HYT SKULL Watches-Beautiful, Mysterious

If you want to wear a timepiece that is unique not only visually but also mechanically, then the HYT watch is definitely the best choice. Using fluid as an indicator of time is HYT’s perfect method and combines with imaginative designers to create very interesting artworks.

HYT launched the Skull series, bringing watch design and engineering capabilities to a new level. Although the minute indicators available in previous models were assigned, design specifications now require the use of thin capillaries that deliver liquid to the dial instead of a circular track to conform to the shape of a skull. Since the liquid no longer moves on a consistent path, but on a track with corners and turns, controlling the ability to move in accordance with the hour mark on the dial is a difficult task. Nevertheless, HYT has achieved remarkable achievements.

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Skull Maori is the fourth core figure in the series (there are green skulls, red skulls and precious jewelry versions). Unique is the use of traditional hand-carved Maori tattoos. Even the Arabic hour markers use sculptural fonts. The engraving doesn’t stop there, but extends to the tan leather strap.

Some key design features worth mentioning are the methods bellows and HYT use to help indicate the number of seconds and power remaining in the watch. The bellows visible through the jaw of the skull is a mechanism that moves fluid through continuous expansion and contraction. The right eye indicates the power reserve of the watch. As the work approaches its 65-hour battery exhaustion, the eyes gradually darken. The left eye hides a barely visible second hand, which rotates continuously.

From a size perspective, this is a big watch. The case is 51 mm wide and the crown’s single assembly button adjusts the time and is located in the northeast corner of the watch. Coupled with a thickness of 17.9 mm, this watch definitely has the flavor of a wrist. The case is made of red gold and titanium, while the pin buckle is made of titanium. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal, and the entire case has a water pressure rating of 5 ATM or 165 feet.

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The carvings on the watch are beautiful. Capillary channels for transferring liquids are not so obvious to those who have not started. Watches have a lot of curiosity, and no matter where they are worn, they will become a topic of conversation. If the wearer likes attention, then this is the watch. However, if the wearer prefers privacy, it is difficult to keep it secret due to size and artistic design.

If the price is not an issue, I will get one. The idea of ​​a single time indicator is very elegant to me, and I have always loved one-handed watches. The liquid indicator on the skull Maori serves the same purpose.

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