Jacob & Co.Twin Turbo replica watch

Jacob & Co. Grand Complication Masterpieces Twin Turbo TT800.40.BR.AA.A watch

When it comes to watches, few brands do better than Jacob & Co. The company was founded in 1986, initially as a jewelry outfit, and began to produce watches in 2002. Jacobs watch has no tradition, as the astronomical sun and the epic sf24 prove. This year, the brand launched one of its most elaborate and stunning watches, the Jacob & Co.Twin Turbo replica watch. The name implies the speed of rotation of its double tourbillon, but what it doesn’t tell you is that the double cruiser is actually a three-axis variant, it also contains a decimal repeater, a Monash timer, and an unusual reference time difference. Let’s take a closer look at the twin turbo watch.
The twin turbine watch is a pair of twin turbine, twin shaft and three-axis Tourbillon. Since 2016, like the Jacob & Co. Grand Complication Masterpieces twin turbo, the twin turbine watch has appeared in a 57 mm wide, 52 mm thick rectangular box full of modern sense, from the left ear to the right ear. The watch looks bigger than the specifications because most of it is actually a large, curved sapphire crystal. I think everyone will notice the watch.
The most unusual place is the crown and crank handle. The crank handle can be removed from the watch to make the rotation of the watch easy and interesting. On the contrary, it is the activation switch of the decimal minute timer, which is different from the traditional frequency division timer because it can produce dozens of minutes instead of a quarter of an hour, which makes it easier for people to remember the time clearly.
A large dial is a collection of colors, dials, and pointers. The main dial itself is actually a piece of smoked sapphire crystal with the Czech leopard logo. Around is a red frame with a white ultra bright hour indicator and seconds. The time is set using the crown and can be set to 5 minutes and 59 seconds, which is indicated by the six o’clock aperture on the master clock timing dial. In the above image, the reference time is set to 1 minute and 56 seconds. Once the timer stops, the owner can quickly see the elapsed time by reading the replica watches for sale.
Moving to the rest of the dial, we usually run the second replica luxury watches at nine o’clock and the three o’clock timer. Below the time dial are two three-axis gyroscopes connected by a differential, so the speed of each gyroscope is actually average. These tourbillons spin so fast that they’re called twin turbo rage. The first axis rotates every 24 seconds, the second axis rotates every 8 seconds, and the third axis rotates every 30 seconds. The end result is quite amazing, because the tourbillon is in constant “angry” movement. Between the two flywheels is a power reserve indicator.
Contrary to what you think, the dial is actually easy to read. But there is no denying that it seems to be quite messy, but the big red hour and minute hand are composed of red tips and white super bright scales, which greatly helps the general players to understand the time. The bigger problem is not to be confused by the two fast rotating tourbillons.
The internal movement is Czech leopard’s jcfm05, which can be displayed very clearly through sapphire back transparency. Such internal structure looks like a moving metal beast, which is composed of an amazing 832 parts. The top is the hammer of the decimal minute timer, and the bottom is the cylinder wheel of the second meter. At the bottom of the movement are the skeleton wheels of two golden wheels. With manual bevels and polishing plates and bridges, black polishing on many surfaces, round grinding wheels on wheels, and the movement has a total of 75 gemstones, a very large number.
The Czech leopard’s double Tourbillon replica watch is bold in shape, and its technicality is better than its shape. No matter how you look at its appearance, it’s a complicated Fake watch. There are some interesting manifestations. It’s hard to make a decimal minute timer, but it’s unheard of before with two three-axis tourbillons and a timer. So the price of the Czech leopard double Tourbillon chronograph is 525000 Swiss francs, with a global limit of 18.