Best Breitling Cockpit B50 Orbiter Limited Edition Watch

Technical index
Brand: Breitling
Model: Cockpit B50 Orbiter Limited Edition
Size: 46mm X16.45mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Housing material: carbon-coated titanium
Crystal / Lens: Sapphire
Movement: Breitling manufacture B50 SuperQuartz
Frequency: N / A
Power reserve: 10 years of battery life
Strap / Bracelet: Orange rubber with folding clasp

In 1999, Breitling cheap watches sponsored a unique event. The brand has partnered with well-known balloon enthusiasts Bertrand Piccord and Brian Jones to promote the “uninterrupted travel around the world” flight of hot air balloons. The journey was actually very interesting and spawned many TV specials and documentaries (I confessed to being lost when I wrote this). If you’re interested, check out Breitling 3’s 21-day trip from the Swiss Alps to Egypt. This is something compelling. Twenty years later, Breitling launched a limited edition of Cockpit B50 Orbiter to commemorate the event, commemorating the event and paying tribute to both Bertrand and Brian wearing a Breitling emergency during their journey.

Breitling aerospace has always been everyone’s favorite, and many of us even own one and highly value its usefulness. The combination of the watch’s practicality and the relative affordability of well-known brands makes the swiss replica watch a common “entry” for Breitling. There have been many changes to Breitling’s Quartz replica watches over the years, but I think this is the boldest update to date.

Aesthetically, this iteration is amazing. Frankly, it is incredibly bright. Orange is becoming more and more popular in the industry, and a large part of Breitling’s 70s Baselworld novels have adopted this color. At least it helps these watches stand out from the crowd. Although it does not meet everyone’s taste, it can still work in low light conditions. It is also attractive when placed on carbon-coated titanium.

From a technical perspective, the B50 SuperQuartz movement is a real achievement. It not only has a chronograph with flyback timing and timing functions, but also a perpetual calendar, dual alarms with vibration or beep settings, lap timer and countdown timer, speedometer, flight time tracker and date. This does not include numerous UTC timing functions. All these functions can be accessed and managed via the crown and two buttons. Empirically, the fake swiss watch is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use, considering the amount of shear of the function.

Here we came across a new Breitling quartz cheap watch, which appeared in the form of a cockpit B50 orbiter. Encouragingly, Breitling did not write off some of its less popular styles in the international market, but released more styles to its flagship collection. Although it is not suitable for Orange color matching, I am very happy to see the possibility of fewer followers released in the future.