TAG Heuer Brand Week: Is it true that the TAG Heuer Monaco was the first automatic chronograph?

Just about any, this brand week has all of us devoting our full focus on one particular company. In this case, a fresh brand that has had the reputation for high-quality chronograph watches since its foundation in 1875. A brand with an unmatched custom in the realm of motorsport: LABEL Heuer. Some TAG Heuer carrera timepieces have attained popularity and glory well past the brand’s own following. The TAG Heuer Monte-carlo is one such timepiece.
Numerous watches achieve fame right after being worn by a superstar or two. This was certainly the situation for the TAG Heuer Frate. Steve McQueen famously used this timepiece on display screen in the film Le Mans. If it weren’t for that look on the silver screen, the Fratello – even with its angular case design and innovative movement technology – might have never achieved the conspiracy status it enjoys these days. What you may not know about this particular watch, however , is that it was not just racing toward the conclusion line in the film. The actual Monaco was also within a race to become the first automated chronograph on the market. This historical past is the dream of modern-day advertising copywriters – storytelling in it’s finest. But there is no benefits the story with the current edition of the Monaco? We’ve zoomed into take a closer look into the past and present of the famous chronograph.

We’re curious to hear if the TAG Heuer gran carrera Monaco sets your cardiovascular racing or if an additional chronograph has caught your own eye. Share your thoughts within the YouTube comments!