Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity

The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity

Maurice Lacroix is ​​used to revealing unexpected novelties in Basel every year, such as Roue Carrée and Last Year ’s Second Mystérieuse, this year with Gravity ) The same as the launch. As a more mature actuator, Gravity pushes Maurice Lacroix to autonomy and has a large number of internal components. The layered dial is slightly reminiscent of the Audemars Piguet millennium, laying the foundation for one of the most interesting watches we have seen from Maurice Lacroix replica.

Gravity lives in Maurice Lacroix’s Masterpiece series fake watches, with singular ball complications, internal movements and limited editions. For some reason, gravity is unique in the collection. First and foremost, Gravity utilizes a proprietary hairspring in a silicon-rich escapement. The escapement is visible at 8 o’clock, and the silicon wafer is easy to identify because of its light color.

The rest of the new ML320 is also manufactured in-house. This is a self-winding movement that can be filled in the entire 43 mm case, while in the finishing department there is little drama. Viewed from the back, the movement has an obvious industrial style with very few decorations, and the round Geneva corrugated decoration on the bridge and rotor has a rough feel. Its appearance is sharp, and almost no contrast is formed to distinguish its components. As a result, it has its own personality, although the side of the dial provides a more interesting view.

The eccentric dial and escapement are enlarged by a “glass box” sapphire, without any form of bezel. Clear and unobstructed, if worn on the left wrist, the escapement can be tucked neatly under the cuff to reduce interference. Due to its 43 mm diameter and relative thickness, Gravity does sit a bit big on the wrist, but there is no wasted space here, and it does n’t feel big due to its large size. This is a well-thought-out design that feels like a proper improvement of the masterpiece series.

Gravity provides a steel or PVD case with appropriate dubbing to supplement.