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Ulysse Nardin Marine Acqua Perpetual Limited Edition: Exclusive rights to Perpetuity

The limited edition Ulysse Nardin Marine Acqua Perpetual is not just a “utility” watch, it also incorporates the most versatile luxury watch for the ultimate in practical and complex functions.

By combining the world’s most user-friendly perpetual calendar with the beautiful “flinque” lacquered dial, Ulysse Nardin has created a watch that will never leave the lucky owner’s wrist.

In the late 1980s, mechanical watches emerged from the ashes of the “quartz crisis” and conquered the high-end fashion of Olympus. The diving watch was once considered a practical function tool and has become the currency of choice for successful collectors, enthusiasts and leisure buyers of outstanding men’s fashion.

Therefore, this rugged diver has become a must-have partner for formal wear. Today, a 200-meter dive watch, such as Ulysse Nardin Marine Acqua Perpetual, is likely to find a home on the New York Stock Exchange’s trading floor.Hublot MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS 909.NX.1120.RX Replica watch

From this perspective, Ulysse Nardin Marine Acqua Perpetual began to become reasonable. Its perpetual calendar is a theme, and modern uses divers as men’s all-around watches. When the watch goes from the shower to the office, and the pool party goes to bedtime, it becomes a “permanent” companion.

An extraordinary “flinque” dial and bezel are rich in blue paint on the complex underlying guilloche. The undulating pattern of the guilloche cut uses a traditional 19th-century rose engine, and the vivid blue lacquer accentuates the luster of countless metal facets. This is an image that evokes Ulysse Nardin’s original “Navigation Timer” to build Le Locle’s reputation for the sea.

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The Ulysse Nardin Perpetual Calendar is a gem. Designed specifically for the United Nations by legendary watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin, this seemingly simple mechanism allows forward and reverse settings for perpetual elements. Not only is this unique in all mechanical watchmaking, but the ability to make all adjustments through the crown ensures intuitive and stress-free operation.

The COSC-certified Swiss Observatory, Ulysse Nardin Marine Acqua Perpetual’s self-winding movement UN-33 is a model of precision. Based on the fine and refined ETA 2892-A2 basic movement, UN-33 enhances the perpetual calendar function on the bottom (dial) side and the fine Swiss surface treatment on the top (back) side. The back of the sapphire display case allows the onlookers to appreciate the “engine room” of the diving Graham London replica watches is proud to present this limited edition of 500 Ulysse Nardin Marine Acqua Perpetual 333-77, as well as all original Ulysse Nardin factory boxes, technical manuals and accessories. It is worth noting that this example includes the original accessory strap, the COSC certificate, and continues to maintain the timer-level time on our chronograph.

Porsche Design: Chronograph Titanium Limited Edition

Porsche designed to express its intentions quickly after being separated from Eterna, and it has been producing a variety of sober technical timepieces in the process of cooperation between the two companies. (In fact, you can read my comment on the Porsche Design Worldtimer timepiece made during the March 2013 iW). Porsche Design has set up its own Swiss watch division, formerly Eterna Technical Director Patrick Kury, and launched two new timepieces a few months ago.

New mode
The first model was developed by the new Porsche Design Timepieces AG (based in Solothurn, Switzerland) for a dual purpose. First, they mark the beginning of a new Porsche-centric design and production process. Second, these new works review the breakthrough features of the two most successful early models produced by the brand in the 1970s and 1980s, namely the watch 1 and the titanium chronograph, which are matte black and titanium respectively. production. In fact, the 1980 titanium watch is generally considered to be the first all-titanium metal case bracelet model.Cheap Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Replica watches

Anyone who knows or owns these early models will recognize these latest watches – this is of course the point. The first model in the 2015 series, the Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 on the right and the Titanium Limited Edition on the Porsche Design Chronograph are each made in a limited edition of 500 pieces and are immediately considered to be serious chronographs.

The latter model, I have been wearing it for a week or so, the wrist feels very light, because of its titanium case and clasp, which is not surprising. However, even with an ETA Valjoux automatic chronograph movement that is not particularly thin, this watch does not press my wrist significantly like any other main movement. Perhaps the padded calfskin strap has played its magic on my senses.

The black dial is provided with a white marking, including a five-minute indication on the internal unit. When used in conjunction with the tachometer black mark on the (fixed) bezel, the watch clearly shows the technology and the car’s predecessors clearly. The same red chronograph second hand (and clock number 1) as the previous model is a nostalgic and still practical reminder, Porsche designed to adhere to the easy-to-read dial.Online replica watches for sale

The matte effect here is the color of the technology – slightly darker than my aluminum phone. As a result, it tells me that it performs its functions there instead of broadcasting my wealth or status. The matte black version may send out different messages – perhaps an interest in stealth fashion.

No wrong choice
Either way, these watches are the opposite of bling. I suspect that only those who wear or own other Porsche designs can identify the company’s logo from any distance, especially since it looks very small on the dial, just above the Porsche design name.

Finally, the aforementioned padded calfskin strap is more functional than luxury, and according to my taste, it is a bit far from the case. I usually prefer a more compact strap because the Porsche design seems to have completed the Black Timepiece 1 and its seemingly integrated rubber strap. Since I didn’t go through that model, I can’t directly say the actual fit, but in the picture it looks tighter than the belt. The titanium buckle is very good. Its size is simple and can be installed quickly with very little effort.

Porsche Design assures us that the genes of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche are embedded in these new models. In fact, when he designed these original models more than 40 years ago, Porsche mentioned these principles: optimal readability, technical perfection, the highest quality materials and attention to function. As the watch on my wrist is a practical indicator of the content of the new Porsche design timepiece, I am sure that these guidelines have followed this Ulysse Nardin replica Watches price


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Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay

This year just included the list of Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision in our 2018 SIHH Top Ten Watches. Known as Ulysse Nardin’s high-end technical packaging watch, the Freak series has updated the new “Grinder” automatic movement system at SIHH this year. By using all silicon parts, the mainspring can be wound by a very small movement. . With the addition of automatic winding and case updates, this adds a noteworthy feature to the series, and we’ve actually done it here. Now, Ulysse Nardin has released two unique Freak Vision models, using a variety of production methods, from acrylic painting to gold wire bonding, a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. The result is a pair of visually updated Freak Vision watches inspired by the snorkeling reefs of Coral Bay in Western Australia. Here is a quick tour of the Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay Watch.

For more technical details on Freak Vision, Ariel’s hands-on articles related to the above are a great resource. In this article, we will pay more attention to these new finishing techniques. Retaining the same 45 mm case diameter and UN-250 movement in the previous Freak Vision, the Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay seems to offer most of the same wearing experience. But as one of the most famous manufacturers of integrated chips and various methods borrowed from the electronics industry, these watches give us a quick overview of how Ulysse Nardin is expanding its production methods. Perhaps the most interesting model is the “fragment unique” reference 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-1. The model begins with a chemical vapor deposition process (also used in the semiconductor industry for the production of thin films) to achieve a blue shade used as a background for coral reef patterns. Then, the gold wire (sometimes as thin as 15 μm) is squeezed from the bonder on both sides of the dial member, joined at both ends, bonded and laser cleaned. This makes the bright decorative pattern on the surface of the dark blue dial similar to the lines of the Venus sea fan.Hublot BIG BANG SANG BLEU KING GOLD 415.OX.1118.VR.MXM17 Replica watch

A slightly more traditional approach was performed in the Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay Reference 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-2, another unique piece. This time, using the same CVD-treated blue dial surface, a series of coral tendrils were created, and the red and white acrylic paint was directly mixed on the dial and integrated on the spring tube bridge. Ulysse Nardin then heats the dial to 90 degrees between each color application and manually draws the remaining details with a fine brush under the magnifying glass. All in all, the process of a single watch takes about 20 hours. From the news photos, it seems that the application is also very thick, although this is definitely a more visual impact version, but I will still choose the gold wire bonding model.

As mentioned earlier, both watches are unique, but Ulysse Nardin suggests that they can produce individually commissioned products based on customer requirements and may explore new color options. I hope that we will see more new technologies from Ulysse Nardin in the future. Although the implementation here is subtle, I think these modern methods can really take the Freak watch to a new level. Other features include a titanium bezel, a blue coated rubber lining, a full platinum case construction, the Grinder automatic movement system from the original Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision, 50-hour power reserve and 30-meter water resistance. These items feature a “double-needle” “rubber-like leather” strap with a choice of colors. Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision for the price Coral Bay reference 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-1 ‘bonding’, refer to 2505-250LE / CORALBAY-2 ‘micro-spray’.

Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel Table

“Time flies!” – I really like the application of this rather boring idiom chosen by Ulysse Nardin, because in fact it does match perfectly with their new Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel; a watch that looks like a defective wheel connection. Because if the flying tourbillon is good, would a sport with many other flying objects be better? wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 CERAMIC replica watches

For the sake of recording, these parts fly literally in the same sense as time – not true. Even a watchmaker who is not so hardcore knows that the flying tourbillon is a tourbillon that is fixed only from below but cannot be fixed from above. This is the tourbillon freewheel you see at the 6 o’clock position on the executive dial. . The rest of the flying objects are a lot of gears and stacked gears standing on the dial themselves, usually without any other important parts connected to the movement. The 18ct rose gold version features a “slate board” dial, while the 18ct white gold version features a smooth black honeycomb grid as the dial, thus showing the background of the assembly.

Ulysse Nardin pointed out: “The most amazing feature is the tourbillon bridge on the dial and the 7-day power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock, shaped like a boomerang, which looks like a miraculous float in the air.” … I guess they themselves – but I doubt, or rather, hope, this is not a bobbin-shaped bridge, which will make this watch for the heart of my colleagues watch lovers.

“The back of the case is also sapphire, except that there is nothing to watch inside…” – Then join the sapphire case back for a good job! If all the watches are published straightforward, because of course this is an exact reference, I would definitely like to read them. Hilarious! In fact, in more than 20 official shots, the brand does not have a photo on the back of the watch case. You can see the man wearing the watch, the guitar neck of the watch, or take a picture with an old-fashioned camera… but no one can see the back of the case. I think I will have to use my imagination and imagine Ulysse Nardin HQ engraved on the large back of the movement, shooting lasers at other watch manufacturers near La Chaux-de-Fonds. I mean, there must be something there, otherwise why install a sapphire watch back? It’s laser shot Ulysse Nardin Complications Replica watches

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What I don’t even know is that in fact any boast on the back of the case is how to link different, seemingly isolated component groups in motion. The press release did not mention this. Obviously, there must be some kind of connection, and the connection will be handled by deducting the power of the gear located below the dial – perhaps on the back of the case we will also see some jewels and other pointers which are all true. A part of the train is displayed on the dial between 9 and 12 o’clock. What is “missing” is the gear or gear set that connects the pinion of the tourbillon assembly to the train.

Typically, the tourbillon movement has a mainspring, a center wheel and a third wheel that transmits the drive, while a fourth wheel (usually a wheel that drives the escape wheel in normal motion) is fixed. The third wheel drives a pinion that is coupled to the tourbillon bracket and the pinion of the escape wheel travels around the periphery of the fixed fourth wheel. However, here, I saw some extra wheels and pinions on the train between the mainspring and the tourbillon, not to mention the one directly controlled by the tourbillon, just hidden on the dial.

Look closely and show a more interesting wheel layout on the train – of course, there is no word for these in the official UN newsletter. I have to take a lot of official photos, so please forgive this lame resolution. These wheels in the wheel, unless I am very wrong, are the wheels. In my opinion, the lowest, largest wheel in the above picture is part of the train and rotates in one direction, but its pinion needs to rotate in the opposite direction. Therefore, the two silver wheels reverse their rotation, thus moving the pinions in the manner required by some other wheels, which are again hidden by the slate dial. What is the silver wheel inside the big wheel above, I am completely sure – it may have the same function, but it is difficult for me to determine its exact position in the stack and what it drives/drives. However, if I am wrong with the above, then to understand the risk of feeling deeply embarrassed, I at least try to explain the role of these strange wheels in the wheel.

This is a photo of a man with a scratched lens attached to a branded camera with a floating wheel watch. I think it’s true to include this because it’s very important for the brand to invest in the news kit – and the actual information about the sport is replica watches for men

Ulysse Nardin is especially proud of the “Super Dome Sapphire Glass” crystal on the Executive Tourbillon Freewheel, which looks really amazing in the official image. It is like an aquarium of watch parts, like a fish, seems to float happily in their safe space, away from the outside world. Of course, it allows a candid side view on the arrangement of the dial and its many different components. What I particularly appreciate is that the watch looks light and airy – it’s not another thing that looks like a beast, but something that has a fair amount of exquisite elements. I like the little crown, if we can call it polished, angled lugs, and multiple layers on the sides and back of the case.

Other cool features include a power reserve indicator located at 4 o’clock on the dial and a rotating 3/4 cam that should help show the rest of the power reserve. The cam rotates and the pointed tip in the “flying-out device” points to the well. The next cool feature is the extended 7-day power reserve, which seems to be supported by a very large mainspring or two stacked barrels. Last but not least, Ulysse Nardin’s signature low-friction silicon escapement is highlighted at the top of the flying tourbillon.

All of this is wrapped in a 44 mm wide case, which may be much smaller in appearance – and depending on the image (because no official graphics are provided), the case thickness seems to be perfectly reasonable. With the shift in the trend of big watches, we see watches of a more reasonable size, and I can’t wait to see these high-tech watches packed in a case as small as possible – because it will still be very large. Making it into a 40 or 42 mm wide case, at least in my opinion, it looks more like a part of a clock than an ultramodern space age aura.

After all this, I must notice that the Ulysse Nardin Executive tourbillon free wheel is a mysterious, so fascinating concept – exactly what we have seen less and less in recent years. How it works, we must learn directly from the people involved in the development and production of this great watch. The photo should also be fun, so I can’t wait to see its metal – the latest SIHH 2019, but hopefully Franck Muller Conquistador replica watches



replica BOVET 2018 Amadeo Fleurier Edouard Bovet Tourbillon Watch Review



Item Type Replica Fleurier Grandes Complications Collection Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case White Gold,Round
Bracelet Alligator strap
Dial Color Skeletonized dial
Diameter 46.00 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE pin Buckle
Thickness 17.20 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Power Reserve,Day & Night Indicator,Multiple Time Zone
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number AIEB006

Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei 10 Day Tourbillon

Imagine being able to mix together one of the best actual manufacturers who are known for making cutouts and tourbillons, and of course the most famous car designers in the past 60 years. This sounds like an interesting promise. Obviously, the Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei 10-day Tourbillon is a very attractive watch made by watch manufacturer Bovet and legendary designer Pininfarina. Using the brand’s bold code, we now have a lightweight high-altitude sports watch with a strong watch content that deserves to be called a high-end watch. We told you an interesting combination. Here is our review, together with our friends of Watchonista, dedicated page for Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei.

The Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei 10-day Tourbillon is clearly a special watch. We can even say that there are risks. Combining the beauty and slimness of the hollow tourbillon with daring, recognizable design while allowing Italian design studios to “touch” and maintain elegance… this is a challenge – this challenge It has been achieved through style. Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei is unique and bold, yet delicate, airy and Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN Watch replica

This is not the first time that Bobitt and Pininfarina have cooperated. This league has already launched Tourbillon Ottanta, launched in 2010. The 80th anniversary of the celebrated design studio celebrates this masterpiece, which is a highly complex movement (an automatic tourbillon with a large date and power reserve, consisting of 524 parts) and a convertible case that can be either a watch, It can also be a watch or a pocket watch. Based on the same product line as Ottanta, Bovet and Pininfarina are now launching OttantaSei with more basic code and higher brightness and simplicity.


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As mentioned above, OttantaSei is indispensable. It returned to Bovet’s simple yet identifiable lines. This particular example – the unique combination of the crown of the 12th and Bovet’s strap accessories – has been modernized by Pininfarina. The designer’s job is obviously to create light – a vocabulary that must be used in all its senses. First of all, Italian designers use four sapphire crystals to bring a lightness to the case and bring the ultimate in transparency. The ones above and behind are large and reveal the entire movement. In addition, the side of the case was also opened, and two convex crystals were used. The inner surface was laser-engraved with the words “Pininfarina” and “Limited Edition”.buy MB&F replica Watches

OttantaSei’s situation is also light in weight and size. This titanium plate has a net weight of 15.54 grams. Once worn on the wrist, the watch can be almost forgotten because it is both comfortable and light. The size of the case is also quite impressive. If the diameter is not particularly small (44mm), the OttantaSei measures only 12mm – and in metal, it feels thinner than it actually is.

Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei’s movement also uses the same principle of brightness and transparency. This sport is airborne, highly open, and technically interesting. Its structure is based on three different areas, and the display and function are related to each other. Hours and minutes are shown as 2, while the gear train driving both hands is visible below. Concentric power reserve No. 10 echoes this main dial and is located on the top of a large single barrel, providing 10 days of power storage. Finally, the layout of this watch is balanced with the large adjuster of the watch No. 6. This is an impressive one-minute flying tourbillon. Due to its “flying” structure, this tourbillon is light and slim and participates in the thinning of the entire watch.

The movement of Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei was highly opened and decorated, even enhancing this airy feeling. The main board is shaped like a spider web and can only be used as a structure to hold technical elements. In addition to prolonged processing, the main board and bridge must be considered. Sandblasting, painting, beading, Côtes de Genève, clos de Paris and hand chamfering are all used to show shape. As a fully open watch, the same attention must be paid to all surfaces of each part. The same applies to wheels for manual tilting and chamfering, and the axis of its axis is also rolling. The technically impressive movement is also a feast for the connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie.wholesale Rado HyperChrome replica Watches

The advantage of this Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei is that it combines several concepts that are often difficult to mix. The design of this watch is very sturdy, delicate and clean, it has a sense of movement, and it has the characteristics of air, transparency and lightness. This is where you meet a great designer. Pininfarina and Bovet proved the importance of this partnership by creating a pure and crucial goal and creating a bold and ideal watch.

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URWERK UR-210 Review

As you can see, there are all sorts of things behind, mainly related to the “coiling efficiency indicator” (later more). The steel bracelet was originally launched on the UR-202 in 2011 and launched the UR-210 earlier this year. The surface treatment of the case and bracelet is only sublime, on a flat surface even at all edges, angles and anywhere feels smooth!

An interesting design expertise is to grind the top shell into one piece. Milling this uneven top shell is not easy and requires very difficult machining and finishing. You can see that the sapphire crystal has exactly the same curvature and is flush in the case. At the 12 o’clock position is a crown with a crown-protected buckle, which stays in place even when the watch is wrapped or wrapped around it. The central location is the flyback minute hand. This hand moves from 0 to 60 on an arc of 120 degrees and points to the actual minute. In the way from 0 to 60, it carries the hour figure, and once it returns to zero, it will release the hour figure and extract the next figure when starting from zero again. A very clever system rotates the satellite for three hours, so the correct hour number is always up and ready to be picked up by the tumblers. Most importantly, flying back is never simple and must fly back quickly (less than 0.1 second), so it will not compromise to indicate the correct replica watches for men

The fly-back and satellite systems are mounted on a central shaft and embedded in ruby bearings to minimize friction. In order to obtain the right amount of returning force, URWERK uses a cylindrical ocean chronograph type spring that runs vertically around the axis.

At the same time it also constitutes an hourly satellite frame flyback minute hand, made of solid aluminum (black coated and engraved with UR-210), weighs only 0.302 grams. It is counterbalanced by a weight, so its axis is balanced.

There are two indications of the top corner on the ‘dial’: the left is a winding efficiency indicator and the right is the power reserve indicator. The winding efficiency index is brand new, allowing the wearer to adjust the winding of the watch according to his level of activity. Although some watches have indicators that measure the main spring torque, this new complication allows you to calculate the difference between the energy consumed by the mainspring during the last two hours and the supplemental energy.

If the indicator is in the red zone, the movement is not fully wound by its automatic winding rotor and it is consuming the stored energy. If in the green area, this is a sign that the mainspring is supplementing new energy, exceeding the use of the sport at the time. So our goal is to keep red and green.

To keep it between red and green, you don’t have to adjust your activity level, but you can adjust the 3-position selector switch on the back. There are three positions, all, reduce and stop, and two adjustable turbines regulate the winding speed of the automatic winding system.

In the upper right corner of ‘Dial’ is the power reserve indicator. We think this is a territory you know, so no explanation is needed.nice HUBLOT BIG BANG ALARM REPEATER replica Watches





The entire Patek Philippe mini repeater series cheers for your enjoyment

Since its history dates back to the 17th century, this minute repeater can be said to be the most romantic complication of watchmaking. Today, no manufacturer produces more legendary and special minute repeaters than Patek Philippe. Recently, we had a great opportunity to practice with 9 people. Yes, it is Patek Philippe’s modern Patek Philippe’s three-timer, placed side by side in a soundproof room – of course, we have to shoot and record everything for you. Therefore, click to view the detailed information of the three-times ticker currently listed in Patek Philippe and enjoy the above video.

The minute repeater is a collective masterpiece of the watchmaking industry. No complication is more beautiful, more respected, or more difficult to master than a repeater. The origin can be traced back to the late 17th century, when the first batch of “dumb” repeaters (those hammers were more eye-catching than the watch case) were welcomed for the first time in the Royal Court. These audible timekeepers allow owners to check time without offending those powers. Soon, people like Abraham-Louis Breguet envisioned a mechanism that would not spend hours, hours and minutes on the case, but on a set of coils. This complex form of repeater (requiring at least 100 more elements) is very expensive, and this complication has been reserved for the highest levels of society and collectors.Discount replica Oris 2018 ChronOris Date watches

The three-question watch pocket watch is one thing, and the three-question watch watch is another story. In order to produce a sound that is not only pleasant, but also able to hear loud sounds at smaller watch sizes is not easy. In the early 20th century, few manufacturers were able to do this. For example, Vacheron Constantin repeated watches for less than 20 minutes in the first half of the last century (you can see one here). Patek Philippe made the first for their best customer – like Mr. Henry Graves – the repeater you saw here last year earned less than $ 3 million in sales.


Discount PATEK PHILIPPE Complication 4947G-010 Replica Watch

Although it is now produced by dozens of manufacturers all over the world, this repeater still retains a romantic atmosphere without separate air – more so than Patek Philippe’s. So, when Patek invited us to visit New York’s special chronographs and minute repeaters, we just had to bring our cameras and microphones. All in all, we recorded nine different three question repeaters and placed them in a soundproof room for you to enjoy. This is basically the whole Patek Philippe minute questioning series (minus 5207/5208).replica HUBLOT KING POWER KING POWER UNICO watches

5539G – Tourbillon with Minute Repeater
The 5539G has a minute repeater with a tourbillon and minute seconds at 6 o’clock. It has a black enamel dial that can hold 349 parts. It was inspired by 3939 and replaced 5339.

7000R – The first three-timer designed specifically for women
If you think the repeater is just a one-man game… then… you are almost right. However, in 2011, Patek Philippe tried to change this situation when it launched the 7000R’s first dedicated women’s triple interview. The R 27 PS movement features a beautiful 33.7 mm rose gold case, which consists of 342 parts. 7 When talking to Patek Philippe’s watchmakers, this watch was generally praised for showing their favorite voice.

5104P – Perpetual Calendar with Minute Repeater
The 5104P is an ultra-large (43 mm) three-many perpetual calendar. The dial is completely empty, allowing you to see 515 individual components. The case is platinum, but the relay slide is rose gold.Review replica Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN FLYBACK Watch

5207R – Tourbillon with Minute Repeater and Instantaneous Perpetual Calendar
The 5207R is a minute repeater with tourbillon escapement and instant permanent caledar. It contains 549 individual parts in 419 cases. This is the third most complicated Patek Philippe watch.


Discount PATEK PHILIPPE Complication 5170P-001 Replica Watch

5213G – Minute Repeater with Retrograde Perpetual Calendar
The 5213G is a minute repeater with a retrograde calendar. 40.6 mm in diameter with a hinged “Official Style” back cover.

5078P – Minute repeater with enamel dial
The 5078P is Patek Philippe’s simplest time repeater. Diameter 38 mm, whether it is enamel or lacquered dial. It does not have other complexities and may easily be mistaken for watches that are only used for time. What is this, and it consists of 342 individual components.

5074P – Perpetual Calendar with Cathedral Repeater

5074P may be Patek Philippe’s most famous three-question in the collection industry. It has a traditional perpetual calendar and minute repeater. However, what is special about this transponder is that it is the only watch in the series that has a cathedral dome. Basically, this means that the wire loops 1.5 times inside the ring, providing a deeper, richer sound. Why is the mere 42mm 5074 given to the cathedral’s temple is anyone’s guess, but it does produce a beautiful sound. This watch has rose gold and platinum, and made its debut in 2002.replica watches for sale

5307P – 40 Rectangle Diamonds with Minute Repeater Tourbillon and Instant Perpetual Calendar
The style of the 5307P is the same as that of the rose gold, but this special reference kit comes with 40 rectangular Diors (3.91 ct). Some people believe that the diamond’s setup allows the sound to escape in a way that is not common on platinum transponders.

5216P – Repeater with chronograph and retrograde calendar
The 5216P is a minute repeater with a tourbillon and a retrograde calendar. It uses a 39.5 mm platinum case inspired by the original Calatrava reference 96. The dial is painted black.

Do you think we can use the Nippon Patek Philippe Mini Repeater (many of which also contains a tourbillon and a permanent calendar) and won’t shoot a lot of photos for you? You can find more information about the Patek Philippe Tri-Quote here.Popular replica Greubel Forsey watches



best replica Ulysse Nardin FREAK 2018 Watches


Practice the vision of Athena Nardin Freak

The latest Freak brings concept watch innovations to a production movie.

When you talk about the founders of mechanical watch renaissance, you often hear the names of Nicholas Hayek and Jean-Claude Beaver, but another person belongs to them, even if he works for a single brand. Rolf Schnyder of Ulysse Nardin who was remembered and who was late. Schnyder saved and revived Ulysse Nardin in the 1980s and dragged it into the modern era of contemporary mechanical watchmaking. After meeting with longtime partner Ludwig Oechslin of Ochsund Junior, Schnyder transformed his company from a traditional watch manufacturer to a brand devoted to the promotion of new technologies and materials, the most famous being silicon. Although Schnyder is no longer active, his spirit is still alive in his revived company. Today, we will inherit Freak, one of the most famous works of Schnyder and Oechslin.

Today, the vast majority of SIHH watchmakers have at least tried “new materials”; I dare to say that you can’t really call Si as a new material for tabulation, especially if you consider the giants such as Gems and Patek Philippe. It is used routinely in the studio. Faced with competition from other companies, these companies have already seen the value of making escapements from such predictable low-friction materials, but Ulysse Nardin has been trying to further innovate in its field of use.nice Rado HyperChrome replica watches



The escape device in Freak Vision’s UN-205 campaign is an interesting example of how Ulysse Nardin did this. Here we see the company’s Anchor Escapement, which was first introduced in 2014. It was improved with an ultra-lightweight balance wheel, recalling one seen last year in Ulysse Nardin’s Innovision 2 concept watch. The wheels are fitted with nickel-mass elements and micro-blades, which stabilize the movement of the wheels through air friction. The oscillator beats at a steady 2.5 Hz. From 2014, the original implementation of Anchor Escapement entered the standard tourbillon mechanism; here we see its freak, which transforms the entire movement itself into a tourbillon.

As you may recall, the anchor escapement does not require the usual fulcrum of the pallet fork. Instead, the fork is suspended in the space between two interconnected vertical leaf springs. The escape wheel must provide enough force to push the fork to push the spring to both sides. And because the fork itself is suspended in space, there is no tricky friction to deal with. When the minimum threshold of force cannot be satisfied, the escapement abruptly stops rather than gradually providing less and less power. In an ordinary lever-type escapement, this will cause the watch to run faster and slower, until it finally comes to a

This particular example of Anchor Escapement provides a 50-hour power reserve, and all of these are at constant amplitude. It is worth mentioning that the principle behind the UN Anchor escapement system – which requires a minimal amount of energy to move the flat spring between steady states – is shared with the other famous constant force escapement system of the United Nations sister brand Girard-Perregaux.



This watch also uses the Ulysse Nardin Grinder automatic winding system, which the United Nations claims to be twice as efficient as traditional winding systems. It does this by reducing the torque of the winding system so that light movement energy can be captured and stored in the mainspring. The entire gear train also completes silicon wafers, enhancing power transmission and reducing friction.

The Freak Vision is a super-sized watch with a diameter of 45mm, but as you can see in the above wrist-shot, it doesn’t wear too much. The case is made of 950 platinum and the bezel is made of titanium and blue rubber. In this case it makes sense: you can set this watch by turning the bezel. This watch reads like any other Freak. The rotating arrow points to the outside of the dial, indicating the time. Minutes are the long arm of the freak mechanism, the swivel arm. And because the escape wheel is on the arm, the entire escapement is fully rotated in one hour – this is a Hublot Classic Fusion 542.ZP.1180.RX replica watch

Freak has now become a complete watch series in the Ulysse Nardin product portfolio (not limited to a limited edition), so we can expect to launch more watches in the near future.


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MB&F: Traditional Machine LM101 “Frost”

Frost. Brrrrr! For many people, the word “frost” is reminiscent of a cold and clear morning, and the winter sun shines on the frost-covered lawn. Due to the light reflected by the uneven light from the glint, the natural frost produces – just as the MB&F LM101 frost glitters, as light is reflected on its slightly uneven matte surface.

For the first time in 2014, the MB&F Legacy Machine 101 demonstrated and emphasized the crucial point in the watch: the balance wheel is responsible for adjusting the accuracy; how much power is left on the clockwork to indicate when it needs the next wound; and of course time. With the introduction of the new ‘Frost’ limited edition, these important LM101 elements now contrast sharply with the bubbling background of the frosted gold dial – not the actual dial but the top plate of the movement. Frost’s highly polished bezel and lugs provide an additional contrast, making the matte surface of the matte dial truly popular.

Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the “brushed” finish (French “financegrenée”) in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. At the time, matte protection dials and movements were protected from oxidation – more common in Breguet days – and added softness to the event board. Traditional methods of frosting involve dangerous acids, which have largely replaced environmentally friendly (and medical) safer methods with a steel wire pen to carefully compress the surface. However, mastering and obtaining a uniform, unpolished surface is a more difficult process. Few artisans are now creating true scrub finishes: most of the matte-looking surfaces are actually bead-blasted and do not all have the same visual effects.where to buy replica richard mille watches


Cheap Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coral Bay Micropainting 2505-250LE/CORALBAY-2 Men watch price


Visually, the MB&F LM101 Frost is made up of a giant suspension balance wheel that is now rhodium-plated so as to highlight more. Two pure white sub-tiles are suspended above the top of the fine-sanded movement: contrasting blue gold fingers show hours and minutes in the upper right corner, and a 45-hour power reserve indicator is shown below.

The MB&F LM101 Frost’s high-dome sapphire crystal lens is virtually invisible, creating the illusion that you can reach out and touch the huge balance wheel suspended on the elegant double arches. These arches are milled from a solid piece of metal and require hours of hand polishing to achieve its mirror-like sheen.

Turn over the MB&F LM101 Frost, show the back crystal – reduce the case thickness and the visual height of the watch – shows the exquisite hand-finished movement. Perceptually curved plates and bridges, hand-polished bevels, gold diamonds and countersunk blue screws represent a tribute to the style of historical pocket watches and demonstrate respect for historical legitimacy.

The award-winning independent watch manufacturer Kari Voutilainen is responsible for the fine processing and fidelity of the movement’s past with the watch. Its architecture and structure were developed in-house by MB&F.

Legacy Machine 101 Frost has two limited editions: 18 gold and 33 red gold.wholesale BELL & ROSS BR-X replica watches



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In my eyes, Équation Marchante 5887 is a very unusual watch from the brand. Although Breguet is often at the forefront of watchmaking technology, their watches still retain a classic and elegant appearance – for example: Breguet Classique Chronometrie Ref. 7727. Unless you know what you are looking at, you will never guess that the watch contains one of the most groundbreaking escapements in watchmaking history. However, the Marine Equal Marchante 5887 is not like the Classique Chronometrie Ref. Its voice is very bold – even it – it uses modern materials combined with ancient watchmaking techniques that have become the defining standard of today.wholesale replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Watches

For those who are not familiar with French, Ocean Meter Conference 5887 has a time display of the operating equation. Équation Marchante is roughly translated into the “running equation.” In short, it shows the time equation as a running hand in the form of a second-hand minute hand, running at the same time as a minute hand showing folk time. The time equation is the difference between the true solar time (based on the actual sun’s motion) and the average solar time (civil time) due to the elliptical nature of Earth’s orbit.

In most schedules, the time formula is displayed with an auxiliary dial of -16 to +14 minutes – the deviation between real sun time and civilian time. As you can see, in order to illustrate the real sun time, some mental calculations will be needed, which makes the running equations of the time display (such as those found in Marine Equation Marchante 5887) more elegant and replica watches for sale

Baodi Ocean Équation Marchante 5887 is made of rose gold and platinum. Case diameter 43.9 mm, thickness of about 11.5 mm. This is a magnificent case that is completely different from other Breguet watches. The case middle uses a Breguet-featured grooved strap, but the more traditional lugs use an overall lug with an angular and dynamic appearance. Perhaps because of the stronger shape, the rated water-proof depth is 100 meters, which is very unusual for a complicated watch, but it can be considered completely as part of the Breguet Marine series.



The rose gold model is the model we have to deal with. It features a gold-plated silver-plated dial; while the platinum watch is equipped with a blue dial, also made of gold. The dial is undoubtedly the Breguet dial, the engine turns the dial and the center of the sculpture, and it completes the wave and ocean feelings. The large gold Roman numeral hour markers are located on a brushed silver ring. At the top of each marker is a small piece of luminous material that enhances readability in low light conditions.nice replica Richard Mille RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK Watches

There are four center cards that may seem complicated at first, but once you understand what they are used for, it is actually quite simple. Two large Breguet 18K gold hands indicate normal hours and minutes. Another large hand that uses only one circle representing the sun is a two-minute minute hand showing the equation of time. Finally, the smallest hand shaped like an anchor shows the date displayed using the retrograde date. The date and month are displayed using two windows at 10:30 and 1:30 respectively.

At the lower right of the dial, we have a sapphire disc that provides a window for its internal tourbillon. But look closely and you will see that there is a kidney-like component. This is the cam that controls the equation of time mechanism. After careful observation, you will find that the sapphire disc is engraved with this year’s month. Finally, there is an unobtrusive power reserve indicator at 7 o’clock. If you do not observe it carefully, it is easy to miss URWERK UR-103 TECHNICAL DETAILS replica watches

The action is the automatic winding Calibre 581DPE, which has many technical highlights. First, thanks to the use of silicon elements and an ultra-light titanium tourbillon cage in the escapement system, the tourbillon beats at 4 Hz. In addition, in order to allow owners to fully enjoy and enjoy the complex decoration of the movement, Calibre 581DPE uses a sturdy platinum outer rotor. Power reserve is 80 hours. The bridge of this movement has been carefully hand-carved by Royal Lewis, although I am not quite sure of this. The name “Royal Louis” is usually the name of the largest vessel of the Royal French Navy.

All in all, I think Marine Chaquette Marchante 5887 is a split watch from Breguet. Its technical achievements are noteworthy, but its shape will almost certainly not attract traditionalists. Despite this, we can’t miss their attempts, and I found that Marine Equéation Marchante 5887 is a refreshing breakthrough from the more classic style of BREGUET 2018 MARINE CHRONOGRAPH 5527 5527BB/Y2/9WV replica watch


Luxury Replica Devon Thread Tread 1 – DVNWRKS1BLCK watch for sale at

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Devon Tread 2

Getting information from a brand representative to test drive a watch that you’ve been pursuing for about two years is always good news. It is even better to do this in the hotbed of the Basel watch fair. Many opinions, many talk about watch opportunities, many people want to see what everyone knows, but only a few people have seen on metal: a German tread shoe 2. We have completely reviewed the tread 2 “flash Bright “during the show and gave you a rundown in this wide coverage.

In terms of traditional tabulation, Devon did not really fit in any perceivable category and created its own type. This is not an automatic mechanical watch because it is very much battery-powered, but it is a very special watch. The concept first shown in the rather large Tread 1 further evolved into a more wearable Tread 2 and there are currently many changes, including chocolate delight and gold nuggets.

overall appearance
Although still a fairly large watch, tread 2 is more wear resistant and then tread 1 . You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, or stamp “Arnold Schwarzenegger” on your passport in order to be able to pull off the tread 2. Obviously, the first iteration of the time pass watch is more obvious, so it can be guaranteed to trigger dialogue. It looks completely different from other products on the market, especially steampunk or shell versions.

Don’t be fooled by treads 2 of more modest shape and size; even a seasoned watchmaker, it is still a compelling magnet. During the exposition, during the Basel International Annual Schnitzel Dinner, during the fair’s annual dinner with the industry’s heavyweights, almost everyone wanted to know more about it. And this is exactly what this watch does for you, not only from insiders in the watch industry, but also from the average person. Please note that it does reduce battery life because they all want to see the belt spinning.wholesale cheap RICHARD MILLE RM 059 watch

Tread 2 or any of the most important features of Devon is the belt. The time is represented by a very thin but strong nylon belt driven by a micromotor. Tread 1 is characterized by four belts (1 hour, 2 minutes, 1 second) and only 2 treads. One hour, one minute or second. That’s right, minute bands can easily become seconds.

In addition to the time display, it also has a power mode and a chronograph, accessible via an articulated crown and an integral push rod. For an experienced reporter, it is tempting to use the common term “display” to describe this watch, but it is actually best to talk about “settings.” In most watches, their function is visible regardless of whether they are in use, but this is not possible in Devonshire. The articulated crown allows the wearer to access all the settings of the watch by simply pushing the watch up or down. We further elaborated on the different options in this review.

Regardless of obvious signs, the German tread tread 2 has a BIG feature that cannot be ignored. The movement of the belt is a visible sight, but it happens in the blink of an eye. You must enter one of these settings to enjoy this fake watches for sale



Basically, there is no real dialing and no real hands are displayed. As noted above, time is displayed by moving the tape, but except for an open work disk to let you know that the correct hour and minute (or second) is the only part that can be described as a dial at any given time. The rest of the time you can gaze through the sapphire crystal to see all the components that make up the pedal 2 “engine”. You can see that the actuator rotates the belt after every second, every minute, or every hour, and you can see that the work unit is working when it is off.

The belt is made of very light, very strong glass-reinforced nylon with a thickness of only 0.05 mm. Depending on the model at hand, there are white or red numbers on the belt. The source of the belts was aviation, not surprising because they were used for various indications of modern passenger aircraft.

Although there is no human hand, time can be read very intuitively by a cutting window suspended from the belt. Horizontal conveyors show hours, overlapping vertical conveyors show minutes or seconds. When the power is off, the hour band moves to 12, and the minute band moves to any number between 1 and 10. When the number is 10, the battery is fully charged and is empty at zero hours. In the timer setting, the hour band moves to 12 and jumps to 1 after the first minute. The band becomes a second band and the display time is incremented by half a second. Hours with complete rotation can be measured after 12 minutes have been completed. Just remember the number of complete rotations of the belt, which can measure over 12 minutes.

Compared to its size and appearance, the 316L stainless steel case is actually quite lightweight. The total weight of this watch reached a very reasonable 90 grams. You will expect a bit more, but it is easy to wear. The barrel-shaped shell is made of a single piece of steel and is 42 mm wide, 44 mm high and 14.5 mm thick. It is slightly curved to better fit the wrist and combines unexpected brightness with comfort. The case has some nice design clues in some features and other aesthetic features. For example, the screw around the crystal perfectly fits the design appearance of the tread 2 . On the other hand, the protruding part between the lugs is more of a designer’s choice and the watch may not tell the fake Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

My favorite Tread 2 uses a no-nonsense black leather strap that has been pre-formed and filled and attached to steel bars and clasps. The pre-formed strap is comfortable to wear, but it does not give you a luxurious feeling. Devon only claimed to use the best leather to attach to their products, but the strap did not feel that impressive. However, it is a very sturdy strap, which helps the watch’s powerful design. This is the case, and somehow you will expect that one can compare with the 10k watch.

A more appropriate name may be “engine.” For each belt, the micromotor is mounted on a central housing, which makes it look like the movement floats in the housing. The motor runs in a precise step-like manner to move the belt. Given the way it is exercised, it allows you to see everything in action. You can really see the motor gear turning the belt. At the top of the sport, the plate covering the conveyor belt and displaying the minutes and hours is tightened.

The movement is powered by a lithium polymer battery and wirelessly charged through the rear cover. It can maintain enough motivation to make a single charging run for up to two weeks. However, the reality is that the battery may consume a lot when it is worn and played. In this inspection, which involved a lot of things to watch, the battery was completely reduced to 80% after wearing the first two days. Obviously, it is exposed to more abuse than usual.

Precision-cut ruby bearings are used for all parts of all tread movements, reducing maintenance and improving durability. In terms of accuracy, pedal 2 will only deviate by half a second each day.

Yes, German tread shoes 2 (and tread 1) do not meet everyone’s wishes, and yes, traditional watchmaking may not be impressive. But to tell the truth, if there is not a wide variety of industries, isn’t this boring? In addition, Devon Works’ watch is still part of the coolest battery-powered watch, despite some shortcomings and concerns. This is a provocation, a part of a conversation, and a completely unique timing. This is something to be Devon fake watches





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Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie – Senior Watches and Innovations

The great sonnerie and petite sonnerie held a special place in the senior watch world. Only a few watchmakers can make (and present in their catalogs) this artwork, which is often considered the pinnacle of complex watchmaking. Robert Grebin and Stephen Forsey have been thinking about this important effort over the years and have shown themselves on this complication before starting 11 years of research and development. The interpretation, which is a “unique” creation, is undoubtedly one of the highlights of SIHH 2017.

replica Hublot Limited edition Big Bang Tutti Frutti Watches.The magnificent sonnerie is one of the most sophisticated watch mechanisms (for more information on chiming watches please read our technical point of view). Whether it is great or petite voice, have to go through a few hours of time, although only the important voice in each quarter to repeat. Surprisingly, Greucel Forsey’s interpretation of this complexity is the first watch of the dynamic duo watch, unlike any other performance in the history of the clock: a tour, with a complex movement consisting of 855 parts (with Several notable innovations), top – no craft, excellent acoustics and unparalleled Greubel Forsey style.

Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie is equipped with mode selector GS (Grande Sonnerie), PS (Petite Sonnerie) and SL (SiLence), all running by the putter at 4 o’clock. It is also a repeater that can be embedded in the crown as needed when the pusher is pressed. The management of functions and functions is critical in this mechanism at the same time as all components, and perfectly strikes the time indication while managing energy consumption. The movement is powered by two energies: the first for the movement of the timetable part of the two coaxial series of fast rotating drum (one with a sliding spring – 72 hours power reserve).



The acoustic effect of the watch is very good, although the watch’s waterproof performance reached 30 meters, but the sound is clear. The shell is made of titanium alloy, with good resonance characteristics. The hammer hit the steel cathedral gong. The silent speed governor eliminates any inappropriate background noise. Amazing optimizations do not pause, eliminating the little silence that usually feels between hours and minutes.

Another very useful feature is to add 11 security devices. For example, when the program is in progress, the time setting is turned off and no tweet is issued during the time setting. In fact, eye-catching watches need to be carefully handled because improper handling may damage the movement … and repairing this mechanism is a long and complicated process (motion assembly takes months)!fashion Patek Philippe replica watches

In order to enhance the performance of the watch, Greubel Forsey is for its impressive Grande Sonnerie add a 24-second angle tourbillon. Naturally, in line with your desired branding standards: 86 complete handmade finish, a total of only 0.37g, light alloy cage, titanium cage, gold counterweight, variable inertia balance with gold screws, Philips terminal curve of the hairspring and Geneva Studs, running 21,600 times per hour, tilted 25 °, once every 24 seconds.

best replica Richard Mille RM 061 watches.The multi-layer black dial uses the traditional Greubel Forsey style and shows the hours and minutes of the brand’s skeleton gold hand with arrow-shaped glowing tips. All application indicators / marks are gold. Around the dial, the small second hand shows 6.30, the timing power reserve is 5, the impact reserve is 2, the hit mode selector is 3. The cutting allows the hammer and gong to move.

Despite the complexity of the mechanism, the watch wear is also good, because Greubel Forsey has all its 855 part of the movement designed to 43.5mm in diameter, 16.13mm high (relatively compact) characteristic asymmetric situation. Made of titanium, it has a hand-painted strap and side windows, looking at the tourbillon and piano gong.

As in the past, sports finishing is first class. The bridge is made of nickel silver, matte scrub, engraved with lettering words, micro-rotor for black polished (also embossed lettering), hammer black polished, olive dome jewelry inlaid gold ring.HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG REPLICA WATCH





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Movement Manufactured
Case steel,Cushion
Bracelet rubber
Dial Color Blue
Diameter —
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Time Zone
Boxes common box
Model Number 5650G


Patek Philippe Advanced Research AQUANAUT Travel Time 5650G: Future Journey

Patek Philippe Seminar is still committed to the watch industry into art. Its highest progress has formed such an avant-garde product foundation, such as Aquanaut travel time 5650G, which is the latest innovation in 2017.

When it established the Patek Philippe Senior Research Department at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Geneva manufacturing (founded in 1839) decided to challenge the time itself, proving that traditions could live in harmony with innovation. This is more or less an expected conclusion because the reputation of this famous Maison depends in part on its ability to meet the technological advances and breakthroughs of men and women.

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In the past 178 years, the department has submitted more than 100 patents, of which 20 patents on the watch industry is of great significance. Aquanaut Travel Time 5650G contains two technological advances, the latest research department of the latest inventive spirit, designed to improve accuracy. The first is the chronological order, the second is the more direct function.


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Constant pursuit of timing accuracy

This watch belongs to this year’s celebration of the twentieth anniversary of a line, very worthy of attention to the focus of the cause of tabulation science. Available in 18K white gold, water resistant to 120 meters “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” Refer to 5650 mechanical movement, self-winding reference 324 SC FUS A new Spiromax® balance spring made of Silinvar®. The latter consists of silicon oxide to ensure absolute thermal stability and geometrically optimized by adding the last process, improving the equilibration of the equilibrium spring in the vertical position.

As a result of this breakthrough, the film is accurate to -1 to +2 seconds per day. Specifically, the newSpir omax® made by Silinvar® has two “protrusions”: the first (at the outer end of the spring) can improve the isochronality of the spring in all positions while ensuring full concentric expansion And contraction to compensate for isochronous defects resulting in escapement and swing balance, regardless of the magnitude of how. However, the inner end of the spring is designed to change the displacement of the center of gravity to ensure that the vertical position of the watch is as constant as possible. Using the DRIE manufacturing process,hot Richard Mille RM 023 replica watches



Flexible guidance system

The whole purpose of this work is to allow engineers and watchmakers to replace the conventional leaf spring and pivot with a single piece of flexible mechanism. The system has been tested and tested in areas where operational accuracy is critical (aviation, satellite, military). In order to check whether this method has any meaning in the tabulation, a more familiar with the screws, springs and rods of the professionals, “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” department engineers decided to use the mechanism for adjusting the second time zone Aquanaut travel time and caliber 324 SC FUS becomes an innovative and flexible guidance system.replica watches online shop

The new mechanism, which is cleverly cut into the hole of the dial, includes two crossed flexible systems (one for the dental actuators and one for the arm) operated by the pusher. These ultra-fine blade springs are made of classic watchmaking steel, with the most advanced CNC machine tools, to achieve small tolerances. This type of linear mechanism is not only complex, but also designed to have the advantage of no lubrication operation and any risk of fracture, since any deformation is under control and does not cause a shock to the system.

Needless to say, this time for the first time into the ultra-precision machining of contemporary and traditional materials has opened up many possibilities for the future, since all the tabular applications of this energy transmission will allow only complications. Will decide in the future …buy replica LOUIS MOINET WATCHES





TAG Heuer Autavia watch the 2017 TAG Heuer Collectors Summit

sale replica Tag Heuer Autavia Watches.The two-day Hall Collection Summit was held on September 12, 2016 at Tajia, Thailand, based in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. This is the second similar summit held in 2013, the main purpose is to invite a small number of collectors to exchange ideas, experience, the most important thing is to share the beauty before 1985. Only this time, enthusiastic collectors joined the press. why? Then you may have noticed that under the leadership of Jean-Claude Biver, the TAG Heuer brand is changing. A long watch manufacturer’s arm will be positioned in the past, continue to focus on the legacy mode, the other will focus on today’s modern culture. In other words, the brand intends to serve the existing fans while attracting new fans.

The highlights of the TAG Heuer Summit are the upcoming debut of the 2038 TAG Heuer Autavia reissue watch, as a result of the “Autavia Cup” released in the March 2016 blog.

replica Longines THE LONGINES AVIGATION Watches.The summit included visits to the La Chaux de Fonds, Cornol case factory and Chevenez’s sports plant. As we visited the main manufacturing process, we saw the different stages of the watch assembly, which are becoming increasingly mechanized (efficient). In this particular tabulation department, I personally will not miss the “manual labor” aspects, do not think that automation is “real” watch industry “class B”. On the contrary, in fact, the higher the degree of industrialization, the cheaper the construction, the more accurate the final product. In other words, when doing well, it means higher quality, higher volume. The results (as expected by Jean-Claude Biver, the chief executive) are cheap, representing better end customers.

For me, the most interesting part of the TAG Heuer Summit is the Tour Repair Room, which explains the different procedures used to restore antique works. I see a beautiful Mikrograph ready to recover, and even try a watch belonging to the director’s watch. However, the most compelling objects in the room are safe, including thousands of stop-making models of dial-up, to ensure the recovery of the next few years.

The strange thing about the summit is that there are so many journalists – especially network journalists, that do not usually produce too many buzzing events in the press. So why do we ask ourselves if we are invited to the collector’s summit? When we saw the new TAG Heuer Autavia 2017, our visit to the manufacturing industry



If you remember, in March last year, TAG Heuer launched a campaign to “elect” the new Vitoria (Autavia) (related to the above). From the public after three rounds of online voting, the winners appear: “Autavia Reference” 2446 Mark 3 – also known as “Rindt” Autavia. We learned at the Harle Collectors’ Summit that we had consulted collectors during the campaign and voted for a chronograph without a date. Then, contrary to what they put forward, the new TAG Heuer Autavia 2017 will install an automatic movement and a date window at 6 o’clock, because in the demo we are told that consumers like these features. We assume that in the final version, the date numbers on the disc will be correctly oriented.wholesale watches replica

In this way, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver told me that they did not want to make the original accurate copy because it would devalue and replace it. So what is the real reason behind the new Autavia configuration? The tribute model will be very expensive, because for the start-up, TAG did not do the manual chronograph, and it did not fit the philosophy of the old brand that was now restored. So I think these two methods are justified. For most of the modern TAG Heuer watch enthusiasts, the most exciting is TAG Heuer watches.


Review Replica Breitling Professional Collection Co-Pilot 561 Watch


replica Breitling Professional Collection watches.The diameter of the housing is 42mm (the original is 38mm), although the diameter has not yet been completed, the shell thickness has not yet been determined, but should be 15mm thick. After the official launch of the Basel World in 2017, there will be plenty of time to watch the watch carefully, but we know that the model will use the new Heuer-03 movement to provide power, the movement is regrettable CH80 movement directly Offspring. The movement was originally named the 1969 movement, and later in 2014 (in the actual operation here) appeared in the Carrera CH 80 watch CH80. If you can see the date window, the watch is very cool and will deliver leather strap or metal bracelet.

Accustomed to the secrets of the watch industry, it is gratifying that the TAG Heuer summit is open to the press, we see a model is no longer ready for six months. But let’s not be naive: there is a very clear explanation behind the invitation, and the idea is to utter the buzz as much as possible before the launch of Autavia to inspire the appetite of the TAG Heuer fans. It reminds me of Apple before the launch of free advertising, once in Starbucks “forget” iPhone prototype. Having said that, we hope that TAG will be able to produce enough inventory to meet the needs, rather than the scarcity of other brand models. Scarcity is indeed an asset, but can quickly become a GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES replica