagomes of Mexico among the 17 young talents gathered in Le Mans. After rigorous physical, psychological and sports assessments, Rafael’s ability to improve is unique, suggesting the great potential of motorsport. Richard Mille provided him with the opportunity to participate in the 2020 French F4 Championship, demonstrating his confidence in him.

As Richard Mille Young Talent Academy stipulates, the commonality between 17-year-old and 14- to 18-year-old drivers from 14 countries and four continents is still theirs on the Birel ART Group chassis (a partner of this unique scholarship) Extraordinary kart experience. Maya Weug was chosen by their respective Birel ART dealers or Birel ART Racing Team, and they were invited to participate in the second edition of RMYTA for half a day and a half at Le Mans from December 3 to 5, 2019 for free.

At the FFSA Academy ’s facilities, they must first undergo a physical and psychological evaluation conducted by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli ’s famous driver training facility, Formula Medicine. Then, the coach from FFSA Academy introduced them to the basic knowledge of driving F4 FIA on Bugatti Circuit. The end of the day was a one-on-one interview with group members in the presence of

On December 5th (Thursday), the driving course at Bugatti Circuit must adapt to the reduced visibility due to fog. The competitor learned about the track behind the safety car before performing two 30-minute training sessions in the afternoon. Then selected seven drivers to enter the final stage. Giorgios Markogiannis (GRC), Satumno Thanapongpan (THA), Craig Tanic (FRA), Pablo Perez De Lara (MEX), Mac Clark (CAN), Shrien Naidoo (ZAF) and Rafael Villagomez (MEX) faced the clock fog last time 15 minutes.

Ronni Sala, President of Birel ART Group, said: “There is no doubt that Rafael Villagomez (Rafael Villagomez) has played a role by making steady progress within two days.” The second Richard Miller Young The second edition of the Talent Academy confirms the great interest in the concept, which gives young kart racers who race in the colors of Birel ART a great opportunity to prepare for their single-seater cars. I would like to thank Richard Miller for his important participation in this unique global event and the professionalism of the FFSA Academy team, who have made great contributions to the success of the second session. I pay tribute to the impeccable behavior of every participant, and wish our 2019 winner Rafael every success. “

Come back in 2020 to participate in the selection of the third Richard Mille Youth Talent Academy, which is open to all Birel ART drivers who wish to switch to single seats.