How does SEVENFRIDAY redefine “Swiss made” watches?

The choice of clocks is a way of life, status, personality and most importantly the expression of mood. SEVENFRIDAY is one of the new era brands sweeping the watch industry. Curiosity draws you into its extraordinary design language and makes you realize how the charm of replica SEVENFRIDAY watches has developed rapidly due to the exponential growth of its Internet applications.

The brand was officially launched by Daniel Niederer in 2012, reflecting the integration of unconventional design and innovative technology. The name is a modern interpretation of the old Latin proverb Carpe diem, which means “seize today”. The brand spirit is to ensure that you live your everyday life like Friday, so enjoy the famous #liveSEVENFRIDAY experience. With the release of the first P series in 2012, the brand has attracted a cult following, and shop owners can share their watches online, especially on Fridays. SEVENFRIDAY has sold more than 76,000 timepieces, including a series of innovative new series such as M series, S series, T series, V series, Q series, W series and non-series.

Each watch pays attention to details to cater to the preferences of many people in the new era. For example, the original P1 series is equipped with a 47mm case. Despite its small size, it is smaller to wear due to its lugless design. All other series offer design elements, such as multi-layer dials with avant-garde hands, seconds dial and 24-hour display, as well as a glimpse of the movement balance wheel, giving the watch real depth, texture and greater visual appeal.

Reasons for establishing SEVENFRIDAY as a true luxury watch brand
The history of watchmaking is fascinating, and its history can be traced back to Switzerland in the 16th century. Generally, Swiss watches represent the best quality, craftsmanship and luxury. On the other hand, Japanese watchmaking is a recent phenomenon in the 20th century, and brands follow practical and practical watchmaking methods. These Japanese brands succeeded in finding a place that yearned for quality in the affordable luxury category. Therefore, there are reasons why SEVENFRIDAY watches are popular. Although the design and use of the Miyota movement made in Japan deviated from Swiss norms, these watches even turned true hobbyists into fans!

The following reasons help to establish SEVENFRIDAY as a true luxury watch brand and redefine “Swiss made” watches:

Some purists may mistakenly believe that using a Japanese Miyota movement is a disadvantage, but this decision represents one of SevenFriday’s greatest strengths. In terms of functionality, these movements have extraordinary value for luxury timepieces, and this accessibility alone makes them extremely desirable.

The bulky SEVENFRIDAY watch is unique, with a 47mm curved square case heavier than the case, intricate dials, atypical “industrial theme” dials and bright and eye-catching color options.

SEVENFRIDAY watches are highly practical, robust, and can be worn in “everyday” situations. In addition, as luxury watches, they have a high degree of credibility, so this feature will not sacrifice the reputation value of the brand.